Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Matte Lip Colour

Whilst on my way home from Mexico I tried to resist the pretty make-up stands and just bought sweets… but our flight was slightly delayed and that extra time in the airport meant I was unsettled and would not be happy unless I bought myself some pretty things. At least that is what I told myself anyway!



This Chanel beauty was one of the two purchases made as I decided I needed a little bit of luxury in my life, who doesn’t? I’m a lover of a matte lip and decided on 38 La Fascinante, I’m not sure how much I paid for this as I was caught up in the excitement of owning it, but it Debenhams it’s £26. I think it appears a lot darker in the bullet than when applied which I was a little disappointed at, but I like the shade none the less. I don’t find this drying at all which is sometimes the case with a matte lipstick. I didn’t find it the easiest lip product to apply but it’s quite long lasting, needing a couple of top ups throughout the day, mainly after eating/drinking which I expect. I probably wouldn’t purchase another at £26 any time soon, but if you are looking for a little treat then I’d recommend it. I love the engraving of ‘Chanel’ on the actual lipstick and I’m in love with the packaging, it looks great on my dressing table/desk in my new acrylic lipstick holder.


What is your favourite lip product?


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L’Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim


I picked this eyeliner up a while a go from Boots as I had tried Blackbuster Intense version and found the nib to be too thick. The Perfect Slim version is £6.99 which I don’t think is a bad price for a liquid eyeliner. I absolutely love the application of this product, I usually go for a thin line on my top lids with a small flick and this achieves it perfectly. However, the most disappointing aspect of this product is how long lasting it is. After a couple of hours, especially in the heat we’ve had in the UK recently, it transfers to the top of my eye, and the intense black colour of the product fades and then completely disappears. It is so frustrating as it applies like a dream, I just wish they would change the formula so it would last all day with no transfer. I wish I could say it’s down to the heat and it’s fine in cooler weather, but it’s not. I have a NYC liquid eyeliner that stays put all day, I just wish it had the nib of this one… the beauty struggles!



What is your favourite liquid eyeliner?


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MU Cheese Event, Manchester

Last week I headed off to the National Football Museum in Manchester with my boyfriend and two siblings for the MU Cheese event. Criminally, I hate cheese BUT I was in good company as the three of them love it. I’ll have a post up about the products in MU’s range over the next couple of days, one I think is particularly great.


We arrived at the National Football Museum and whilst being told a bit about each product, we had the chance to taste each one. They went down really well and by the time everyone had finished eating their own body weight in MU Cheese, George Sampson had arrived. George is one amazing dancer and we followed him outside to be shown some moves! The Children at the event really enjoyed it, I tried to force my 12 and 14 year old siblings to join in, but they looked at me like I had 10 heads! Everyone got the chance to have a little chat and photo with George, we grabbed some lunch and was free to roam the National Football Museum.


   20140725_120429 20140725_120441

My boyfriend and I had wanted to take my brother to the National Football Museum this Summer and this was the perfect opportunity. MU kindly gave us a Football+ ticket full with credits and all 4 of us had a lovely day. A huge thank you to MU Cheese for inviting me, I can’t wait to show you all their amazing products, keep your eyes peeled.









If you want to see George Sampson busting a move, head over to MU’s Youtube channel here.


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Week in Photos #5

I haven’t sat down and put together one of these posts in a couple of months, and seeing as I’ve actually done something this week, I thought I’d post what I’ve been up to.

photo photo photo photo

Classic Graduation Photo with the boyfriend | Boyfriends Graduation selfie | My obsession with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood tipped over the age, A LIST BABY | Brother decided to take a selfie when we went to Delamere Forest

photo photo photo  photo

Selfie with the Boyfriend at Delamere Forest | Nick at Bangor-On-Dee Races | Car Selfie with Nick | Cocktails with my best friend

photo photo

George Sampson and I at the MU Cheese Event | The Boyfriend at the Football Museum

I seemed to have been glued to my boyfriends side this week… as usual, poor guy! What have you done this week?


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Top Tips For University

I have just completed my degree in Marketing at the University of Chester, and will be graduating with a first in November. I haven’t got a clue why we have to wait until November, I’m not looking forward to graduating in the rain! I thought I would share with you what I’d have told myself as a first year, having been through three years of it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 21.45.02


I lived at home whilst at University and found it really easy to hop on a different bus which happened to take me into Liverpool city centre. Instead of sitting through HR on a Monday morning, I’d find myself spending huge chunks of my Student loan on make-up, clothes, and presents for my boyfriend and family. Admittedly, once I entered my final year this didn’t happen, but I felt as though I missed some vital theory whilst being a sole ranger dragging shopping bags on the bus home. PLEASE attend lectures, at the end of the day, you have paid for them and although you may find certain ones to be a waste of time, they aren’t! You’ll be surprised at how much you learn and understand, just by sitting there!


Don’t worry if you aren’t going out on SU Friday because you have an assignment due in the following week. I didn’t have to put up with the ‘peer pressure’ as much as when I left campus I was on my way home and to get back into Chester for a night out I had to take two buses. Your friends will still be your friends if you miss a couple of nights out. If not, they clearly aren’t great mates in the first place!


I’m a list maker which I found helped me a lot at University! Whether it was a list of deadlines, what work I had to complete in that week, what blog posts I needed to write, I had a list. Trying to run this blog alongside my studies in my final year was a challenge, but by planning and sometimes putting my blog on the back burner whilst focusing on work, it was fine. My readers didn’t disappear because I didn’t blog for 5 days!


Find out how YOU revise and how YOU work best. Just because your friend likes to sit in the group area and talk their exam revision AT you, doesn’t mean its the most effective way for you. There were times when me and my best friend would be in the silent area of the library, revising separately, and other times where one of us would end up going home because we couldn’t focus. I struggled with this, but by my last year I worked out that I need to be in silence and copying things down from memory. I used little cards and wrote essay structures, read over them MILLIONS of times and re wrote them, as I would in the exam.


This one is my favourite – I also worked alongside my degree so if I had a shift, I wouldn’t touch ANY University work that day. I also made sure I had days off to see a friend, my boyfriend, or have a pamper day to catch up on YouTube videos and Hollyoaks! You need time for you, away from the piles of reading, assignments and boring stuff.


Like University and the millions of other things we do isn’t enough, you NEED experience. If you are on a course where placement isn’t compulsory, go out and find yourself some. If you don’t and you are in a similar industry to me, Marketing, you’ll find it harder to get that graduate job you really want. I was lucky that I wanted to work in Digital Marketing, and employers saw my blog as experience. I know it’s hard, I ran this blog as well as a part time job alongside University, but even a couple of hours a week or a day a month will look amazing! Always think about your CV and how you can enhance it.


Purchasing an NUS card was the best thing I did whilst at Uni, I had it on auto-renew to save me having to mess around each year and you’ll be surprised just how many places you can use it. Luckily mine doesn’t run out until December so I can still get my discounts!


The three years go SO fast, one minute you are attending your first year lectures and before you know it you are sitting your final exam. Embrace being a Student, it isn’t easy but in some ways its a hell of a lot easier than working 9-5, 5 days a week.

This has ended up as a massive ramble but I hope it was helpful in some way! 


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Magnitone Lucid Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush

Magnitone have made a lot of claims about their Magnitone Lucid cleansing and exfoliating brush* and I was asked to try it out and report back what I thought. I know this has had some amazing reviews from fellow bloggers but I thought I’d give you all my opinions on it. Their main claim is that after 7 days of using this you’ll be left with softer, brighter and smoother skin – I was up for the challenge.20140716_092703

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Top 8 Purple/Plum Lipsticks



L/R -Clinique Grandest Grape – Rimmel Glam Plum Fulham – Mac Strong Woman – Mac Heroine – Mac Plumful – Mac Goddess of the Sea – Revlon Shameless

 A lot of people save purple/plum lipsticks for the winter months, but I love a purple lip all year round. I have picked my favourites and I think there is something for everyone.

If you love  a bold lip like me, you need Mac Heroine in your make-up collection. It is absolutely gorgeous, when I first got my hands on this I was worried people would be like ‘what the hek has she got on?!’, but decided to ignore that and embrace the amazing shade. If you fancy a cheaper option but still want a really bright purple, Revlon’s Colorburst matte balms are amazing and Shamless is a gorgeous shade. They’re actually one of my favourite formulas, although a matte lipstick they are really moisturising and are amazingly long lasting – I have three of the shades and want them all! I also love the formula of the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks and Glam Plum Fulham is a perfect plum shade, I’m actually wearing this one today to my boyfriends graduation! A recent purchase is Mac Strong Woman which is a little more purple than has shown up on the swatches below. Beauty bloggers staple is Mac Rebel, I was lucky enough to receive this from my three best blogging pals as a graduation present. I can see why it’s a much loved shade! If you are after a plum/purple lip that isn’t as bold Mac Plumful is perfect! I also love the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Grandest Grape, the formula is really moisturising and the shade of it is really wearable.


Hope you could understand that ramble, I get a bit excited when talking about lipsticks… What are your favourite shades?


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Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub

I’m not a huge skincare lover as I am incredibly lazy. I’ve had loads of body scrubs in the past that I’ve ended up binning or giving away because I just don’t use them.


However, that all changed when this little gem entered my life in the form of a Boots 3 for 2 deal. I picked up two of their shower washes and due to the incredible scent of this scrub, I decided to give it a whirl. Oh man, it was love at first application!  Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub is £8 for a 300ml tub, I can’t argue with the price and it’s a nice size. You don’t need too much product to cover an area of your body which means it lasts a good while. I have just finished this and I’m already trying to plan when I can nip into Boots to pick one up!

The smell is literally out of this world, it claims to have a maple fragrance which I agree with. It’s so sweet and if I could eat this stuff I would for sure… it reminds me of baking biscuits… yum!

If your scrub supplies are running a little low or you are just looking for something to spend your hard earned pennies on, I can’t recommend this enough. Also, Boots currently have another 3 for 2 offer on their Soap and Glory products! I know I’ll be treating myself to this and other products from this beautifully scented range!

What is your favourite S&G product?


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My Favourite Memories – The Alzheimers Society

The lovely Laura from Laura Lollipop posted a blog post with an idea that first appeared on Facebook. This idea was to post a photo related to your favourite memory, accompanied by the following caption;

‘’To help lead the fight against dementia, to end the distress it causes, take action and raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s Society. The idea is to post a picture related to one of your favourite memories and make a donation by texting ‘ASFM90′ followed by the amount to 70070. So for example: ASFM90 £2’

Laura decided this shouldn’t just be restricted to Facebook and instead shared a couple of her favourite memories in an attempt to raise awareness for the Alzheimers Society. The internet is such a powerful tool and for once, it can be used to celebrate the work this charity too and ensure they can carry on doing what they do. Dementia is a horrible disease and nobody should have to go through it, let alone without the help of charities like the Alzheimers Society.

20140516_135006In May, my mum married my step-dad who is one of my favourite people. It had been a long time coming and was a gorgeous day. This isn’t a memory from my child hood or anything, but will forever be a happy memory. I love this picture of my mum, step-dad, brother, sister, my boyfriend and I.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 21.14.13Last September I went to Magaluf with my best friend to see The Courteeners. Yes Maga definitely isn’t my scene, but I’d happily fly to the other side of the world to see those boys perform. This picture reminds me of those few days, sat in the sun, drinking with my best friend and watching our favourite band perform live. It also reminds me of every other time I’ve seen The Courteeners, whether it be a home gig in Manchester, or away day in Berlin. I will never fall out of love with that band.

photoThis isn’t really one memory, but the first picture was taken at our Sixth Form prom in 2011 and the second in May of this year. I think it’s funny seeing how we look so different, yet still the same?! I’ve had so many happy memories with this boy and I’m so thankful he’s still hanging around.

Don’t forget to donate to The Alzheimer’s Society by texting ‘ASFM90′ followed by the amount to 70070. So for example: ASFM90 £2’

I want to know YOUR favourite memory! Leave them in the comments OR write your own blog post, don’t forget to send me the link so I can have a read.


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