The Balm Girls Lipstick


Make way for my new holy grail nude lipstick! I’m usually a berry/plum lip kinda gal but I’ve been on the hunt for a good nude lipstick for a while. I have now entered the real world and most days at work I can’t be bothered to maintain a bright lip! When I received this lipstick from The Balm in the shade Mai Billsbepaid* I was intrigued thinking this may answer my nude lipstick prayers!

I can happily say that I love this – the shade, formula and staying power are amazing! I pair this with their Pretty Smart lipgloss in BAM!* as they go together really well. Once the lipgloss wares off (it takes a while) the lipstick looks great and I find it doesn’t need topping up until after you’ve eaten lunch, sometimes even longer. The lipstick is definitely my favourite of the two, it applies really nicely, last for ages and is really moisturising on the lips.

Price-wise it isn’t the cheapest, but if you are used to buying Mac, this is slightly cheaper at  £12. I’d definitely recommend them, of course I can only speak for this shade, but I’m lusting after a couple of others! Lipgloss-wise, I like this! I don’t often wear a lipgloss, mainly due to being lazy! But if you are into lipgloss, I’d definitely say give this a whirl!


What is your favourite Lipstick brand?

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*This post includes PR samples – all opinions are my own :)

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The Power of Social Media and Brand Stupidity

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 09.22.41

Rewind 10 years, if we had wanted to complain to a company for bad service or for disagreeing with something they sold we wrote a letter, email or marched down there for some good old fashioned faced to face interaction.

Back then, companies held the power, they could do pretty much whatever they wanted and the only way we could tell people about it was face to face, on the phone etc. This is when people would hold a protest outside of a store for not putting enough bacon on their bacon batch, only to be marched away by police…

Fast forward to 2014 and we, as consumers have the power. Annoyed your bacon batch hasn’t got enough bacon on? Why bother with the awkward face to face complaint in store, snap a photo, find them on Twitter and compose an angry 140 rant with said photo attached. Result? They reply, hugely apologetic and you might get a £10 voucher out of it – result.

Why is this the case? You decide you aren’t happy, you compose your angry tweet, your followers see it and will probably think twice about that brand. Anyone who searches that brand may be exposed to it, they’ll probably think twice too. If all of these people retweet or favourite it, it can spiral to millions of people seeing your negative message about a brand. Thats a lot of people who may remember the message when considering purchasing from them. No wonder they publicly make an apology and compensate them for the ‘inconvenience.’

This is all light hearted, I just want a freebie for being fobbed off with more batch than bacon but this platform is hugely useful when things get serious.

Last night, Katie of Scarphelia shared a photo of what we (and the majority of people on my timeline) thought was hugely offensive. ASOS decided to stock a cushion which was taking the piss out of anxiety sufferers.  I don’t suffer with anxiety myself, but I don’t think that matters, it’s something that thousands of people live with daily, and it can be incredibility difficult. Of course, ASOS saw the ‘drama’ created on Twitter and have since removed it from sale.

There, the power of social media. Although I’m happy this has been removed I ask WHY has one of the UK’s largest online retailers decided to stock this in the first place? People are finally starting to open up about anxiety, where it used to be sort of  a taboo subject, and ASOS are playing on that?

I’d love to know who said ‘yes’ to this being stocked, then as it passed through each department to ensure this was in stock and on site NOBODY QUESTIONED IT. Frankly, I’m sick of brands having offensive products on site, removing them only when a fuss is kicked up on Twitter and then it all going back to normal. Urban Outfitters have done it multiple times and I refuse to shop there. This shouldn’t go away just because they’ve removed it from sale.

Why is this OK? I’m sick of brands getting it wrote, you only have to read this post to see that it isn’t just in products they stock, brands aren’t thinking about their image on social media either.

I’d love your opinions on this, apologies for getting a little ranty ;)


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eBay Outfit #2

As I’ve said in previous posts I FREAKIN’ LOVE EBAY! So, here is another outfit I’ve put together. I love the simplicity of this look and have seen loads like this on Pinterest. The only difference is they include heels and I never wear heels (apart from my Chelsea Boots with a bit of a heel) so I’ve opted for a pair of flats.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 21.20.35

Ripped Skinny Jeans £21.99 // Boyfriend Coat – £6.36 // Long Sleeve Blouse – £1.99 // Grey Snood - 99p // Casual Flat Pumps – £11.99


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Whilst scrolling through my Instgram feed at the weekend I spotted an upload by one of my favourite high street retailers – Primark.
After reading the caption I couldn’t believe that this had actually been uploaded. Of course I understand that it’s a bit of ‘banter’ and fans in there late teens will buy because they like 1D, not necessarily to impress them. What about the fans who are as young as 8, who adore everything about 1D, who genuinely believe this will make their favourite member of 1D ‘notice them?’

It’s not even that, that is my main issue really. It’s the fact that Primark are enforcing the thought we don’t want any young girl to think. Wear make-up for the boys…!?


We wear make-up because we want to, whether that’s because it gives us confidence or we just like playing with it. And if you don’t want to wear it, thats fine. THAT is what we should be telling young girls!

I’m all for young girls playing with make-up, I’m sure we were all bought little make-up sets and nail polish as children. If they’re interested in it, then why not? I just don’t agree with young girls being led to believe that they NEED make-up to impress boys and they ONLY wear make-up to impress boys.

We are all aware that the younger generation are growing up quicker than children used to. I didn’t start experimenting with make-up until I was about 14, and didn’t start really enjoying it until I was 18. The exposure to ‘perfect’ celebrities, models and other role models has increased massively due to social media and how we can gain so much insight into our favourite celeb’s life. Even people who spend time talking to a camera and uploading videos to YouTube are becoming role models for thousands of young children.

This is why I think these role models need to be aware of their influence, the extent of it and WHO they are influencing. Make-up shouldn’t be seen as a tool to impress the boys, although I’m sure Sarah from The Apprentice will find that hard to believe…

Brands have just as much responsibility, but some clearly don’t take this serious enough. I’m not slamming Primark, but when you are a hugely influential brand you can’t afford slip ups like this one. What makes it worse, is that they still have this on their Instagram.

I’d love your opinions on this, I’d hate for any of my children grow up believe that make-up is a tool used to simply attract the boys…

EDIT: Since writing this post, Primark have seen it & removed the offending Instagram post. Of course this isn’t huge, but I think it shows how brands are being forced to listen to customers due to the ‘power’ they have. I for one are a happy bunny knowing they have seen their error (even if it did take customers kicking up a fuss) :)


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OOTD: Those Lazy Days…

image imageI think we all have those ‘cba’ days where we just throw on a pair of leggings and opt for comfort rather than style. I also think these outfits are often not documented as outfit posts, but hey, here is one! I don’t often wear leggings as I think they make my legs look fat, oh hey insecurity. But these are from Next, I threw on this burgundy top from New Look and my new favourite cardigan from Warehouse. I love this cardigan as it has little speckles of silver running through it which makes it more interesting that a plain black one! To tie in the silver I grabbed the first silver necklace I saw from my pile and my comfy Primark Chelsea boots. My glasses are from Specspost, I bought these last year and wasn’t 100% on the style… however I decided to jump out of my comfort zone last week and I haven’t taken them off since! Well… I took them off to shower and sleep but yano’

What is your favourite outfit on those CBA days?!


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How are brands using your selfies?

As technology rapidly evolves and the behaviours of consumers changes, marketers are having to come up with ways to ensure they know their consumers. Not only do they need to understand how consumers are sharing online, they need to come up with ways in which they can interact with them whilst remaining authentic. Whilst a lot of brands do this well, there are other problems they face when looking to collect data on potential consumers online.

With a lot of us turning to photo sharing social networks such as Instagram, it is harder for marketers to mine relevant data from potential consumers in order to create profiles etc. I’m sure we are all aware that companies are able to take data from whatever social network we use and use it to their advantage. If you have ever interacted with a brand on Twitter, you’ll have helped them create the profile of who they typically target through Digital Marketing, helping develop further strategies.

Ditto Labs have developed a technology with allows images to be scanned for logos and other branding. They have a deal with Tumblr, meaning they can freely scan the blogging website. They also have access to Twitter, Pinterest and some areas on Instagram. The technology means that companies are able to see who is using there product/brand and where they are using it, helping them to understand the usage occasion. They can also see how often it is used in comparison to competitors as well as seeing the type of person that is interested in their products. If Coca-Cola were to find that a huge segment of their consumers were foodies, they’d be able to develop strategies based on this insight, whether it would be targeted adverts, or collaborations with certain brands.

Whilst the platform can be used to help companies gain insight, it also helps them with engagement. If a company wanted to target consumers who use a competitors product, Ditto can scan the area for consumers who have uploaded pictures containing that content. They can then start a relationship by sending out coupons and ensuring there is engagement.

I love seeing how marketers adapt to the changes in technology and the challenges presented from Social Media. I’m sure some people may be freaked out that companies are scanning their images, but I think it’s the next step in mining data. We are the ones who share huge amount of our lives on the Internet, so why wouldn’t they take this opportunity?

What do you think about this?


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eBay Outfit #1

I love spending hours on eBay scrolling through listings, does that make me sad? I don’t care if it does because there is some really good stuff on there! I’ve decided to create a mini-series, putting together outfits from eBay listings. Will try to ensure these are Buy it Now listings with more than one available! I’m sure that if these end, you’ll easily find something similar anyway.

Winter Fashion

Chelsea Boots (available in patent/matte/suede) – £12.99 // Tartan Check Print Skirt – £4.99 // Long Sleeved Roll Neck Jumper – £4.99 // Leather Style Bag – £5.52

I’ve seen loads of people rocking the tartan skirts/ roll neck jumper look and I love it! I think my next purchase will be this jumper!


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The Apprentice: Sexism at it’s finest.

I am a huge fan of The Apprentice, it’s full of cocky, deluded people who think they’re the next Lord Sugar. I like watching them bicker like school children and come up with the most stupid ideas ever. I like being able to sit at home thinking, what a bunch of morons, I could with this. I love the one liners, eye rolls from Nick and the bucket load of sexism.. oh wait, maybe not that last one.

Around a minute into the first episode last night, the first reference to how men are superior to women was made. One candidate referenced to how he can control any woman in business. Oh but it’s OK as he added that he can control SOME men too… probably the camp ones I’m sure.. Got to love those stereotypes?

I’m not saying that women are any better than men, or that we should feel sorry for women and people don’t agree were all equal. In my opinion I think both sexes are equal and that women are capable of doing what men are and vice versa.

Whilst we have come along way in proving we are equal, it frustrates me that not only are the BBC airing these comments but there nobody seems shocked that in 2014 this isn’t shocking. What makes it even worse is that the female candidate who led the task,  told all of the women to ensure they wear short skirts and pile on the make-up as that is how they will win the task. Thankfully everyone else saw straight through her and were more concerned in her lack of strategy, but WHY have the BBC given this woman a shot on The Apprentice?

I know it’s a TV programme and we need some interesting people for entertainment, but is sexism really entertainment? The Apprentice has been going for 10 years and has a massive fan base, do they need to resort to negative publicity in order to gain publicity? They say bad publicity is better than no publicity, but is it really?

I’d love your thoughts on this as I do love the show, I just think it’s become a bit like a Zoo… and a sexist one at that.


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Outfit: Autumn Ready…


The tartan skirt is back! This is one of my favourite purchases for autumn! It was a bargain at under £20 from New Look and can be styled up or down. As the weather is getting a little colder I decided to wear this jumper from Primark, it was only £14 which is a steal compared to a similar one I saw in Topshop! It has some really nice silver beading along the neckline, which means a statement necklace isn’t needed! Of course, I have my favourite super cosy tights from Primark and then went for my favourite boots, these Grey heeled Chelsea boots which are also from Primark. My glasses are from Specspost, I bought these months a go after having one of their home trials – I wasn’t 100% sure on them but decided to buy them anyway. They have been in their box ever since, until I decided that I loved them and didn’t care if I thought they were too far out of my comfort zone. I’ve received some lovely compliments whilst wearing them that I don’t want to take them off!

I am loving Primark and New Look lately and I don’t really bother looking anywhere else! Where is your favourite place to shop?

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