Review: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

Hey guys! As you can tell by the title I’m going to be reviewing the Moisture Renew Lipsticks by Rimmel. I first purchased one of these from Fragrance Direct for just 99p! You can probably tell that I like these lipsticks as I purchased a second from Fragrance Direct when I placed another order, and picked up a third from Pound World for, ofcourse Β£1!

photo (46)

I adore these lipsticks as they are super pigmented and have pretty good staying power. I make sure I throw this in my bag with a mirror to top it up during the day as it fades pretty quickly after I’ve eaten, which I expect as I’m yet to find a lipstick which stays put whilst I stuff my face!

They do exactly what they say and are super moisturising which is near the top of my list when looking for a lipstick, as my lips seem to be super dry 24/7, so annoying!!

The three colours I have are…

image (3)image (4)

500 Diva Red

This was the first of these lipsticks I purchsed and I bloody love it! It’s an amazing vibrant red and is such a classic colour! If you are a over of red lipstick you need this in your life.

image (2)image (6)820 Cherry-Licious

This lipstick is perfect if you prefer a more natural colour on your lips. Its a really light pink colour with a slight shimmer which I love.

image (1) image (5)850 Rouge

This is the newest addition to my collection that I picked up before work the other day at Pound World. I was so excited to see they stocked these and at Β£1 it’s even better! I have only swatched this one but I’m in love with it! It’s pretty similar to Diva RedΒ but it isn’t, which is the worst description ever… but here are some swatches!

imageL to R – Diva Red, Rouge, Cherry-Licious

I can’t rave about these lipsticks enough so I suggest you get onto Fragrance Direct or nip to your local Pound World and find some of these for yourselves!

I hope you liked this post! If you’ve used these before let me know what you think about them πŸ™‚

Beth x



  1. I love these lipsticks. The formula is really comfortable to wear and the colours are great. I have a few but the shade ‘summer angel’ is a great favourite of mine. It’s a perfect shimmery nude. Bargain price too! Fab post!


    1. I think they are the ones she raves about πŸ™‚
      I keep going on FD, filling the basket full of goodies and then being upset as I cant afford anything, even though its so cheap haha 😦



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