Balancing University and your Blog!

As a third year student with work up to my eye balls I’m finding it increasingly difficult to balance University and my blog. It really upsets me that for days or maybe even a week you’ll see no new posts, and sometimes I even go silent on Twitter for a few hours (imagine that!?). I have a part-time job so I have to factor that in also, I know there are a lot of bloggers like me who have a million and one commitments alongside their blog!
I thought I’d share with you what I try to do to ensure I can enjoy blogging and try to keep on top of University work in the process.

Elephant Balance

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Yes, I went with the elephant.


I am terrible for this, when I started third year I was happy tweeting, blogging and well, focusing on the wrong thing! I neglected my University work which led to me not doing as well as I had wished in a couple of my assignments! It’s nothing too bad but has given me a little kick up the bum and shown me my blog doesn’t come first.


I know there are bloggers out there who think scheduling doesn’t make you or your blog look ‘real’, but at the end of the day, we all have lives! I see no problem with writing up a post and scheduling it for the next day? I usually publish my posts around 7:30am as people can read it on their commute to work/uni/wherever else (If they want…)! I am also making use of HootSuite which allows me to schedule tweets. At the end of the day, who is going to promote your blog if you don’t!? I try not to be too annoying though!


I have days in the week where I only have an hour and a half of lectures, I try to use the time around these to do University work. I currently have six assignments and my dissertation to do so it can be difficult working out where to start, but I have plenty to be getting on with!

Wednesdays and Saturdays I have work and usually ban University work and use this time to join in #bbloggers chats (Wednesday), write up blog posts and read my favourites if I haven’t had chance on my commute to and from University and work.

Planning your days means your guaranteed to get what you want doing, done! Allow for a few hours of chatting to your friend, browsing Facebook and Twitter and eating biscuits though!


I am finding it an uphill struggle to fit in time for blog photos. I leave the house between 6-8am most days depending on lecture times and by the time I get home it’s dark again! I know daylight is a HUGE issue for a lot of British bloggers and I know a few who have invested in lights to help. I haven’t looked into this yet but my tip is to try and find a time slot in your week when you are at home in the middle of the day (or when the lighting is good) and take a weeks worth of photos. I usually take about 4/5 posts worth of blog photos and then upload them straight onto my laptop. Once you have them you can pick your favourites, edit them or whatever else at any time of the day regardless of the lighting outside!


Or a few in my case. I’m an avid list maker and find it easiest if I have a notebook and pen! I know some people use their phones or even have a whiteboard at home to plan on. I have a whiteboard which has all of my University deadlines on, it makes me feel a little more organised! I usually have a little note book in my bag to write lists in but I’m quite happy ripping a sheet out of my University notebook too! I write lists on pretty much everything; Blog ideas, University work I have to do in that day/week, shopping lists etc.


I always make sure I go out in the week, whether it’s a quick Costa with a friend or an evening at my boyfriends playing GTA! It’s lovely to just step back and have time away from EVERYTHING, even if in the back of your mind you know that you have loads to do!


If you feel you are struggling to write a post or take photos, just don’t bother! I know a lot of bloggers worry about neglecting their blog, I do too, but if it’s not possible for you to blog, don’t worry about it. I’m pretty sure your readers will still be there by the time the next ones published! Don’t be disheartened by page views either, I have days where I don’t publish and don’t promote my blog on any social media platform, I still get views but they’re aren’t anywhere near as many as when I ‘remind’ people my blogs still here! I just think it’s pretty cool to think that people are finding/looking for your blog without you even giving them a small reminder!


This is what I tell myself every time I feel I’m neglecting my blog to do something University related, or I get on the bus to work. Studying for my degree and earning enough money to fund my shopping addiction WILL be worth it in the long run. There will be people who think we are all just moaning over nothing and University can’t be that hard, but when you are given mountains of work it can be so overwhelming!

I know these are pretty obvious, but even I struggle to do them and I’ve just wrote this post…haha 😉

Beth x



  1. I hear what your saying about uni. When I was at uni I studied a pretty lecture and coursework intensive course, as well as having a job some years and doing extra curricular activities. I ended up quitting the job as my faculty said that if you worked more than 8 hours a week and failed any exams they wouldn’t help you out. The extra curricular activities ended up taking over my life and were like another course in themselves (many unis offered one of them as modules). Stick at it though and its worth it in the end 🙂 Xx


  2. I totally agree with you being a third year at uni and blogging is hard to juggle. I’ve started writing up posts in advance just because I do them whenever I have time and for pictures I’ll try take them during the day but by the time I’m back from uni its dark.


  3. I thought this was an excellent post, and has definitely helped me (I’m in second year of a maths-related degree). Thanks!

    My tip is to have a tablet or large phone, so you can draft (using Google Drive for offline) posts on the go without spending time firing up a laptop. It helps me hugely, especially as I’m also in a long distance relationship so spend a lot of time on trains!


  4. Ah this is such a good post, I had to take a break from Blogging after Christmas.
    I write mine up when I get chance in advance but fell behind.
    I’m in my third year, but I also have two jobs which is work 16 hours a week, a placement I volunteer at and lots of interviews for my PGCE year.
    God help me.
    Day Dreams & Daisy Chains


  5. This is great advice. I am starting uni in September, so will need to learn to be more organised and scheduled with my blog. At the moment, I get a bit caught up in blogging and reading blogs and sometimes neglect my work – like right now, for example, I should be writing about glucoregulation!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


    1. I think everyone gets sidetracked by blogs, I think I’ve spent 10 minutes having a read, check the clock and it’s been hours!
      Thanks for the comment Laura, hope you get yourself organised… oh and get back to glucoregulation!! Whatever that is 😉

      Beth x


  6. This was a great post. I only work part time, but its hard to find time to do the blog, and look after my little boy, and do household things and work. So this post has helped me to be more organised x


  7. This is a great blog for anyone, I work full-time and find it difficult to cram everything in. I’m currently finding it useful to have a few posts that could go up anytime in reserve for those times when I’m really too busy.


  8. It’s really nice to hear advice from someone who is in the same situation as me! It is so hard to prioritise and fit everything in. Scheduling posts is definitely the way forwards xx


  9. This is a great post and very helpful! Though I have graduated college, I still work full time and also have a second job in the weekends, also factoring in my fitness time daily, I, too, leave at the crack of dawn and do not get home until after dark. I’m glad to know I’m not alone! I feel like so many other bloggers have more time than I do to post and be “blogger social” sometimes I feel I am neglecting my blog. Thanks for this.



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