NYC Liquid Eyeliner | Bethany Worrall


NYC Liquid Eyeliner – £1

I increasingly find myself browsing the make-up aisle in Poundland as they stock some gems from past seasons or in old packaging. I spotted this NYC liquid eyeliner and thought I’d give it a go for £1! After a week of wearing it everyday, I went back and bought three more so I didn’t run out. I freakin’ love this stuff – the applicator is probably the only downside! It has quite a long applicator which makes it hard to control but as I’ve used it more I’ve got used to it. The things that makes me adore this are 1) the colour and 2) how long lasting it is. It’s really black which I love as I find some eyeliners are a little grey, even if they claim to be black. It lasts ALL day without fail, I work in a bakery and as you can imagine it’s a little warm, but this doesn’t budge. If only the applicator was better, but can’t really moan for £1 can I.

I’d definitely recommend you go and hunt this down in your nearest Poundland!

What is your favourite liquid eyeliner?

Beth x


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