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The much anticipated make-up release from beauty blogger and volgger Tanya Burr was a bit of a disappointment for me. Tanya Burr Lips and Nails  was trending for weeks before it’s release and there was a lot of hype created amongst the beauty blogging community.

I decided to play it safe by buying one shade from her lip gloss line and one nail polish. I did see some young girls comment saying they’d spent all of their Christmas/Birthday money on every single shade… what the hell!?20140304_143016 20140304_143212

Tanya Burr Lipgloss – £6.99

The Lipgloss shade I picked up is Vampire Kiss, which is one of the cream shades rather than shimmer. The applicator is really nice and the lipgloss itself is a gorgeous red shade. The only thing I hate about the product is it’s staying power. I’ve seen these appearing in a lot of bloggers February favourites posts and I’m not too sure why. I apply this and within half an hour the red Vampire Kiss shade has faded and I’m left with a pink lipgloss. Now, I have no issue with pink lip glosses but it isn’t what I bought, I picked red! I don’t mind reapplying my lipgloss but it seems I have to every 10  minutes with this stuff! These retail at £6.99 which I don’t think is hugely expensive, but I know my 14 year old sister who is a huge Tanya Burr fan would find this a little pricier than her usual lipgloss of choice by Natural Collection. I don’t know whether it was just the darker shades that has this issue with the colour as I’ve seen really good reviews of the lighter shades, or people are just caught up in the fact it’s Tanya Burr.


Tanya Burr Nail Polish – £5.99

Nail polish wise, I picked up the shade Little Duck which is a gorgeous mint green colour, which I thought would be quite similar to Mint Candy Apple by Essie. The applicator isn’t anything special and you definitely need two coats to ensure it’s opaque enough. I loved the colour of this but I found it chipped almost instantly, even with a topcoat. I find this with a lot of polishes though so I don’t know whether it’s just me! I do however feel these are a little pricey at £5.99 and think Rimmel have better offerings for under £4.

Have you tried anything from the Tanya Burr Lips and Nails range?

Beth x



  1. I bought the lipgloss in Exotic Island, which is a bright pink and a nail polish in New York nights which is a very deep dark purple, nearly black looking. I really liked both products, and would definitely buy another lipgloss. Sorry to hear that the products did not work for you.


  2. It’s so lovely to see an honest review of these products I’ve seen so many people lost in the hype surrounding Tanya. I know I won’t be buying them, and like you said given the average age of the demographics for her viewers they are pricey


  3. I love Tanya, but I haven’t bought any of her products yet! For some reason I think there’s so much pressure to love her products, so I’m glad I found a completely honest review! Thanks Beth xxx


    1. No problem Kavi, glad I could help haha 🙂 they aren’t bad products, just think for the price they aren’t great, especially as there are cheaper drugstore alternatives that I think do the job better 🙂


  4. Oh my word. The hype was crazy about these products right? I haven’t bought any and probably wont after reading this. Although it is a lower price, I still think its pricey for the quality?



    1. I think they’re pricey too! All I’ve seen is ‘affordable’ on people’s reviews! They are affordable if you usually buy high end make-up but for the quality I think they’re expensive! Especially as there are cheaper alternatives! X


  5. I really want to try from her range and you are one of the first reviews I have read that don’t totally adore them, it’s very interesting to here peoples reactions. Good review xx


    1. Yeah, I didn’t want to say I loved them because everyone else did 🙂 I guess I just didn’t get on with them and find it hard to spend the ££ when I know there are cheaper alternatives that do a better job 🙂


  6. Thank God for an honest review. I hate my lip gloss, I got the dark pink ‘Exotic Island’ and it transfer so easily and I hate the smell. Over hyped products of the year,


  7. I’ve not really been interested in these products either. Definitely think people say they love it because they like Tanya which is nice because she does sound lovely, but they’re maybe not honest reviews. I think they’re quite pricey too saying I can get a Barry M polish for £3! Good honest review dudeeee! Xxx


  8. I really liked the products, I picked up the shade ‘auora’ which lasts for like the longest time, and I got Bright and early in the polishes with a top coat it lasted around 4-5 days, such a shame to hear these didn’t work for you though :/ x


    1. I just thought they weren’t worth the money at all, if the lipgloss didn’t fade so fast I’d probably have been happier! But the nail polish was the same as a lot of other drugstore brands which charge less, so I’ll definitely not be buying any more! x


  9. Never tried Tanya Burr, now i’m not so sure i want to! They do seem a bit pricey for what they are, especially the lip gloss with no staying power! How disappointing.

    Also, laughed aloud at the young girls spending all their money. They will learn…one day!



  10. i think Id still like to try the range before I make a judgement 🙂 But like you I’ll only be buying one shade from each range. I to thought it sounded a bit pricey compared to some of the other drugstore brands, which work brilliantly.

    Amyloo x


  11. I’ve actually read a ‘not so fab’ review of these already BUT it’s still refreshing to hear some honesty for once when sometimes it’s clouded by misinformed hype. I love the colour of the polish but I read somewhere it was really watery too? Even if they did perform to the standard I expect I would not be dishing out a price for a ‘name?!’…..I will not be making a purchase, despite perhaps part of me itching to just know myself…meh haha!

    🙂 xxxxx


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