Outfit | Casual is Best


I can continue to wear my usual casual ensembles in my new job, which makes me very happy. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a ‘business wear’ kind of girl.. at least I don’t have to know that just yet.

I wasn’t sure if I could pull of ripped jeans so I went with this pair from Primark, so at least if I hated them I hadn’t spend £40 on them. I really like them and I’m quite happy with just one rip per leg.. I have seen some where the whole leg is practically a rip, I’m not a fan. Have paired this with a fringed top from ASDA*, I made sure I got this in a couple of sizes bigger than usual, as I wanted something baggy. I’ve worn this loads since I got it a few weeks a go and think it looks great. The silver necklace is from boohoo* and I think it’s a nice piece of consume jewellery. When it comes to necklaces, I’m all over a statement one  and much prefer them to something dainty. Shoes are again, from ASDA* and I have worn these 80% of the time since I got them. They’re multi coloured and I think they add colour to any outfit, which is all good for summer you know. I have posted a close up of these on my instagram as I didn’t really want my feet on my blog, they freak me out a bit. Not my feet specifically, just feet in general… why am I talking about feet.

OK, basically I love this outfit and whilst it isn’t the most interesting of outfits that have been put together, I think it’s realistic. I think people forget that everyone has days where they throw jeans one, one can’t simply be glamorous every day you know…


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*Post contains PR samples

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Outfit | Boohoo Style Swap #WeAreUs


A few weeks a go I was contacted by Boohoo, who asked if I’d like to take part in their Style Swap. I gave in my details regarding sizes etc and they matched me with a stunning Parisian blogger, who you can check out here. I loved the idea of this but was immediately thinking ‘what if I hate the outfit that I’m sent’. When the package arrived I couldn’t have been happier. There were a few extra bits and pieces not shown in this outfit post, like a gorgeous bag, necklace and kimono but they’ll definitely be featuring in future outfit posts!

This playsuit* is something that I’d probably look at and think ‘I’m too fat for it’, and end up buying a smock dress. I immediately fell in love with it’s long sleeves as I hate my arms, and the neckline as I’ve wanted to try something like this for ages. I did think that the neckline wouldn’t suit my figure but I can honestly say that I love it. I’ll definitely be checking out Boohoo for things similar to this on pay day. I love the pattern and think it’s a great piece for Summer with my legs out (thanks for my awful knees, mum) but also in winter with a pair of thick black tights.

These shoes* couldn’t be any more me if they tried. I bought a similar pair to these from New Look not long ago and I live in them. They look amazing with an outfit like this or just with jeans, a nice top and a duster jacket. For someone who doesn’t like heels, they’re a great alternative on a night out, and I wore this outfit to my friends 21st birthday. My little sister has been on the look out for a pair of shoes like this, so we’re definitely going to be sharing these.

I’m really happy I took part in the Style Swap with Boohoo and although I’m probably regarded as plus size these days (pizza, I love you), I’ve found a style I didn’t think would suit my figure!

FYI, Boohoo have a really nice plus size range, so I’d recommend having a snoop if you are around a similar size to me.

How would you style this playsuit?


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All About The Luggage…


When it comes to any type of holiday, two weeks in Mexico, a weekend in Devon or even a night in Manchester I get super excited to make a list of what to pack. I immediately decide what bag/case I’m going to take and mentally start filling it! Yes, I count a night in Manchester as a little holiday, as it gives me an excuse to take a suitcase!

A couple of weeks a go I spent the night in Manchester as I went to see The Courteeners at Heaton Park. Just before I had started my mental packing, this coral suitcase* arrived from ASDA. Immediately I knew that this was coming with me and I started filling it. I’m a bit of a luggage hoarder, so was rather excited to own this one, as it’s one of those really light cases (1.8kg), which means you can fill it with more stuff when going abroad! When choosing this from the ASDA luggage shop, it took me forever before I settled on this one. This was only £30 and will be perfect for my hand luggage next time I go abroad (not this year, sadly!). If you are looking for something similar, definitely check ASDA out. They have a huge range of styles/sizes and if you love luggage like I do (totally not sad), you’ll spend a couple of hours lusting over various pieces!

I’ve always loved George for clothes and would arrive at my job at Greggs half an hour early so I could have a browse before hand (it was only round the corner – win)! They are killing it with their holiday shop, not only is it full of essentials for Summer, there are some gorgeous patterns and the shoes are amazing! I’ve always been partial to a gladiator sandal, and it seems as though they are back with a bang this year! I’ve gone for these floral ones* as I’m all about statement and comfort! Accessory-wise I’ve seen so many fruit inspired bags, I knew I had to have this lemon cross body* number, after all who doesn’t love being a little more fun with fashion in the summer?

Anyone else love luggage… or am I just a little odd!?


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The Courteeners, Heaton Park 05/06/15

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.45.21 Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.48.25Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.48.36 Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.48.17

For me, this gig at Heaton Park has been a long time coming. When I first listened to the tracks on St Jude not long after its release, I knew this band was special. The endless train journeys, flights, sweat, tears and sheer joy have been a build up to this gig at Heaton Park.

After months of endless listening I tagged along with my brother to my first Courteeners gig in March 2010. Fast forward 5 years and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had the privilege of standing in these guys presence, singing my heart out. Castlefield, Berlin, Mallorca Rocks, Manchester and everywhere in between, it’s built up to this, them, us, 25 thousand people.

Manchester was buzzing on the 5th of June. I felt it when I grabbed some food on my lunch break, when I left the office at 4:30pm, on the tram to the park. What I love is that you could ask 10 people who the Courteeners are and more than half would look at you puzzled. They’re still so underground, but can sell out Heaton Park, 25 thousand people, the day before Park Life. And I fucking love it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.44.56 Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.44.42 Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.44.29 Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.45.07

The atmosphere was insane and for the first time in my life, I was pulled over the front barrier. You could say it was tactical, I could stay having a 25 year old elbowing me in the head, or having spent 45 minutes on the barrier screaming my heart out, spend the rest with an insane view of the park.

I don’t know how long it took Liam and co to decide on a set-list but I loved each song choice. On Wednesday I saw them in Liverpool and for one of the first times, they didn’t go Sycophant. Gutted wasn’t the word, so when that intro started I bounced around, singing my heart out.

No Courteeners gig is complete without a flare, or 100 and Not Nineteen Forever presented the crowds with the perfect opportunity. That song is my all time favourite live performance, there isn’t one person is the crowd that doesn’t feel just how special it is.

To see 25,000 people bouncing around, singing every word back to the boys, loving every second was one of the best experiences. I felt so much emotion, going from gigs in venues as small as my bedroom, to Heaton Park, it was special, and I’m so fucking proud of The Courteeners.

Here’s to many more.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 13.45.38

This love will last forever x

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Review | Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry Lipstick

20150526_11490920150526_115034 20150526_115137

There are so many people out there that rave about  Charlotte Tilbury that I needed to try a couple of bits out for myself. Whilst at an event with Katie from Golddust, she persuaded me to try some on payday (a couple of days later). I say persuaded, I wanted this lipstick and she just enabled me – thank you Katie.

Payday arrived and I took myself off to Selfridges on my lunch break. I think the fact that my office a 5 minute walk into Manchester city centre is the thing I’ll miss the most when I leave on Friday! Although, TK Maxx is only around the corner from my new office…

Anyway, whilst I was swatching Glastonberry for the thousandth time in about 6 months the lovely chap approached me and asked if I needed any help. I didn’t hesitate in saying ‘THIS ONE PLEASE’. He then asked if I wanted the lip liner they use with it… and whilst it was payday I thought why the hell not. So off I went, back to the office with a little yellow bag containing the Glastonberry lipstick and Bad Romance lipliner.

I’ve worn this a fair few times now (almost everyday since I bought it) and I’m in love! The lip liner application is flawless which I’m so happy with as I tend to struggle with it. Someone tell me I’m not the only one? The shade of the lipstick is perfection and although it’s one of Charlotte Tilbury’s matte lipsticks it isn’t drying at all. When applying this it doesn’t drag on the lips and you wouldn’t know you were applying a matte lipstick. I adore MAC lipsticks but find that even with their matte formula you know when you are applying a matte one!

The only negative with this lipstick is on application, whilst it feels great on the lips, it ends up even closer to my chin than my lip liner – if that makes sense? I think its due to the shape of the lipstick but think this is something that I won’t find a problem as I find the ‘nack’ in applying! Although it’s nothing a wipe with a cotton bud doesn’t fix anyway!

Overall, I bloody love this and I wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing another one! However, I don’t have a money tree and at £23 for the lipstick and £16 for the lipliner, it something I won’t be treating myself to every week! There is a photo of me wearing it here.

What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product?


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Outfit: In the Countryside



20150525_101634_11Whilst in Devon (full post here) I couldn’t not take advantage of the lovely scenery, so snapped some outfit pictures.

I love this outfit as I’m all for simplicity. Everything is from Primark, bar my heeled sandals which are from New Look. The peach top is has a high neck and is a gorgeous peach shade, I usually steer clear of things like this as they’re slightly see through and I’m really conscious about back fat showing (chub probs), but I don’t care with this! I love the style and threw on my black duster coat to cover any bumps I’m not 100% confident with. These high waisted jeans are my favourite and are really comfy! They’re only £10 from Primark so I’ve bought a few different colours! I finished it off with a gold necklace which I bought from the Primark in London when I was there a few weeks back. I love Primark for statement necklaces, especially as I get bored with them after a while, so it isn’t worth spending £25 on on from Zara!

I did end up changing the sandals for wellies though! What is your go to outfit at the mo?


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Travel: Fleurs Retreat, Devon

20150524_205329Over the Bank Holiday Weekend (Sunday – Wednesday to be exact) my boyfriend and I took the long drive from Cheshire to Devon. The boyfriend had booked us into Fleur’s Retreat in Stanford. About 20 miles from Exeter, situated in the rolling hills of Devon, we spent three nights in the field of a family home.

20150524_154709At the bottom of the field, tucked away is the beautifully furnished pod with the essentials; bed, storage, cooking utensils and everything you need to start the fire. There is a table with a couple of benches for you to enjoy the food you’ve made on the fire or gas stove provided. In the corner is a little hut which houses the compost loo, which indeed was an experience. Inside the pod are some blankets and board games, which led to many a game of Scrabble… yes we really are about 55 (and I won the ‘Scrabble Championship’ as I had named it). The ‘Poison Shed’ at the top of the hill, next to where you park your car has a kitchen with a seating area and all of the essentials (hob, toaster, microwave etc) and a bathroom with toilet and shower. These facilities are really good, and I like how it’s separate from the pod, but jeeez that hill definitely made up for the fact I couldn’t get to the gym!

20150524_21304520150524_184252 20150524_184914On arrival we were greeted by Bea (the owner and mother of Fleur, whom the pod is named after) who had left us a bottle of Cava and some cheeses. We were then left to settle in and wait for the lovely dinner Bea had cooked for us. Before our arrival Bea had sent over a menu of lovely meals she was able to cook for us; at a charge of £20. As we’d spent a fair few hours travelling down we decided to take her up on this offer, and went for the chicken, chips and salad – it was lovely and well worth the money.

20150525_121700 20150525_121608 20150525_122027

On Bank Holiday Monday we took a 45 minute drive to Powderham castle. The reviews online were really good so we had high hopes! We usually like to have a snoop around ourselves, but we couldn’t enter the castle unless we took a guided tour. This was included in the £10 (£11.50 for adults) admission fee, so after a walk around the grounds we only had a 5 minute wait for the next tour. I would 100% recommend this tour, the lady who took us round was really fun and engaging, and super knowledgeable! It’s was also really interesting to find that the family are actually moving back in soon – so it will be a working castle again!

20150525_14182520150525_141623After the tour we took a trip to the gift shop where I bought some fudge, yum! We then headed to the animals, which was again included in the price. The animal area was really good, with loads of chickens, horses, goats etc. My favourite was this tortoise who was roaming around munching on grass! The child in me wanted to plant a sunflower seed so I donned the watering can and took my little pot home.


On the way back to the pod we stopped at Mill on the Exe for some food and a drink. I went with a local cider brewed in Devon and cajun fried chicken with chips. It was absolutely gorgeous – definitely the best chicken I’ve ever had! The views were amazing too – if you drive past, get yourself in there.

20150526_132747 20150526_133010On Tuesday we decided to take a drive to Dartmoor, and I’m so glad we did! The Sat Nav took us through some of the thinnest and windiest roads I’ve ever seen but when we arrived it was breathtaking. We spent a while taking in the views (whilst dodging the Dartmoor ponies and sheep!) and stopped off for an ice-cream.

20150526_134645 20150526_134815 20150526_135126 20150526_135433 20150526_135756 20150526_144319

Tuesday night we stopped off for a quick meal at a local pub and then back to the pod to toast marshmallows by the fire, in prep for the long drive ahead the following day.

If you are looking for a few nights relaxing away from it all, Fleurs Retreat is perfect. It’s £90 a night for the pod and is an amazing experience. I’d definitely look into a glamping experience again… but maybe not one on such a huge hill! I also shared my trip on Instagram, so come over and say hey! 

Where is your favourite place to go in the UK? We are thinking York next!


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Travel: Copenhagen, Denmark

At the beginning of March my boyfriend and I went to Copenhagen for a few days, as part of my birthday present. We managed to get really cheap flights with EasyJet and stayed at the Hotel Kong Arthur. I couldn’t recommend the hotel enough. It was really lovely and location wise it was great. A short walk away from both the bus and metro as well as a lovely indoor food market, with the most amazing pain au chocolat!

I’d 100% recommend getting a Copenhagen Card, we purchased ours at the airport once we had cleared passport control. It gives you free access to loads of attraction as well as free travel across all bus, train and metro services. I think it cost us around £60 as we opted for the 72 hour card. I think it’s around £35 for a 24 hour card so it’s definitely worth working out which one is best for you.

We hadn’t looked into the Copenhagen Card (CHC) too much before purchasing but I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it if you are going to have full days of sight-seeing! When we went to Amsterdam a couple of years ago we took a canal tour and really enjoyed it, so when we saw that one was free with the CHC we were so happy. With a fabulously cheesy but informative voice-over in your chosen language, and a chance to take a look at all the sights, it’s well worth it. I’m sure it’s pretty expensive without a CHC too!

We visited various museums and castles as I don’t think you can go on a city break without diving into the history of the place. There are some beautiful buildings in Copenhagen my pictures just didn’t do them justice! The only museum we went to that I wouldn’t recommend was the National Museum of Denmark, we just didn’t find it interesting at all so ended up leaving and having a wander around Christiansborg Slot/Palace (100% recommend!!).

If you are a fan of Hans Christian Anderson and are a little childish (like me), you’ll love the museum dedicated to him. The exhibit showcases a huge selection of his best known stories and is interactive too. You can’t go to Copenhagen without taking a stroll (or a metro and then a stroll!) to see The Little Mermaid statue. Whilst this isn’t one of the worlds most exciting things to visit, you can’t go to Copenhagen without going to snap a few pics!

The Carlsberg Brewery is a must-visit and is again, included with your CHC! You get a couple of complementary drinks and are left to your own devices to walk around. Whilst it’s interesting as to how Carlsberg started etc my favourite was the room with all of the bottles Carlsberg sell/have sold, split by country! I also loved the stables, as horses played such a huge part in the process all those years ago, they still keep a small number at the brewery. We ended our tour with a beer and a game of table football in their on-site bar and a mooch in the gift shop. If we’d have taken more than a rucksack with us we would definitely have stocked up on glasses. They had some gorgeous single and sets of glasses and they were so cheap! Next time eh…

I’m one of the most laziest people you’ll ever meet, so whilst I love sightseeing, I’m a moaner. This paired with the fact that we decided to climb 400 stairs to the top of Vor Frelsers Kirkes tårn meant I was nearly dead! Especially as it definitely wouldn’t have passed in the UK due to Health and Safety! However, once we got to the top we got a lovely view of the whole of Copenhagen. It had started to rain and the wind was pretty strong, but it was still lovely, I can only imagine how nice it is in the sun!

We really wanted to go to Tivoli Gardens, but as we went in March, it wasn’t open. The old fashioned amusement park sounds amazing and if you are thinking of going, look to make sure it’s open before you book!

Whilst we usually want to explore the same places/visit the same things, we clashed when I said I wanted to go to Sephora. My boyfriend couldn’t understand why I wanted to go shopping whilst on holiday and why I had to visit before we left. I’d never been to Sephora before and although we can now get it online here (didn’t tell him that) I just needed to go. I did treat myself to one of their mascaras and a lipstick but I was impressed with how restrained I was. In return, we went to FC Copenhagen’s football ground so he could buy himself one of their football shirts. We were both gutted that the day after we got back FC Copenhagen played at the stadium as we would have loved to have gone!

On our final day we had an early evening flight so decided that would be the day we go to the zoo. We both love the zoo and although Copenhagen’s offering isn’t that big, you can easily spend a few hours there. I spent my remaining Krone on a few flamingo-related gifts to myself, oh yes!

I’d 100% recommend Copenhagen if you are looking for a city break. I’d say 2/3 full days is enough so a long weekend would be perfect. I’d love to know if you’ve been to Copenhagen or are thinking of going.

20150305_090701 20150305_09071720150305_11365220150306_11464120150306_11120420150306_10143920150306_10091020150305_10421320150305_10441620150306_09203120150305_09090620150306_11341220150306_114017


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Outfit: Patterned Culottes

20150503_160914 20150503_161142 20150503_161152 20150503_161238

Since I started uploading outfit posts not long after starting my blog, I’ve always stuck to taking the photos in my back garden. Therefore, being extremely jealous of anyone with the guts to step outside the comfort of their garden and snap their photos wherever they want. Whilst I don’t look as fancy as said bloggers who will happily stand in the middle of a street and get photographed, I feel pretty happy with myself having leaped out of my comfort zone.

Whilst in Liverpool visiting some of my favourite Liverpool bloggers, to talk future North West Bloggers plans I posed for the above. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Helena from Beaut Chic for taking these photos for me, whilst I was heckled by a passing taxi driver!

I’ve fallen in love with the culottes trend after buying a black pair a couple of weekends a go. Whilst on one of my many trips to Primark on my lunch break I spotted this gorgeous patterned pair. They were only £7 in the sale and after being torn about whether they suited me, I bought them, deciding I’d regret it if I didn’t. I’m SO happy I bought them as I think they look lovely with this teal top from River Island.

My shoes are a huge leap out of my comfort zone as 1. I hardly ever get my toes out (I hate feet) and 2. I didn’t think I could pull off the whole chunky heel thing. My sister picked these out when we went shopping in New Look the other week and as I was feeling rich (payday!!) and they were too wide for her, I snapped them up. When I tried these on in store I instantly fell in love as they seemed soooo comfy! Usually this is the case until you actually wear them out, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that these didn’t hurt my feet at all. They do have a small heel which is a big deal for me as I live in flats, but I couldn’t be anymore in love with these.

To finish it off I added the statement necklace and duster coat, both from Primark. I’m obsessed with this duster coat as it goes with everything – it will definitely be my go-to cover up this Summer. Especially as I like to rock black all year round! New Look and Primark are my favourite high-street brands, and they are killing it this spring/summer. It’s definitely worth going in if you are looking to update your wardrobe.


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