Outfit: Winter Ready

20140823_115519 20140823_115433

I can’t bloody wait until Winter and I’ve already filled my wardrobe with a few essentials! This jumper was £14 from Primark and so similar to one in Topshop which was around £40. It has beading along the neckline which is really pretty :) I’ve worn this to work a couple of times and its so cosy! This blue coat is my favourite as are my heeled chelsea boots, they’re also from Primark. Primark is amazing at the min, definitely recommend popping in for coats and boots. I now work 10 minutes away from their Manchester store and find myself having a browse on my lunch! Jeans are New Look, where I get most of my jeans from as they’re half the price of Topshop and last longer.

What are your A.W essentials?


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Pia Jewellery Hope Bangle



When it comes to jewellery I usually stick to statement necklaces but I was drawn to the engraving on this sterling silver Hope Bangle*. I think ‘Choose hope and every things possible’ is a lovely saying and perfect for this bangle.

It came in a gorgeous Pia pink box and they advise the bangle is kept inside when you aren’t wearing it, to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. Usually, I’d ignore this but it costs £55 so definitely something you’d want to look after. I love the look of the box and it will fit neatly in my drawer.  When I ordered this I wasn’t sure it would fit but you simply push the ends together to ensure its a nicer fit, or pull them apart slightly if it’s too small. I think I’ll be saving this for special occasions as I’d hate to loose it on my commute to work.

The quality is lovely and they have a huge range of gorgeous bracelets. I have my eye on another engraved bangle, this time this one which says ‘live life with no regrets.’ I think it’s lovely to have something to pick you up and remind you that you can do it, when you are having a bad day – and a bangle is perfect for this. I also think these would make lovely gifts and I know one of my best friends would love this!

What do you make of this? 


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*This has been sent for my consideration – all views are my own :)

Top 3 Red Lipsticks




I love a good red lip regardless of the occasion so I thought I’d dedicate a post to my three favourites.

First up is Mac Diva which was one of my first Mac lipstick purchases. Its a gorgeous deep red and I am drawn to it in the colder months.

Next is one of the Revlon Colorstay Matte Balms in the shade Standout. This is my favourite for everyday as it doesn’t budge all day, even after eating my own body weight in food. It’s amazing for the price and one I always have in my handbag!

Lastly is my luxury lipstick, the YSL rouge volupte shine lipstick. This is in the shade 4 and perfect for special occasions. I struggled to decide between this and a Chanel lipstick I have but I love the smell of this and how moisturising it is on the lips. It smells amazing and I adore the packaging. Definitely a great lipstick if you are wanting to treat yourself!

What is your favourite red lipstick?


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Seventeen Instant Glow Skin Wow Tan





I bought Seventeen Instant Glow Skin Wow Tan on a whim a few weeks a go, mainly because I wanted to spend my points on things I hadn’t tried before. It’s £5.99 from Boots which I think is a good price considering the size of the tube. I first tried using this as a contour, but didn’t see much difference so I put a fair bit (as above) onto a stippling brush and blend it as if I was contouring, and then apply it to my whole face. I find that this is quite subtle which I like as I don’t seem to  be able to add too much to my face. It has a slight shimmer to it, which you probably can’t see in the photo above, why I’ve even added it nobody knows aha. The texture is pretty similar to a liquid foundation which has taken some getting used to as I’ve always been used to using a powder bronzer, but now I’m converted!

I’d definitely recommend this if you are looking to add a bit of colour to your face but don’t want to pay a lot. This is going to last ages which for the price is happy days.

What do you think of this?


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New Look to Launch Make-Up Line


New Look have announced that they’re releasing their own make-up line. I’m weirdly excited.

I’m not usually one to jump on make-up lines , I’m quite happy to fritter between brands for certain things. I’ve tried bits from Topshop’s collection but thought it was pretty average for the price.

Later this month New Look will release their 100 piece make-up range ‘Pure Colour,’ a name that I don’t think is too bad, I can live with it. It will be available in 120 store and if your local doesn’t stock it you can get it online. The only downside to online is that you can’t go and have a good old  swatch before purchase.

But, the range is for girls on a budget, so if you don’t mind gambling on a £1.99 eye liner you’ll have no worries ordering online. Price wise it ranges from £1.99 – £4.99 and will include pretty much everything. Powders and foundation will be the pricier items, as will mascaras of which they have FOUR different ones – so fancy. I’m most looking forward to seeing the lipsticks as I’m partial to a nice lippy!

Price wise, I think it’s great for young teens wanting to experiment and are bored of the classic Natural Collection and Collection (it happens I’m sure). I find that cheaper ranges always have some gems, I’m talking the much loved Collection Concealer, am I getting my hopes up if I’m holding out for a new holy grail?

Will you be trying out a few pieces?


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eBay Statement Necklaces

I love a good statement necklace but cringe at the price of them in Zara. They are beautiful, but I get bored easily so usually opt to spend around £5 in Primark instead. However, last month I took to eBay to check out their offerings and see whether they were any good.

You can pay what you want, they have ones for 99p, right up to well in the £100’s! I bought a few and now they’ve all arrived I thought I’d show y’all what you can get for a couple of ££ off eBay. These were from China and took around 2 weeks to arrive, which doesn’t bother me as I wasn’t in a rush for them and didn’t pay for postage! The quality of these isn’t brilliant but I’m enjoying experimenting with different styles of necklaces, if I decide I adore one, I might end up buying a better quality version from the likes of Zara. But for fast fashion, you can’t complain for under £2!

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 20.54.48

Green and Gold Necklace - £1.59 // Floral Black Necklace – £1.60 // Crystal Multi Colour Necklace – £1.99 //Green and Black Necklace – £1.58 // Black Necklace – £1

Would you give these a go?


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Coleen Rooney’s New Collection For Very


I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of WAGs, but I love Coleen Rooney. Yes, she’s married to a Footballer and she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to collaborate with brands like she has, but she is a great designer. From Ladies clothes and jewellery, to Childrens bedding and make-up, I love seeing what she comes up with. You never see her falling out of a nightclub wearing almost nothing like a lot of other WAGs. She is a business woman in her own right and I have so much respect for her.

As usual the new collection consists of classic cuts and prints, and pieces you can transition from a day at work, to a night on the town. I think Very can be a little expensive, but I don’t think it’s much more expensive that Topshop and the pieces are beautiful.  The collection is feminine and is designed to enhance and not hide curves. It includes my personal favourite, skater dresses which I know suit my figure (and most peoples!), as well as a gorgeous baby blue cable knit jumper that WILL be mine at pay day! You can view the collection here.

What do you think of the collection?


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The Heeled Chelsea Boot

photo 4

I featured a couple of pairs of Heeled Chelsea Boots in this post where I featured a selection of my favourite boots on the high street…but not the ones I’ve recently got my hands on. I’ve longed after a pair of boots like this, but as I’m the most useless person at walking in heels I’ve always gone for flats. This year I’ve decided to leap out of my comfort zone with this purchase.

These Heeled Chelsea Boots are a Primark purchase which came in at a tiny £15. Whilst in the office last Friday I had a little look through Instagram and saw that Primark had posted a picture of these on there. I spent the rest of the afternoon staring at them every now and then and decided to get myself down to Primark after work. Having only worked in Manchester for a week I was pleasantly surprised to find that their Primark store is open until 8pm! Their shoe section is huge and I knew I’d have a better chance of finding them there than at my local one in Chester.

These were actually from the Wide Fit collection they have in store, I couldn’t find normal ones, so I think they only come in this fit. Having said that I don’t think they are particularly wide and after much deliberation over sizes I went with a size 5, a size down from my usual. They fit perfectly and for £15 you can’t go wrong. They also stock these in black, which led to a 5 minute internal conversation as to whether I need both colours. In the end I talked myself into just getting the grey pair as I already own a black pair of boots.

I know I won’t be able to drive in these as I can barely drive in flats, so it will probably be a case of driving to wherever I’m going and then changing into them. Which I don’t mind too much – especially as I think they might get ruined driving in them anyway, as lets face in Primark shoes aren’t they best quality in the world.

What is your favourite style of boots for A/W?


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The Student Cookbook: Milkshake

photo 3

As a Student you’ll probably spend a bit of money at your local Milkshake bar. We have one in Chester called Funky Cow and it’s amazing – you basically pick whatever chocolate/sweet you want and they blend it into something beautiful.

When I was contacted by Currys and asked if I had any recipes I’d like to share for an online Student Cookbook this was the first thing that I thought of. You’d probably expect to see spaghetti carbonara or shepherds pie, but as a very recent graduate I know that a milkshake is the perfect company for any girlie night in or revision session.

So, you’ll need:

  • A Blender
  • Glass
  • Straw
  • 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice-Cream (Or whatever you fancy)
  • 1 pint of Full Fat Milk (you can go for the healthier ones, but it won’t taste as good!)
  • Any sweet/chocolate of your choice (A small packet/bar or handful)
  • Optional – Chocolate Sauce/Nutella/Chocolate Spread


I’d just like to note that you can put however much of each ingredient in, but I recommend lots of ice-cream so it’s thick and creamy. It’s all about trial and error, thats half the fun. You can use whatever chocolate/sweets you like, but try and pick something that will blend well – skittles probably aren’t a clever choice. 


1. Put the ice-cream in your blender and then add the milk, I usually buy a pint and put near enough a whole one in.

2. If you want, add in some chocolate sauce, nutella, chocolate spread… you get the gist?

3. Break up your chocolate/sweets and throw them in too. I found that Aero and Maltesers worked really well, as did Milky Bar, mmmm.


4.  Pour into a glass, add a straw and enjoy.

To find out more about Currys Student Cookbook, click here.


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