Pumpkin Fun!

Halloween isn’t my favourite night of the year, I did go Trick-or-Treating when I was younger, but I’ve never been a huge fan of dressing up. I won’t be doing anything tonight, but I am more excited for it! I put it down to all of the bloggers I follow on Twitter who are so hyped up for it! I have seen so many amazing make-up looks on blogs and took it upon myself to sort my sister out with her outfit, hair and make-up (there will be a post!).

With my new found excitement came carving pumpkins! We spent a good while picking out 4 pumpkins at Tesco and on Sunday night my boyfriend, little brother and sister and I spent ages designing, scooping & carving them! It became clear that none of us were professionals and although my boyfriend was a bit OCD about making sure EVERYTHING was scooped out of his pumpkin and that it looked perfect, it didn’t!

I posted this on Instagram and asked people for their opinions and now I want to know yours.


photo (33)

Happy Halloween!

Beth x

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