Evening Bag Essentials

20150819_192814I’m all about travelling light on a night out, not only does it mean you aren’t carrying a bag the weight of a small person, but it’s less items to go missing when you have had one too many.

Usually I am all for a strap on a bag, but when it comes to a night out I’d much rather have a clutch bag. I think the fact I have something in my hand, as apposed to over my shoulder makes me think a little more about actually picking it up and not leaving it behind (this has happened with my Michael Kors bag before *weeps*). This little fringed number* from New Look is my current favourite as I adore fringing! I think a lot of people are all about the glitzy clutch bags going into A/W (party season and all that) but I’ll definitely be rocking the fringing! It also comes with a strap making it a pretty good daytime bag too.

I know a lot of people who on a night out won’t take their card and only take enough cash so they can budget themselves. I’m quite happy to take my card as I don’t tend to go crazy and empty my bank account on a night out. I also live quite far out from pubs/bars etc so it’s nice to have my bank card incase I haven’t got enough cash for the taxi home! I tend to put this (and my ID – a definite essential) in the zip part of my bag. Me and little purses = money everywhere so the zip pocket in a bag is perfect!

Beauty-wise I’ll always take my lipstick of choice! There is nothing worse than forgetting it and it fading through the night… especially when people are throwing cameras in your face! I usually go with a MAC lipstick as they aren’t as expensive as Charlotte Tilbury etc, and although I’d probably have a little weep if I lost one, I wouldn’t feel too bad replacing it! I tend to take a powder (and brush) out with me too as I get a shiny forehead and chin (attractive I know). I’m currently using the last of my MAC Blot Powder which I’ve been using for well over a year, I probably won’t repurchase this again as it’s around £20 and I just can’t justify spending £20 on a powder anymore (like I could before?).

I’ve always been one of those people who gets really self conscious about smelling, seriously if theres a smell I instantly think its me. I’ll always have some form of body spray or perfume in my bag and a night out is no exception! This bottle of Black Opium by YSL is the perfect size but is also one of the most perfect scents ever.

Lastly, my phone and keys, two definite essentials. A night out didn’t happen unless you took 55 photos and uploaded at least 4 to Instagram, right?

What is your essential on a night out?


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*This post contains PR samples

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New Matte MAC Lipsticks

MAC Matte Royal MAC Matte RoyalMAC Matte RoyalMAC Matte Royal Anyone who knows me will know that I have a bit of a thing for lipsticks, particularly MAC. Since I started my blog a couple of years back I’ve ended up with a small collection that sit proudly on my desk. I told myself I didn’t need any more, and to be honest I didn’t. That was until an email arrived in my inbox from MAC, with a simple message ’12 new matte shades’. 10 minutes later two shades somehow made their way into my basket and I ended up putting my bank details in…

I went for Matte Royal and Instigator. Instigator is a lovely purple shade, a shade I have probably 10 times in different variations. I asked my boyfriend if he liked it, to which he replied ‘it looks like that other one you have…’ To be honest, he is probably right, but I’m happy to have it in matte, it’s SO PRETTY.

Matte Royal on the other hand was a complete impulse purchase as I had never even swatched a blue lipstick let alone tried one. I am determined to wear this at V Festival this weekend, no better time, right?

MAC Instigator

Blue lipstick, yes or no?


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Lush Haul

When I found out I was moving out, I decided to use up all of my Lush collection and start afresh. Why? I don’t know, it was definitely a moment of madness…
The Lush shape hole in my life was made even bigger when I heard the news that there were some Oxford Road exclusives hitting other stores. So, early this morning I took myself off to Chester, boyfriend in tow to pick up the list I had made in my head. Who knew that Lush was dead at 9:20 on a Saturday morning?

The Comforter Shower Cream 250g – £9.50

This is my all time favourite scent, so when I saw the shower cream appear in endless Oxford Street hauls I very almost planned a trip to London just to buy it. Lack of £££ put a stop to this, but I knew I needed it in my life! In all honesty, I cringed at handing over nearly £10 for this, but I’ll (try to) make it last…  

The Experimenter Bath Bomb – £3.95

I’ve seen so many people say they love this so it was the first thing I picked up! I’m also a sucker for a bath bomb that is a glittery and colourful!

Intergalactic Bath Bomb – £3.95

I think this is one that Zoella had in her bath in one of her vlogs and it looked pretty cool so decided to try it. Or I just wanted it because Zoella had it – you decide.

Frozen Bath Bomb – £3.95

Why would you not want a bath bomb called Frozen? I haven’t a clue what to expect from this (apart from blue water?) but I’m excited none the less. 

Milky Bath Bubble Bar – £3.75

I saw this in Katy’s haul and decided I needed it. HOW CUTE IS IT. It smells really nice and has cocoa butter in it so you can’t go wrong really – can you? 

Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar – £5.95

When I see a Lush product for over £4 I cringe a little. I know this is a bubble bar and you can use it more than once but it’s a lot of money for something you just put in your bath isn’t it? (Sounds like something my boyfriend would say – eeeek). Having said that, flamingos are my favourite animal and there was no way I was walking out with this. The excitement is real.

Basically, I’m just a big bundle of excitement, especially as the new hair oil treatments are hitting the Chester store on Friday. They sound amazing! Payday treat I’m thinking… 

What is your favourite Lush product?


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Life Lately 

Its been a while since I’ve been dedicated to this blog. Whilst I class myself as a blogger I very rarely sit at my desk after taking photos, type up my thoughts and click publish. I won’t explain why I haven’t been blogging, because who cares, who has even noticed?! I thought I’d share some life updates and random things I’m enjoying. 

Interior Shopping

I’ve moved out. Officially, flown the nest as it were. At the grand old age of 22 I have left the family home and moved in with the boyfriend. I’ve become a little obsessed with house things, a sort of shopping I thought I’d find fun when my mid-life crisis hit. I can’t wait until we finally get our sofa in a few weeks so I can put together a blog post alllll about the interiors!

  The Daily Grind

After spending 6 weeks in a job I felt was completely wrong for me, I’m back in Affiliate Marketing. Although I’ve only been there two weeks I’m loving it. Something I never thought I’d say. I suppose you don’t realise how much you appreciate something until it’s gone. In this case, it was a fast-paced working environment, something I seem to thrive in apparently. 

  The ‘Beauty Area’

I suppose this follows on from all things home and interiors but I’m really happy with our spare room. Or ‘Beth’s room’ as the boyfriend calls it! It still has a few bits and pieces that need to find homes but the area that houses all of my make-up and beauty bits is my happy place. I can’t wait until we finally have internet next week (BT I am not your friend), I’ll be able to draft so many blog posts & catch up on all the YouTube videos.

Matte Lipstick

As we’ve moved out, were on a bit of a budget but my heart took over this week when I saw MAC had released new matte shades. Two may have fell into my basket before I entered my bank details and I’m really excited for them to arrive next week! 

  Meal Planning

Nothing feels more grown up than meal planning before doing the weekly food shop. Have I really just written that? I’m one of those people who needs to know what they are having for tea in order to get through the day, and it really makes me week knowing what I am having every night. #littlethings

  Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram you’ll know I am a huge lover of this place. Based just outside of Chester the Ice Cream Farm has been there for as long as I can remember. The ice-cream is insanely good and a couple of weeks a go it opened its new refurb. Whilst it was rammed when we visited last weekend, I loved it. It’s like a real life Charlie & the Chocolate Factory! I can’t wait to go back when it’s a little quieter, so I can take pictures for a full blog post! Such a simple thing, but it makes me so happy. 

New Clothes

I don’t tend to buy loads of clothes. Im definitely more of an impulse beauty buyer! But as a treat for starting my job I placed a New Look order! A few things were pieces I wouldn’t usually buy, a couple I kept, a couple have gone back but there’s just something about having clothes you feel comfortable in! 

I’d love to know what you’ve been up to lately! 


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If You Aren’t Happy With Life – Change It.


This time last year I’d finished University, was set to graduate, had handed my notice in at my retail job and was waiting to start my graduate job. Fast forward a year and I’m working my last couple of days at a job I’ve been in 7 weeks, before I move out at the end of the week and start another new job on Monday.

If you aren’t happy with your life – change it.

Long story short, I wanted a job closer to home, however said job wasn’t what I expected. I think a lot of people will stay in a job to see if they can settle in. I settled in, that wasn’t the issue, I just knew instantly that the job wasn’t for me. It was a Marketing job, but I didn’t feel I was using my brain after working in a fast-paced environment, I was bored. So, after around 5 weeks in the job I decided to look for something else.

I think it came about when my boyfriend and I were looking to move out. We initially looked to move into the centre of Chester, until a) you get nothing for your money and b) I didn’t want to be there. I knew I didn’t want to be in the job in Chester long term, so it was pointless to move there.

So, on Monday I’m starting a new job, back in Affiliate Marketing (where I started as a grad). And we’ve found a house that we love.


Basically, what my ramble is trying to demonstrate is that if you aren’t happy, only you can make the positive changes.

Aren’t happy with a relationship – talk to them. Hate your job – look at ways you can improve it, if it means looking for something else, do it! Hate a subject you’ve taken a GCSE/A-level, talk to someone about changing it. Really don’t like University but feel pressured to stay? Look at other options.

There will always be things in life we dislike, and that’s well, life? But if you know that a change, however big or small could make you happier, do it.

What changes do you want to make?


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Primark to Collaborate With Velvetgh0st?

VelvetghostWhen I saw this plastered all over my Twitter timeline tonight I was confused. I’m 100% for brands taking advantage of the reach and demographic of YouTubers and collaborating with them, but Velevtghost??!!!

Surely as a brand you would do your research? You want someone with a relatively ‘squeaky clean’ past? Someone who isn’t the queen of YT Twitter drama? Someone who hasn’t promoted unhealthy weight loss? Someone who doesn’t tell their ‘fans’ to self harm where nobody can see?

I don’t promote Guru Gossiper, but all it takes is a simple Google search and you’ll find threads full of screenshots and stories. There is even a tumblr account full of screenshots! Whilst I think some of the things Velvetghost has done are disgusting, I don’t care about her. I don’t care that the girl is a liar, is manipulative and a bad role model to her ‘fans’.

What I don’t understand is Primark. How can Primark not pick up on this? Why do Primark WANT this person promoting their brand? Have they simply not done their research or are they happy with Velvetghost promoting their brand?

If they haven’t done their research, it’s absolutely ridiculous! A business that is now worldwide can’t just pluck their ‘celebrity’ endorsements out of the air. Surely their brand is worth more than that?

If they have CHOSEN to have her after EXTENSIVE research than I’m even more annoyed. I can’t fathom why you would want someone with SUCH a bad reputation endorsing your brand, regardless of how many units they’ll shift (some people like her apparently). I understand that business is all about the £££ but is this the way to do it?

In my opinion the demographic of Velvetghosts followers are teenagers. Yes, a market that is seen as hard to target, but they are one of the most impressionable groups of society. They are easily blinkered into ‘fangirling’ over YouTubers and buying into Velvetghosts image (the one she portrays in her videos, not the b*tch on Twitter who is rude as f*ck to people, deleting tweets afterwards). Do Primark really want to be seen to targeting a market in such a derogetary way?

Surely if they wanted to use a YouTuber there are so many others out there? So many others with a decent reputation and a similar following that you’d WANT to promote your brand?

Basically, I’m baffled that they’ve decided to work with Velvetghost, I just can’t get my head around it. Yes, things on GG aren’t always *true* but the screenshots don’t lie (No, I don’t think they’ve been edited), and there’s got to be a reason that fellow YTers like Zoella and Becca Rose have dropped her as a pal?


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Outfit: Fringing


Jacket £25 was £55 | Shirt £8 was £16 | Jeans £10 was £22 | Converse | Michael Kors Selma Bag

The Next sale isn’t something I’d usually bother with, but as we are getting the keys to our house on the 31st we decided to pop in and have a look at their home section. My boyfriend used to work there before graduating and a friend of ours who still works there helped us out. We ended up spending over £200 and I wanted to do a haul but the items for our house are buried under a million other things now!

Whilst in there on Friday evening I spotted the above jacket. I instantly fell in love but as we’re moving and I don’t need it I put it back. Once I got home I decided that if it was still there by midday on Saturday when we went in to pay for our haul I’d treat myself to it. Of course, it was there… along with loads more. I honestly don’t know why as I think it’s gorgeous. Each to their own I suppose! It was £25 down from £55 and I’m over the moon it’s mine. It’s quite sad that owning a jacket makes me so happy but it’s nice so, who cares?

I also picked up this gorgeous monochrome patterned shirt, it crosses over at the front and I just love it. I’m a really good blogger and didn’t get a picture from the front, but it’s nice, and you’ll just have to trust me on that one. I’m a fan of Next jeans as they are pretty long lasting and relatively cheap – especially at £10 in the sale. Whilst these aren’t super skinny like my usual jeans, they’re so comfy! I’m quite happy I’ve only paid £10 for these, knowing they’ll last – unlike spending £40 on a pair of Topshop ones that fade after 6 weeks…

Did you pick anything up in the Next Sale?


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June 2015 Degustabox


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged a Degustabox* but it’s mainly because as soon as I open it, my family are like vultures and I HAVE to share the box! Terrible, I know – why would I want to share a box of food!? As I now have a job closer to home, it’s light enough for me to photograph the contents before the family take over and it disappears!

Brioche is a firm favourite in our house so we were all happy to see this! I claimed the chocolate chip ones, which were amazing, whilst I gave the others to my siblings. I had mine a couple of times a week as a bit of a treat breakfast – so so good! Melba thins are something I haven’t loved in the past but I threw some cream cheese on these and was in LOVE. I’m thinking I need to have jam on them next, mmmm.

Coconut is quite possibly my least favourite thing in the whole world. The smell, taste, texture – NOPE. Luckily, one of my mums friends can’t get enough of it, so I gave her the Coconut Water and Coconom Organic Coconut Sugar. Kallo Rice Snacks were so good! Salt and Vinegar is always my favourite rice snack flavour and these didn’t disappoint. Love Chin Chin another snack was given to another member of the family, as sadly I hate Cinnamon – I am a little bit fussy….

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Zeo drinks, but my little brother and sister loved them! The Enhance Drinks are lovely, I really like the idea of having one in my handbag just incase.

I love getting my Degustabox every month, it’s a great way of trying new food for just £12.99 a box. Get £3 off your first box when you sign up, enter this code; 84CSB.


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This post contains PR samples*

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I’m Moving Out! Interior Wish List

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 22.08.04

Mr Fox Cushion – £25 | Cath Kidston Tea Towels £12 | Cath Kidston Cutlery Set – £22.50 | Orla Kiely Cushion – £40 | Mr Fox Rug – From £159 | Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Candle – £115 | Cath Kidston Oven Glove – £14

It’s official, I’m flying the nest. After a few months of being glued to Right Move and Zoopla we decided to go and view some properties. We saw one flat in Chester and decided we didn’t want to spend our maximum budget on a flat the size of my bedroom, so looked further afield. When I say further afield, I mean further from Chester, which ended up being a house in my village, around the corner from my family home.

Never in a million years did I see myself residing in my little village (of which I hated as a teen – bad public transport links were not my friend) but my boyfriend and I fell in love with the first house we saw. We decided it was the one and will be getting the keys on the 31st of July.

It’s a rental property which thankfully has a fridge freezer and washing machine. But we are desperately looking for a sofa, TV etc whilst on a particularly tiny budget! Our families are both helping out which is amazing and were so thankful! Although the first thing we did but was a Lego head storage box, you know, priorities and all that…

I’ve been scouring the web for inspiration and have fell in love with so many gorgeous bits and pieces. You know the things than aren’t essentials but if you had a money tree you’d have already bought? Yeah those…

Anyone else obsessed with cushions?newfooterFollow bethanyworrall on bloglovin’ to keep up to date with all posts!

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