Outfit: All Black Errrrything


Where has ‘All Black Errrrything’ come from? Is it something the ‘kids’ say these days? If so I am totally down with them.

Anyway, in London last Saturday night, I wore the above. We went out for dinner and drinks and as I’m never in a million years a heels person, I went for the whole I’m so damn chic I don’t need heels look. I didn’t exactly pull that off, but I do love this outfit so much, any the shoes are so comfortable!

It’s all from Primark and everything bar the shoes are recent purchases. My favourite has to be the duster jacket/coat, I have seen this style on so many bloggers and have been lusting after one. Whilst in London last Saturday morning, we popped into Primark (you can’t just walk past) and it was like love at first sight, my eyes met it’s… sleeves? and I knew then that it was mine. That got weird.

Basically, I’m in love with this jacket and pretty much the whole outfit. It’s comfy and one of those ‘effortless but chic’ looks, ticks all the boxes for me!

Anyone else all about the comfort?


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Covet Me? Covet No Thanks 

I’ve been working in affiliate marketing since I finished University and whilst I think its a really good opportunity for bloggers to monitise their content, I haven’t written a post to say how.

In all honesty, it’s only worth it if you drive a fair bit of traffic to your blog. For anyone unsure of what affiliate links are, they are links from H&M for example that have some code added to them so the merchant (H&M) can track the activity. They’ll look at clicks, sales and revenue. They can them calculate conversion rate, average order value (AOV) etc.

The incentive in using these links? You’ll get paid commission based on how much revenue you drive, a Cost Per Aquisition Model (CPA). There are other models but generally fashion/beauty retailers stick to this one. It usually ranges from 1% – 10% but can vary depending on the merchants programme.

So you generate the link so it has tracking, post this on your blog or socials media channels and wait to see if anyone clicks/purchases from your recommendation.

I would recommend using an affiliate network such as Affiliate Window, I use this for both my own blog and work and find it the most user friendly. I don’t use it often on my blog, mainly because I don’t feel I generate enough traffic but it’s just good to see it from an affiliate side, rather than the clients I work with. There is a £5 signing up fee but you can get that back once you’ve generated enough commissions.

I only really use it for link building, as I’m clueless when it comes to code! You simply paste in the deeplink (a page that leads anywhere but the homepage) and it generates you a lovely link with all of the tracking code (you can track links to the homepage too). But they have a really good analytics suite so you can see who you are generated clicks/sales for and when.

It isn’t something bloggers need to do, whilst it’s helped me in my role at work I don’t feel it’s made any difference to my blog. But, if you are intrigued it’s well worth signing up, the geek in me loves seeing if anyone actually clicks on the links in my blog posts!

Covet Me

This is where I get to this new ‘craze’ that’s hit the blogosphere, CovetMe. Where bloggers can earn vouchers from retailers for doing the same as I described from above. One of their, I’m assuming employees is all over blogging groups on Facebook claiming they will pay them in vouchers for simply sharing things on social media. Whilst this is correct, it’s so misleading and so many bloggers are firing across their email addresses to sign up.

Claiming to be the first ever platform that awards you with points when you share a product you love, or a picture of your style online their ‘members’ will receive 5 points every time someone clicks, and 250 for a member referral. Working on more of a CPC (cost per click) model, you can then trade in your points for vouchers. There are retailers through other affiliate networks who work on this model, but as I said it’s mostly CPA.

Potentially, it’s legit and worthy of your time, but who knows? I’d much rather put my trust in an affiliate network with really good analytics and cash payment.

Whilst I think it’s great that bloggers are starting to see a value in their content, I worry that there is no education on affiliate opportunities and therefore bloggers are jumping into opportunities like this because they are ‘invited’.

If you are joining/have joined, I’d be prepared to be that annoying person who people potentially unfollow. I know I won’t be tolerating being spammed with Covet Me links because you want your £10 ASOS gift card.

Like I said, I’m happy people are monitising content that they would be publishing anyway. But I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing the bloggers who are not in it for the freebies sharing things for the sake of a voucher.

Time to get familiar with the good old Twitter un-follow button I think.

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Travel: A Weekend in London

At the Weekend I was lucky enough to have a mini-break away in the capital with my boyfriend for his birthday. I say for his birthday, but the main reason we headed down South was for the FA Cup semi final. That is probably the last I’ll say about that as.. well I’m not an Aston Villa fan and therefore don’t want to replay that 90 minutes in my head again!

We headed down on Saturday morning, catching the 5:51am train from Chester (yes, that early) so we could make the most of our time there. We’d been to London a couple of years previous so didn’t feel the need to queue up for the London Eye, Madame Tussauds etc. Instead we opted for a stroll in the sunshine so I could snap away and enjoy the sights. We did pop into Churchill War Rooms, part of the Imperial War Museum, because we’re cultured and all that. I’d highly recommend it if you, like us are interested in history and learning a bit more about Churchill.

In the evening we met up with one of my friends from University and met her new boyfriend (we approve!). It was lovely to catch up with them, especially as they were visiting London too and we had no idea we’d end up there at the same time! A few drinks later we headed back to the hotel in preparation for the ‘big’ game. I said I would’t mention it again, so basically we went, enjoyed the initial atmosphere, watched the game and caught the train back to the wonderful North.

I hope reading that has given enough time for the rest to load…

Horse Guards Parade St James Park Horse Guards Parade St James Park 20150418_104718 20150418_103748 Buckingham Palace The London Eye 20150418_103802 Big Ben 20150418_104824 Wembley 20150419_144857 20150419_145358 20150419_145507

It’s annoying how the layout seems to squish photos, making them look awful – but there is my weekend in pictures! I’m going to pin these to one of my Pinterest boards – so check out my Pinterest and give it a follow here (shameless plug).

What is your favourite place to visit in London? We’re thinking of popping down again closer to Summer!

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The Emoji Struggle

  The Emoji Struggle Is Real

Yes, I am writing a post about Emojis, they are hugely important, right? I mean, how did we communicate before them?

In the new update which I was incredibly excited about, sassy gal (and the rest) is available in a number of different ethnicities. Hallelujah, the princess isn’t just blonde anymore and is now a true representation of me. Go brunette princess! However, what is with the luminous yellow skin tone? The ‘default’ setting for all emojis, NOBODY IS THAT COLOUR OK.

There is now FIFTEEN family emojis, WHY? I’m all for being inclusive and not wanting to miss anyone out but who even uses these emojis? Especially now they are bright yellow and come under the emojis that you can’t change… I’ve had enough of this politically correct update, just give me the emojis I need.

When I heard about the update I was thinking YES, UNICORN! YES, FINGERS CROSSED EMOJI. Nah, none of that – why would they develop an app with emojis people have been asking for, for months? If you ask me, we NEED a unicorn emoji and Apple need to give it to us! How many times do we NEED a fingers crossed emoji and feel as though our tweet/text/Facebook update is just inadequate without one. ALL THE DAMN TIME. I’d quite like a crisp emoji too, I love crisps.

Apple or whoever is in charge of our beloved emojis, bring us the emojis we desperately need for a happy online life. I’ll even do some market research for you. Fingers crossed for a unicorn emoji!

Someone else tell me they feel the emoji struggle!?


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Outfit: Exposed Shoulders

image4Top – Next | Jeans – Primark | Shoes – Primark | Bag – Primark

Remember a couple of weekends ago when we had glorious sunshine? It’s a distant memory but was the perfect day to snap a few outfit shots. I needed some new jeans after the ones I bought from New Look completely fell apart, and decided to try Primark. I’ve tried Primark in the past but they’ve released some new styles and seem to be rebranding their jeans collection. The Super High Waist Skinny seem to be a dupe for Topshop Joni Jeans which makes me so happy as I got fed up of paying nearly £40 for a pair of jeans that I’d have to replace after 3 months. These were £10 and although I know they won’t last as long, I don’t mind replacing these after a couple of months. The fit is lovely and as they’re super high waisted they skim over all of my lumps and bumps!

The top is from Next a while back but I love the exposed shoulders and how baggy it is. It’s casual but I think could be easily dressed up. As I love myself a bit of black I went with a black bag I bought from Primark a couple of months ago. I love this as not only do I think it looks great but it fits SO much in it. To finish it off and transition into Spring I went with these open toe/back heeled boots which I think are gorgeous. Sadly, I’ve had to return these as they were too small and they didn’t have my size waaaaa. These were also from Primark and they should still have them in your local store. I might have to venture into the one in Manchester on my lunch to find them again… but thats always dangerous as I always come out with more than I went in for!

Do you love these shoes?!


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MAC Cyber Dupes

Mac Cyber Dupe

I know I’m not the only one who has a little collection of MAC lipsticks, I mean they just look amazing all together in their acrylic holder… am I right? I’m also not the only person who can’t help but get excited when they find a dupe for a MAC lipstick… and feel the need to own both even though they’re basically the same.

There are people who just don’t understand the whole lipstick collecting thing… ‘you already have that colour’ is quite possibly the most offensive phrase someone can come out with whilst lipstick shopping. However, I know it’s one fellow lipstick collectors have heard time and time again and we’ve all moved to shopping for lipsticks alone.

Welcome to the lipstick safe place, I mean I don’t have the biggest collection of lipsticks, but I do appreciate that you might need MAC Cyber and Smoked Purple based on the fact that they are different finishes, even if they are almost the same colour (I’ve explained this about 10 times since buying Smoked Purple last week).

Make way for the dupe(s) I have found for MAC Cyber, I’ll be honest and say that the one from Sephora was completely by accident. Whilst in Copenhagen earlier in the month I decided to treat myself to just one lipstick whilst browsing their amazing lipstick counter. It wasn’t until I got back to the hotel room and swatched the two side by side I realised they were similar… they have their slight differences of course.

I know that a lot of people reading won’t be able to get hold of Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Bewitch which I can’t seem to find on site, but I think I paid around £10 and I actually reallllly like it and it’s cheaper than MAC Cyber at £15.50.

Because I really wanted to write this post about my Sephora find, I took it upon myself to have a look in Topshop for something similar, as it’s easier to get your hands on. I know a lot of people love Topshop lipsticks so I decided to make this my first. It’s in the shade Depth and was £8 – nearly half the price of a MAC one which is pretty good if you ask me. Also, if you have a student card you can get discount – it’s a no brainer really. It’s a little more sheer than MAC Cyber, but you can build it up and it’s gorgeous.

I’d take photos of these on my lips but I don’t think it’s needed and I’m far too lazy to faff around doing that. You’ll probably be able to find some selfies on my Instagram with various lipsticks on – if you fancy a stalk.

MAC Cyber Dupe

Top to Bottom – Topshop Depth | MAC Cyber | Sephora Bewitch 

Left – With Flash | Right – No Flash

Cyber has been my favourite lipstick since I bought it after Christmas and I’m actually scared I’ll run out soon! I wear it pretty much anywhere as it’s just perfect and although I’ll be getting out the lighter shades for Spring, I know I’ll still wear this most of the time! If you are looking for something a little cheaper the Topshop one is probably the next best thing, and for £8 you might as well give it a whirl.

What do you think of these dupes?


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Wish List: Trainers


Nike Air Max – £120 | Nike Free 5.0 – £89.99 | New Balance Navy Pink – £64.99

Nike Free 5.0 – £84.99 | Adidas Zx Flux Decon – £84.99

Since I joined the gym in January I can’t stop obsessing over trainers. I’ve always judged people by their shoes (doesn’t everyone?!) but now I can’t stop wanting every single pair of trainers I see. I’ve come close to stopping people on the street and asking them what model/type their trainers are. Trainer rehab anyone?

Please tell me I’m not alone in my trainer obsession?


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Flamingo Gifts: Stationary Haul


I’ve always been that girl who would look forward to the stationary shop before each new school year. The one who buys a million different files/folders/pads of paper even though I would never fill them up. And the one who had 10000 different pens in every colour under the sun.

As I’m no longer a Student (cry) I don’t have a reason to go on the annual stationary shop. However, the fact I need a pen and paper for work gives me the perfect reason to stock up on sticky notes, pretty notebooks and pens. This is where Flamingo Gifts tick every box for me – they have a huge range of stationary which would make a great gift (or treat for yourself!).

Flamingos are my favourite animal so when I saw these Flamingo Paper Clips* I knew I needed them in my life. They’re £2.99 for a packet of 6 which is probably a little pricey but they are SO DAMN CUTE. I currently have a stack of papers on my desk held together with one and it makes me so happy… Im sad, I know.

The patterns on Ted Baker products are so pretty so when I spotted their stationary I fell in love. I went for a set of Ted Baker pens* and a gorgeous notebook*. Both would make a lovely gift as the attention to detail is second to none.

Make way for the perfect notebook* for me by Wild & Wolf(an undiscovered genius obviously). It’s A5 which is the perfect size for taking into meetings at work and it’s cute so why the hell not. I went for this book of sticky notes* for the same reason.. SO CUTE and I can’t wait to start using these at work  – reserved for important notes of course.

It’s worth having a browse through the Flamingo Gifts website as they have a huge range of gifts. I know I’ll be continuing my browse as I have a few Birthdays coming up and it’s 1p delivery! (they have a boyfriend section which is a God send)!


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*I was gifted these items by Flamingo Gifts, my opinion is no way influenced by this.

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Spring Trends: Modern Tailoring

Rejina Pyo

Traditionally tailoring has been a line of clothing we’re forced to wear to the office. But something that is usually dull and unflattering is (finally!) being transformed into something we’ll actually enjoy wearing to work. Not only that, but it seems it’s finally acceptable to rock all the tailoring in the world, whilst on a weekend shopping trip. This makes me so happy as I have a wardrobe full of tailored trousers I’ve always felt a little too dressed up in on my day off!

I’m one for bold prints and it seems that bold prints AND tailoring are going to be huge for SS15 – WIN! Queue the amazing range from designer Rejina Pyo , which combines bold prints with precision tailoring to create the perfect SS15 wardrobe.

Rock as much or as little tailoring as you feel fit, and when it comes to prints be as daring as you like. Go all out in a printed dress or in a bold top and block coloured trousers. I am dreaming up so many outfits in my head, I wouldn’t be surprised if ALL of my upcoming outfit posts are 100% tailoring. Is it possible to get a tailored bag?!

Are you loving tailoring for Spring?


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*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Avenue 32. As always, everything written is not influenced by this :)

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