Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hair Spray

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Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray £4.99

I don’t usually repurchase a certain hairspray and find myself trying new ones each time. I’d seen Zoe (Zoella) raving about this hairspray a while back and when I saw it on offer in Superdrug a few weeks ago for £2.49 I decided to give it a go. Firstly, I think £4.99 is pretty pricey for a hairspray as I usually go for cheaper options thinking they all do the same thing anyway. I love the packaging; it’s fun and pretty funky! Yes, I did just say funky… oh dear. It gives a really good hold without looking like you’ve got a whole can of hair spray on your head (if that makes sense?!). There is nothing worse than hairspray that makes your hair look all stuck together and hard, ew! The only downside to this I feel is that the hairspray settles on certain strands of hair making them all stiff, they don’t look it which is fab, BUT they feel horrible and it can be quite difficult to get out the knots it leaves in my hair. BUT the main selling point for me is the smell. I find a lot of brands assume that we as consumers are happy with the awful smell of hairspray, you know the one that gets in the back of your throat and makes you want to be sick? The Iced Raspberry & Vanilla scent of this gem by Urban Fudge is an absolute dream, they’ve nailed it! Urban Fudge also have this hairspray in Iced Coconut Cocktail which I haven’t tried. Mainly due to the fact I hate the smell of coconut and I’m more than in love with this scent. I’m pretty sure this hairspray will be on my repurchase list – love it.

Have you tried this hairspray or any other products from Urban Fudge?

Beth x



  1. Great review – I use this hair spray too and my thoughts on it are exactly the same!! The smell is absolutely gorgeous and its got great hold, making my hair *look* nice, however it doesn’t feel very nice in some bits as it gets quite stiff. I’m pretty sure I will be repurchasing this one though as it smells so lovely!



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