My Perfume Collection

Hey guys! I just want to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you who follow my blog. Yesterday I reached a huge 400 followers on Bloglovin and I can’t believe it! It feels like it was only a couple of days ago I hit 300! I still have my 300 follower giveaway running it’s crazy! So thank you all so so much!

This week I am in work pretty much every day but I’ll use my day off, which is tomorrow to hopefully photograph my August favourites and write up a couple of other posts, as well as this week’s #theSOproject post about concealer. Keep your eyes peeled for all of that 🙂

I’m also going on holiday for 5 days in the middle of September before I go back to uni, and I can’t decide whether to write up some posts and schedule them or find myself some amazing blogger to guest post. Life’s decisions, eh?! 🙂


Today I want to share with you, my perfume collection. I love perfume, the pretty bottles and amazing scents have me captivated whenever I see them. I spend far too much time in stores spraying so many that my head hurts!


I found it so difficult to fit them all in, so there are two kind of hiding in the back.


Marc Jacobs have the most amazing perfume bottles I can’t even describe how much I love them. They look so pretty on the cabinet in my room!

Firstly we have Oh, Lola, I was bought this one by my parents for my birthday and within 5 minutes of opening it I had dropped the lid on the floor and broke it (hence the blue tack)!

Next is Dot, my parents also bought me this, but it was for Christmas. This was the only thing I had asked for and in the lead up to Christmas my parents and boyfriend both denied they had bought it, so I thought I’d have to buy it myself. So you can imagine my excitement on Christmas day when I opened this!

Daisy was my first Marc Jacobs purchase which I bought a couple of Christmas’s ago by my amazing boyfriend. He had bought me Ugg boots and I thought I wasn’t getting anything else, but when I opened the Ugg box this bottle was tucked inside. I was so happy as I’d wanted it forever!

P1010725Here are two Vera Wang purchases, Lovestruck and Princess Night. I bought Lovestruck a few months back after I saw a voucher on Wowcher to get this 100ml bottle for £30. I jumped at the chance as I’d had my eye on it for a while! Princess Night was a ‘treat’ purchase that I picked up for £20 from TK MAXX.

P1010726In 2011 my boyfriend and I went on our first holiday to Spain. Whilst in the airport, he bought me CK One Summer (the one on the right), I used this 24/7 but had to stop myself when I realised how much I had used. It currently had the tiniest amount of perfume in it, but it brings back so many memories I am keeping it! A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend went on a ‘boys’ holiday to Madrid and bought this for me in Duty Free on the way home! I was so happy as he’d remembered I had none of my other one left and knew I loved it so much. 


Thierry Mugler Womanity is one of my all time favourite perfumes! I had lusted after this for ages and was bought it by my parents for my birthday! (Maybe they think I smell haha) I stupidly used this soooo much and only have a tiny bit left! It is so expensive and there is no way I can justify getting a refill as I have so many other bottles of perfume. I may put this on my Christmas list!

The last one is Swarovski Edition, which was a Christmas present from my boyfriend. I mentioned how cool I thought it was as it looks like a clutch bag one day, he had payed attention for once and bought it me. Love it!

Hope you enjoyed this! What is your favourite perfume? Any of these? 🙂

Beth x



  1. haha I would probably drop the perfume bottle and break the lid straight away too.
    Although I have to say your Boyfriend sounds like the perfect guy, buying you UGGS and then hiding the perfume in the same box as an added surprise AND then when going on a lad’s holiday he picks you up the perfume you’re running out of. He’s definitely a keeper – most guys I’ve been out with wouldn’t even know what type of perfume I like, nevermind know what ones I was lusting after xD



  2. Oh! Lola was always my go to until I lost it *cry* and then bought the Sunsheer edition on a whim – I now love it so much! Amazing for summer but now it’s closing to an end I might have to buy something a little richer and deeper for winter.


  3. Brilliant collection! My collection is small and sweet at the moment: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush, Nina Ricci Nina and Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears.


  4. oh my gosh you’ve got so much perfume! I only have one bottle haha, but I’m in dire need of a new one so might invest in Marc Jacobs Lola next as I’ve just had Daisy! x


  5. This is an amazing collection girl, love it! Vera Wang is my all time favourite for perfumes, such gorgeous fragrances! Toni xx


  6. Think I must be stuck in the past a bit – I still love the old classics – Shalimar, Opium, Chanel No 5 (a pressie). I used to wear Amarige by Givenchy too. I find that certain perfumes remind you of things (good or bad) so some of them I just can’t bear to wear any more!


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