Zoella Named One of the Most Influential People in the UK

Zoella joins the ‘New Media’ list of influential people in the UK, included in the annual Debrett’s 500 list. Am I surprised? Not at all. They make up current society, just like the politicians and journalists who also made it to the list. The only question I have is, when is it going to end?

If you aren’t aware of who Zoella is by now, you probably live in a hole. She has over 7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows, wandered down the red carpet so many times I’ve lost count, has her own beauty line, and recently released her debut novel, Girl Online. Living with her YouTuber boyfriend, PointlessBlog (Alfie Deyes) they have millions of fans all around the world who hang off their every word.

They are both making millions from interviews, sponsorships, product launches, just like any celebrity – but surely it’s all got to collapse at some point? When will the next big thing come a long and they’ll be old news? When are they going to fade into the background? It’s inevitable it’s going to happen, but will it be next year, in 5 years or even further into the future?

It’s a demonstration of new media and just how influential YouTube and Social Media can be, but should they have this celebrity status? They’re just ‘normal people’ who filmed videos, edited them and uploaded them. I know people will argue this is a skill – but does it deserve celebrity status? Probably, I mean anyone seems to get that status these days… The scary thing is just how many young teens are looking up to them, wanting whatever they have and hanging off their every word. This happens with all celebrities, I know that. But YouTube is a lot closer to home, a ‘friend’ relationship is built up between the viewer and YouTuber in the comfort of their own bedroom. Which in my opinion is a scary thing knowing that the more often than not these YouTubers are advertising tools and their viewers don’t know that. I know regulations have been put into place, ensuring sponsored content is labelled, but is it too late? The relationship with Zoella and other big YouTubers has already been established, and like with any friendship, you have those rose tinted glasses on…

I guess what I’m trying to say is, yes we all know the influence Zoella and co have on their viewers, and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll 100% know my view. The influence they have is massive, their fan bases are a segment of the market brands used to find to hard to target, so I don’t blame them for wanting to use them… But when will it end? When will something else take over which sees YouTubers fade into the background? Surely it’s only a matter of time before technology and society moves on to the next big thing?

I’d love your thoughts…


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Outfit: Grey on Black


I haven’t written an outfit post in so long, it felt really weird standing in my garden whilst my brother snapped away. This is my go-to outfit lately – it’s so simple but I think it looks great. It keeps me warm too… win. Everything is from New Look! The oversized jumper was £10 in the sale which I have thrown on over a black vest top. Black jeans should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, I find New Look jeans great quality for the price and they have so many different styles! My boots were around £40 and were an impulse buy before Christmas. They were the last pair in store and it felt rude to leave without them. I’ve worn these so many times as they look great with everything, especially dresses and tights.

What is your go-to outfit at the moment?


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Lush Sale Haul

IMG_6132 IMG_6135 IMG_6136

Whilst my blog has never really fit into any one category, when I first started bethanyworrall.com I wrote a lot about beauty. There were lots of hauls, thanks to my student loan and a good number of reviews. As I started to develop my writing style and felt more comfortable with my little space on the internet I wrote less of these posts and moved into my ranty current issues posts. Whilst I love writing those posts, I do miss having a good haul appearing!

I placed an order in the Lush Sale on Boxing Day… eventually! The site had a lot of issues and as I got very frustrated with it I ended up buying two gift sets instead of single products. I probably didn’t save as much money, but at that point I didn’t care too much. I ended up going for Star of Wonder and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I can’t remember how much these were but with postage I spent around £35.

When they eventually got delivered (in the biggest box I’ve ever seen, filled with those annoying things that end up EVERYWHERE) they included 14 products, which will see me through a good few months!

The Santa Claus is Coming to Town box had 8 products in;

Holly Golightly

I bought my sister this for her birthday and as this bubble bar last a few uses, she left it by the bath. This meant I could sneakily add some to my bath and try it out for myself. It’s lovely and although it’s a glittery one (I know a lot of people hate glitter ones) I didn’t end up looking like a glitter ball once I got out the bath!

So White Shower Gel

This is a first try for me but it’s described as ‘crisp apple’ and it smells amazing!

Dashing Santa

I have read a few reviews of this little guy and although he doesn’t seem to ‘dash’ around the bath as his name suggests, a lot of people like him. Looking forward to trying him out!

Reindeer Rock Soap

Can someone please tell me what scent this is, it says lingonberry but I’m sure there are other Lush products with this scent? It’s AMAZING. I’m not one to use soap bars so sadly my mum will end up with this. I’ll just enjoy it’s smell for now!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

I adore this one! Last year I bought about 6 in the Boxing Day sale and made used them sparingly so they lasted. If you managed to get your hands on these, fabulous choice.

Snow Angel

I love bath melts and think this one is so pretty. It’s an angel on a bed on glitter which hopefully won’t leave me looking like a glitter ball.

Snowman Shower Jelly

I’m so looking forward to trying this, I love anything thats a bit different! I’ve never tried any of their shower jelly’s before as I’ve been reluctant to pay for a tub and hate it, so was happy to see it included in this box.


I adore Butterbear, he’s so cute and one of the cheaper bath bombs. He leaves your skin feeling amazing – I’d definitely recommend it!

The Star of Wonder box included 6 products;

Shoot for the Stars

I’ve tried this one before and although it wasn’t my favourite it smells really nice and leaves your bath looking pretty cool.

Snow Fairy Sparkle

I originally thought this was a bath melt, but thanks to one of my friends Lucy, she gave me the heads up that it is in fact a massage bar. I love massage bars and the Snow Fairy scent is one of my favourites, so this is a winner!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

This comes out every Christmas and I always try and a nab a bottle, even if it’s the small one like this. I have only just finished last years bottle – I like to save it for when I’m feeling like I need one of those really long baths, the scent is just heaven.

Star Light Star Bright Melt

I have never tried this before as it is literally a glitter bomb. I’m a bit worried I’ll be covered in glitter after a bath with this, but looking forward to trying it out!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

By far one of my favourite lush products – with the amazing scent of Snow Fairy it leaves your bubbles pink. AMAZING.


A product that came out for Bonfire Night, I never got chance to get my hands on one before now. I’m really looking forward to giving this a whirl, and happy it will last a few baths due to it’s size!


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Girl Online Review

Girl Online Zoe Sugg

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m no YouTube Super Fan. In fact I’m quite open in expressing my dislike for agencies such as Gleam. Before Zoella hit 1 million subscribers, I became a fan and even now I watch the odd video here and there. When Zoe announced she was releasing Girl Online I knew that regardless of the fact it was released just for £££££ all around, I was going to buy it. I have been the one on Twitter saying how I feel Gleam exploit the teen generation as they’ll buy anything with a YouTubers name/face on, and I still believe that. But, that wasn’t going to stop me pre ordering the book when Amazon had it for £5… I’m not being exploited, right?

Basically, sh*t hit the fan when it was revealed Zoe hadn’t written the book and had a team of Ghost Writers do it for her. It wasn’t the fact that this was the deal, it was the way in which Gleam and Zoe had very carefully deceived her audience into thinking she had written it ‘with a little help.’ Zoe handled it very well (not) by dropping off the internet for a few day to take a break from her crazy online life.

The book came out, it’s a huge success, it’s broken records blah blah blah, but is it actually any good? We all know that super fans are going to LOVE IT and claim it’s the BEST BOOK EVER regardless of what is inside the cover, she could have released a picture book and it would have shot to the top of the best seller list I’m sure.

I finally started the book on Friday on my commute to work. I spend 2 hours a day on the train to and from Manchester and I finished it on Monday on my way home. I’d say it took 3 and a half hours to complete, which says something, right? If I’m not loving a book I end up on Twitter but I couldn’t put this down. If you love a teen romance, heartbreak and happy ending kind of book, this is the perfect light read. The characters are pretty well thought out, I enjoyed the story line and I am a sucker for a happy ending – new equilibrium and all that.

I think it’s one of the only books I’ve read aimed at the teen market that talks to openly about panic attacks, it shows that telling people helps you deal with it and that people WILL understand. It deals with the usual school life, current issues such as Facebook bullying and a normal relationship between best friends. I particularly loved the message that you can grow out of friends, and if they’re bringing nothing but negativity, you can cut them out of your life. All in all I think it’s a good read and for £5 on Amazon I’d definitely give it a go.

I can’t help but think that if Zoe and the Gleam Machine had been open in the beginning, there would have been nothing but rave reviews. Lets be honest, most celebrity releases are ghost written, it’s the book world these days. You can see bits of Zoe in this book which is nice to see, particularly the focus on anxiety and how to deal with it, and what you could potentially miss out on if you don’t tell someone and ask for help. I don’t think I’m the target market for this book at the age of 21, but if you are after a light read I couldn’t recommend it enough – even I’m surprised I’m giving this a great review!

Have you read this? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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Travel Bucket List

IMG_6129I am one of those people who collects train tickets, boarding passes, napkins from restaurants, train maps etc. Whilst I love opening the box thats neatly tucked away under my bed-side table thats full of the above, and spending ages reliving each memory. I wanted a hobby, something I could create myself and enjoy. So I decided to buy a scrapbook (mines from Paperchase) and over the past couple of weeks I have been picking up bits and pieces, so that when I start I have everything I needed.

I still need to print out photos but was eager to make a start, so I decided to create a Travel Bucket List, and list all of the places I’m dying to visit. I decided to list countries and cities and although my writing isn’t anything special I’m happy with the result. I found this quote NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST in a journal I own and loved it that much I ripped it out and added it to this page. I’m really excited to start on the main pages and see my travels in a book!

Realistically I think we’ll get a couple of city breaks this year as we went on a big holiday to Mexico last year (which was the best holiday ever). I’m hoping to tick Paris off my list in 2015 and any of the other European cities I’ve noted down (theres a lot). Eventually, I’d love to visit New Zealand, Canada and take a trip to NY – but who knows where our travels will take us?

I’d love to know where you’d put in your Travel Bucket List. Any recommendations would be amazing as there a couple of gaps on this page in my scrapbook and we haven’t booked a holiday for 2015 yet! If you write one of these posts, send me a link so I can have a read!


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Honest Tips: Being a Blogger in 2015

Blogging TipsI’m sure you’ve seen enough of these posts to last you a lifetime but I thought I’d give my take on some of the points I’ve seen reappearing across the internet. I’m no expert, but I’d hate for someone to feel inadequate because they don’t follow the ‘golden rules of blogging.’ I’ve been blogging for over a year and a half and it’s my happy place, it should be yours too!

You don’t need a niche
I see so many people telling other bloggers they need to find their niche. You don’t! If you want to write about baking but love fashion too, write about both. Don’t let anyone put you in a box titled ‘lifestyle blogger’ if that isn’t what you want to be.
It might be nice to find your niche, I enjoy writing my ranty Marketing posts. But if I want to review a lipstick,  I’ll review one.
It is your blog and you can write about whatever you like! Don’t let another carbon copy of a ‘top’ fashion blogger try to tell you otherwise.
People will come back to your blog because they like your style of writing, just as much as the content. Ensure your personality shines through – write like your chatting to a mate!

You DONT need a posting schedule
Another point which really gets on my nerves. This works for some bloggers, which is fantastic! But if you aren’t able to stick to a schedule, or feel like if you do, your posts may be forced, then throw that schedule in the bin. Personally, I post whenever I want. Whilst at University I had the time to bulk write posts, but in all honestly they were boring…
These days if I want to blog, I sit down, write a post and publish it. You don’t need to blog daily or 3 times a week to be successful. You’ll become successful when you are enjoying it. Unless you started a blog to ‘get famous’, in that case please leave my blog.

Social Media is hugely Important
I agree with this when people add it into their ‘tips’ posts.
However, pleas don’t create a Twitter account and spam other bloggers with your link, asking for a follow back or for them to check out your blog. Follow bloggers, engage with them and soon enough they’ll become readers when you tweet you have a new post.
There are now so many chats on Twitter, if you get time, join them, engage and swap links at the end. Soon enough you’ll learn the complex ‘blogger etiquette!’

You don’t need an account on EVERY single type of social media
I know a lot of bloggers who have special blog accounts for every single type of social media there is. I think this is unnecessary! I made a Twitter account for my blog when I started and since then it has become the only one I’ve used, with all of my ‘real life’ friends following me too. I use my normal Instagram and Pinterest accounts and although I have a blog Facebook page, I share some of my posts through my ‘personal’ account.
Do what works for you, don’t feel pressurised to create accounts across everything, you’ll probably only stick to a couple anyway.

Photos are not everything, don’t rush out and buy a DSLR unless you are into photography
Basically, the above. There are bloggers with all the gear and no idea and that shows in their posts. I like a good photo on a post, but I’m not great at taking them! I have a Samsung  Galaxy Camera I picked because it had Instagram for Gods sake! As long as the lighting is good and you have a steady hand you’ll be fine. Invest in a tripod if you feel you need one, but do not be pressured into buying lighting, a DSLR etc, if you aren’t actually into photography. If you want to improve your photography, that’s great but don’t feel pressured into it!

Take time off
Don’t want to post? Don’t. It’s that simple! If you don’t feel like it or your personal life has taken over – that’s fine. Your readers will still be here when you get back to publishing your rambles. Don’t force posts, you won’t be proud of them, and trust me – it shows!

You don’t have to support someone’s decision because they are a blogger
This is the one that really annoys me, bloggers thinking we need to stick together. When Zoella released her book and some people disagreed with the fact it was ghost written, there were many bloggers who said we HAD to support her as a ‘fellow blogger’. We don’t, we can support whoever and whatever we want! You are bound to make some close blogging friends, I met some of mine in 2014 and it was amazing. Support people (or choose not to support them) for any reason you like. *insert sassy gal emoji*

The blogging community is not a bed of roses
As nice as everyone appears to be, we all know people have differences. There are people who are negative about everything, moan 24/7 and those who will be lovely to your face (Twitter) and get on WHATSAPP to their pals for a bitch about you. It’s real life, don’t forget that. Just be careful who you trust, only you can be the judge of that. Don’t share things you wouldn’t want everyone to know.

In a nutshell, do whatever you want and be whoever you want.


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2014 has been an amazing year for me. After disappointing results at University at the end of 2013, I got my head down and spent many hours in the library. The dissertation was handed in before the deadline, after actually quite enjoying it in the end. I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Marketing. Something that didn’t seem obtainable until… well, ever. In fact, I’m still in shock that after struggling for three years I somehow managed it.

I turned 21, an achievement that was inevitable but an achievement none-the-less. I celebrated with family, friends, wine and cake. The perfect combination! I received the most amazing presents, such as a MacBook Air and Michael Kors bag – a birthday I will never forget for sure.

I bought my first car, granted it was my boyfriends old car and my excessive spending on lipstick and clothes meant I wouldn’t have been able to afford one any other way. But, I’m a car owner and still getting used to putting money in it… I really should stop comparing it to the number of MAC lipsticks I could have bought instead, damn petrol.

I got a graduate job! After spending my whole time at University quite literally crapping myself not knowing what I wanted to do, it all fell into place. Digital Marketing was of interest to me and in July I bagged myself a job at a top Digital Marketing agency in Manchester. Was good going really, seeing as I only attended the assessment day for the interview experience. I started at the end of August after handing my notice in at my place of work for the past 5 years, Greggs.

My blog has taken a back seat this year, something I’m really not sorry about. I don’t feel pressured to write posts on certain days, nor do I feel pressured to write posts at all. I’m happy! My readership has increased steadily this year which has been nice, I’ve seen more traffic coming from search engines and I’m able to write about what I want to. This year I have been told by fellow bloggers that I have found my niche, and I think I agree. I love Marketing and I love Fashion and Beauty. I feel I have found a way to combine both into thought provoking posts. I don’t care how many views posts get, I just like to create discussion. I don’t want this to ever become a job, I want this to be my little space on the internet where I can rant and discuss current issues with people who ‘get me’. For me, in 2014 it’s exactly what this has become, so thank you!

Other exciting things happened like my Mum and Step-dads wedding (post here), which was an amazing day. Nick and I celebrated being together 4 years in January and with our last Student loans booked a holiday to remember, 2 weeks in Mexico (post here). My nephew was born in May, a day after my mums Birthday – he is absolutely gorgeous. I won a blog competition for tickets to Ladies Day at Glorious Goodwood, it was an amazing few days and we managed to squeeze in a trip to Thorpe Park too! I have seen The Courteeners and a Liam Fray acoustic show… wouldn’t be a good year without it! I was featured on the Primark website this year, following discussions on a post I had written. I got the opportunity to meet up with three of my blogging pals, three girls who I know have got my back no matter what. Working in Manchester and around the corner from the Christmas Markets has led to many visits with the amazing girls I’ve met at work, as well as my sister and boyfriend. In November I took a trip to Geneva to see my boyfriends family and celebrate finally graduating! I was so happy with my photography (for once) I shared some here.

Of course, 2014 hasn’t all been amazing. I know my Nan and Grandad sometimes read my blog, so I’d just like to send a huge amount of love to them. This year (especially the past 2 months) haven’t been the smoothest to say the least. But they’re both an inspiration and plough on no matter what. I love you both. My mum and step-dad are continually being put through things nobody should, and I’m probably not there as much now I spend 90% of my week in Manchester. But 2015 will be better, it has to be. I love you both, you deserve the best 2015. X

Here are some Instagram posts from 2014 in no particular order- some huge, others not, but all made 2014 an amazing year.

image13image33 image25 image23
The many hours spent in the Library // My Graduation // Boyfriends Graduation // Basically the most important week of the year?!
image17 image47 image26 image9Nephew born in May // Nephew on Boxing Day // Blog Competition Prize! // Meeting my favourite SurelyChar.
image18 image22 image37 image44
My Mum and Step-dads Wedding // I HANDED IN MY DISSERTATION // Christmas Markets with Work pals // Featured on the Primark Website!image41image39image36image45Geneva in November // One of the many trips to Hanky Panky Pancakes in Chester! // Geneva Again // Christmas Day with my Sister.
My amazing 21st Birthday Present // NYE with my best friend // Nicks 21st Birthday // Me in MEXICO!
Alton Towers // Out with Uni pals // Work Christmas Night out! // Courteeners in Liverpool.

Geneva // Courteeners released their 4th Album // Eds Diner for Nadias 21st // MEXICO!
Hitting 1,000 bloglovin followers in January // Graduation // Graduation with my best friend // Meeting my three best blogging pals!

Thank you for all of the support for bethanyworrall.com this year – I hope 2015 is the best year yet X


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Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection – HOW MUCH?!

Real Techniques Bold Metals

Over the past few days Real Techniques have been unveiling their new collection Bold Metals. The hype over social media has been huge; in gold, rose gold and silver the collection oozes luxury. Featuring 9 new brushes, face, finish and eye they’ll look more than amazing on your dressing table.

Whilst the majority of us have signed up to the waiting list on the Boots website, it seems they’ve made their way into some stores. I have seen a couple of people picking up from the Manchester store and I’ve been drooling at their Instagram posts.

‘How much are they?’ has been the question flying around Twitter. I assumed they’d be more expensive than their usual brush sets, but when I saw the price I was shocked. All 9 brushes are sold separately, starting at £10 for one of the eye brushes and £25 for a face brush, they’re no longer in competition with other ‘drugstore’ brands. Instead they’ve pitched themselves to compete with the likes of MAC and Zoeva.

I have no issue with this, I mean the brushes look amazing and if MAC released a range similar to this I wouldn’t think twice about the price tag. The existing Real Techniques range was the affordable, quality make-up brush range which enabled teens to apply their make-up with something other than their fingers or cheap and nasty brushes. The Core Collection features 4 brushes and it’s stand for £21.99 – so how can they justify charging £25 for one brush?

OK, they’ve rebranded like a lot of companies do, the brushes look better and I’m sure they’re even better when it comes to the quality. But surely whilst repositioning the brand Real Techniques have alienated a lot of their existing customers? My 15 year old sister has a selection of the existing Real Techniques brushes but there is no way she could afford the prices of the new ones.

She isn’t the target market for the new brushes you say? She probably isn’t but how can Real Techniques pitch this range against MAC and still sell them at Boots amongst the other mid range make-up brushes? In pictures I have seen they aren’t even hung up on racks, they are lay on the bottom shelf… Great product placement.

They’ll sell regardless of the price and location in store due to the brand name, and I’m sure Real Techniques are aware of this. Surely if they’re going to re position themselves to compete in the luxury market they need to look at WHERE they are retailing them? I have always thought that Zoeva brushes are too expensive, but I think I’d rather have their Rose Golden Luxury Set, which works out a lot cheaper than Real Techniques new offering.

I’d love your opinions on this! Are you buying any?


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Winter Sale Fashion Picks

Topshop Sale

Flocked Sequin Bodycon Dress – £40 // Boucle Knitted Sweater - £15 // Faux Fur Collar – £7 //  Lurex Flippy Skirt – £25 // Embellished Feather Hem Bodycon Dress – £125 // Faux Fur Cossack – £10

New Look Sale

Black Crepe Ribbed Neck Floral Print T-Shirt - £10 // Lilac Wool Mix Zip Up Collarless Coat – £25 // Grey and Pink Colour Block Satchel – £12 // Blue Tassel Front Slipper Shoes – £6 // Shell Pink Wool Mix Wide Collared Coat – £30 // Wide Fit Pale Blue Chunky Ankle Strap Heels – £11

River Island Sale

Dark Red Floral Wrap Colour Block Top – £15 // Light Pink Leather-Look Mini Skirt – £12 // Black Metal Plate Trim Knee High Boots – £75 // Brown Leopard Print Snake Plimsolls – £10 // Light Blue Faux Fur Collar Oversized Coat – £60 // Silver Tone Pearl Necklace – £4

Tesco Sale

Floral Print Jumpsuit – £14 //Metal Bar Trim Clutch Bag – £6 // Leather Look Backpack – £9 // Ribbed Neck Jersey Jumpsuit – £15

What bargains have you picked up in the sale?


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