What I got for my 21st Birthday! | Bethany Worrall

I turned 21 on Wednesday 12th February, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have been sick of me moaning about getting ‘old!’

I managed to stretch my birthday celebrations to just over a week and had an amazing time with all of my friends and family. I received some lovely gifts so I thought I’d share them with you as I love these posts – nosy parkers aren’t we!

My family had decorated the living room with pink and white balloons and 21 banners which was really cute. I also received some flowers from my boyfriend which was really sweet!

I would have had an outfit post showing what I wore on the night of my birthday, I had a table booked for 21 of my family at Prezzo which was amazing. 10 minutes into getting ready we had a power cut so I had to do my make-up in the dark and couldn’t use my beloved GHD’s to style my hair. Up do in the dark? YEAH you can imagine how many expletives came out of my mouth…20140212_145304 20140212_145131 20140212_14512520140212_202400

HOW AMAZING IS THIS CAKE. Best thing ever, tasted so yummy too!

Anyway, onto the lovely gifts I received.


When my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I asked for this gorgeous Michael Kors Selma Bag. I wanted it in black which presented problems for my parents as its ALWAYS out of stock. My step-dad managed to find it for me though and I was so happy, seeing as I thought I wasn’t getting anything on the day of my birthday, apart from the money for when it was next in stock!


My boyfriend bought me a MacBook Air which I am on right now. It is taking me a while to get used to it but I am loving it so far. He got extra memory on it too… or something like that anyway. I leave the techy things to him!

20140215_085823My lovely friend Nadia bought me these Soap and Glory goodies, all of which I haven’t tried before! The body spray smells absolutely amazing and I’ve already thrown it in my handbag!


Nadia also bought me this lovely ‘Friends’ frame which is really cute. I love having photos around my room so I was made up to receive another frame from my friend Becky which includes a photo from NYE and our holiday to Magaluf!


I love Me to You bears but I only have one which my boyfriend bought me two years ago. I love this one from Becky, it’s so damn cute! The two I have are currently sat together on my bed side table… they’re boyfriend and girlfriend now, yep. Man I’m weird.

20140215_090057Becky is an amazing gift buyer, I’m a huge fan of Monsters Inc/University and I don’t think I want to eat these jellies! They’re SO cute. Look at Mikes little face!!! I also adore these sweets from a lovely sweet shop in Chester… I always stop and stare (drool) at all of the lovely sweeties when I walk past!


I spend an awful lot of time going on about make-up to Becky and she obviously thought she should satisfy my need for new make-up 24/7. This Smashbox Lip Stain & Balm is such a me shade and I love it! I wore this on Thursday night and the formula and colour are just fab!

20140215_090231This has become a very Becky themed post, but she also bought me this gorgeous bag from Guess. I can’t get over how gorgeous it is! LOOK AT IT. A huge thank you to her and Jack for buying me such amazing gifts!


When it comes to styling tools I tend to stick by my trusty GHD’s but I saw these online a couple of weeks a go and then posted on my blogs Facebook page that I totally needed them! My boyfriend picked up on this and when his mum asked him what I wanted, he directed her straight to these! She also put some money in a card which was amazingly generous! I’m yet to try this but looking forward to giving it a whirl!

20140215_090024As a bit of a Lush bath bomb addict it wouldn’t have been right for me not to receive any for my birthday! The green and orange scarf is full of bath bombs/melts from my little brother and sister and the box is from my nan & granddad. They also put some money in a card for me which I may have already spent… oops! I feel a haul post coming on! My auntie bought me some lovely bits from Debenhams as well as these bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics. I’m really looking forward to trying these as I’m yet to try anything from the brand!

I also received an empty 4 pan MAC palette from blogging pal Lorilee which was absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to fill it up! I received some other lovely gifts, along with money… some of which I may have already spent, oops! I feel a haul post coming on!

I had the most amazing week for my 21st, a massive thank you to EVERYONE involved.



  1. You got some amazing things!! I’m especially in love with the Michael Kors handbag!! 🙂
    Happy belated birthday lovely!! 🙂 I turned 22 on the 11th hehe. I did a What I got for my birthday post too. Would love if you could check it out, if you get a chance.

    Ellis – Ellis Tuesday


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