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Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

I don’t think I’ve ever discussed affiliate marketing on my blog before, but since graduating in 2014 I have worked in the industry across a number of different clients. Currently, I’m a Senior Affiliate Manager for a large online beauty retailer so I’ve seen how Affiliate Marketing can be used by bloggers and how it… Continue reading Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers


What I got for Christmas

I love seeing what other people receive for Christmas. Mainly this is because I’m really nosy but it also gives me some inspiration for my Birthday in February. This year I’ve had the best Christmas and feel really lucky as I’ve received some lovely gifts. My boyfriend was an absolute gem and bought all of… Continue reading What I got for Christmas


lookfantastic #LFXMAS Beauty Box

The final lookfantastic Beauty Box of the year is here and they have left the best till last. Not only is it rose gold but it’s a mixture of both cosmetics and skincare which is right up my street. I think my favourite product is the Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer, not just because it’s a product… Continue reading lookfantastic #LFXMAS Beauty Box



Not only is HQhair the sassiest beauty destination on the web, but they have released the best Christmas bauble you ever did see. It’s filled with amazing products to make you look fit AF at your many festive gatherings and is the perfect gift for any beauty lover. With a worth value of £87 you can pick it up… Continue reading HQhair Beauty Bauble #HQPARTYINTHENUDE


lookfantastic #LFSPARKLE Beauty Box

We can now officially say it’s Christmas next month, which has come around way too fast for my liking. Having said that, I am looking forward to having the same Christmas playlist on repeat in the office and being able to drink at any point in the day, simply because it is Christmas. If you… Continue reading lookfantastic #LFSPARKLE Beauty Box