What is in my University bag?

Hey guys! I am one of the nosiest people ever so ‘What’s in my bag’ posts are one of my favourites! I have decided to make this a university edition as I am starting my third year tomorrow! I commute to University every day, having to get two buses! This year I have THREE 9am lectures (lucky me), which means I have to leave the house at 6:50am! Therefore I try to ensure my bag has everything I need for the day as I can’t just nip back to my house like a lot of my friends.


Bag – Dune £40 from TK MAXX

Expanding file – Around £3 from Tesco

I decided this year I was going to buy a bag specifically for University, as in the past I swaped my bags around and ended up forgetting bits and pieces! I had my heart set on a bag in Accessorize, however when I went to Liverpool to buy it, I hated it. It seemed rubbish quality and I didn’t think it was worth the price! I found this gorgeous bag by Dune in TK MAXX whilst in there for a second time that day (obsessed), and I knew IT WAS MINE. It has a strap which you can take off, but I find straps that allow you to carry the bag across your body or on your shoulder, rather than in the crook of your arm are GREAT, if like me you’ll be lugging it around ALL day!

This year I have also decided to use an expanding file to carry all of my papers around with me. For the last two years I have been an unorganised mess so I feel this will bring a little organisation into my life (I hope)!


As you can see I am currently on Slim Fast, and as I will be leaving the house at 6:50am, I have to take my breakfast with me (milkshake). I also have my meal bar which is my lunch, as well as two snacks I am allowed (under 100 cals) to keep me going until I get home. I think it is essential to have a bottle of water, and I also like to take a bottle of something a bit more ‘fun’ too. This is a 250ml bottle of Irn Bru (sugar free) which I love!

think it is SO important to take your own food with you! It ends up being so much cheaper than buying lunch or snacks at University. I recommend you buy multi packs of everything! Last year I went through a phase where I was obsessed with French Fries, I found an amazing deal for a huge box on Amazon and saved a small fortune! Drinks are also really expensive, so keep your eyes peeled for offers and stock up! Every penny saved on food, is more for alcohol, or in my case whilst at Uni, more beauty products!

IMG_1068Now, of course I have to take a few beauty bits with me! I know a lot of people don’t bother with make-up whilst in lectures etc, but I get up at 6am and I’d scare the living daylights out of the public if I left the house without any on, so I take some for touch ups throughout the day. If you are a commuting student like me, its always handy to carry some products in case you are asked out for lunch or a coffee and your friends go back to their flats/houses to freshen up! I always take a lip product with me as it’s the easiest way to make it look like you’ve put a little more effort in! I usually carry a face powder, blusher, mascara, concealer, eyeliner, lip balm and a lip stick/gloss/stain. Recently, I have been using my Sleek contour kit and as I love this highlighter, so this year it’s coming with me. I also make sure I have a body spray in my bag, as well as tissues. I keep all of this (except the body spray) in my little Jack Wills make-up bag. Sorted!


Commuting can get boring so I always make sure I have my headphones! I usually take my iPad too as listening to music on my iPhone drains the battery – nightmare! I am a serial tweeter so I make sure I have my phone charger in my bag, there is nothing worse than your bus not turning up and not being able to phone anyone for help haha! I also take my diary; I bought this last year from Paperchase and have just bought new inserts for it so I can use it until the end of 2014! I think these are lovely, a great size and the yearly refills only cost £4! This helps me keep track of deadlines, birthdays, events and appointments!

IMG_1076 IMG_1073

Keys, purse and my bus pass. I suppose these are the most boring but most important things in my bag as I’d be going nowhere without them! This little Cath Kidston coin purse has some lose change in it for the printers in the library, as well as cards that I’ll need on a day to day basis at University. These include my Student ID, NUS card and bank card. As well as other ‘essentials’ like my Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams Beauty and Costa cards! I keep my bus pass in this Jack Wills card holder in an attempt not to lose it! As everyone knows, the weather in England is un predicatable, so I make sure I carry an umbrella in my bag every day. This one is from Jack Wills and I love it!

IMG_1078I suppose I need things for when I actually get to my lectures! Inside my expanding file I keep my note book. This is one I had left over from last year, I can’t get enough of Oxford note books, I definitely must have picked this up in a sale as they are so expensive! I also have my little French Fries sticky labels that I got for my birthday, I’ll be using these to mark pages in text books. I have had this pencil case since I was in year 10 at school, so… a very long time! It was from paperchase and has definitely served me well! I keep this in my bag, and as I’m only required to write during lectures, it is full of pens. I still need to pick up some highlighters, someone recommend me good but cheap ones!

I hope you liked this post! What are your school/university/work essentials!?

Beth x



  1. I am also very nosey and love reading these, I think you’ve inspired me to do one myself!
    I love how your beauty and costa cards are ‘essentials’ haha, the loose change purse for the printers is a good idea too!


    1. Thanks for the comment lovely! Haha, they really are essentials, you never know when you might NEED a little shopping trip in between lectures as a bit of stress relief 😉 I’d love to read yours if you do one 🙂


  2. I absolutely loved reading this! Your bag is gorgeous and I know exactly what you mean about carrying a charger for the ridiculous iphone battery life, where would we be without them?! I think the extending folder is a really good idea, might have to pick one of those up actually as I hate having paperwork flying around everywhere!
    Also about the highlighters there was an off in WHSmith £5 a pack of 8 – just for £4!! amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever loved highlighters so much in my life haha the colours are just gorgeous ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving


  3. That Dune bag was a bit of bargain – they’re so expensive! And I always ended up leaving stuff behind as I had multiple bags. Well done to committing to one, that’s more dedication that I had! xx (Rebecca – UK style blogger)


  4. I remember my uni days lol, I used to take one bus only though, tried to save money by taking the bus instead of the tube in London. I also was a bit naughty and eat out of uni lol, there was just too many nice restaurants, xoxo.


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