Authentic Vans – Burnt Henna | Bethany Worrall


Vans Authentic – Burnt Henna  – £46.99*

Say hello to my first pair of Vans! I’ve always been a huge fan of Converse and felt like a bit of a traitor if I even looked at Vans. However, last year I realised I had over 10 pairs of Converse so sold a few, and I now have a manageable collection. I’ve been on the look out for something that I could style with dresses in the spring/summer that was a little different, so when I saw these I instantly knew these were ‘the ones.’ At £46.99 they’re a little pricier than Converse but I love them. I’d heard people say that Vans rub your feet, but I’ve had no problem with these at all which is amazing. The colour completely sold it for me, they’re what I’d describe as burnt orange which makes them the perfect colour for every season! Whilst it’s still a little chilly, I’ll be wearing these with jeans/leggings or with dresses and tights. As the weather gets a little warmer I’ll definitely be ditching the tights and embracing my paleness!

I can’t recommend enough, free next day delivery, 10% student discount AND free returns – sold!

Do you love Vans? Or prefer Converse?

Beth x

*These were sent to me by to review. All opinions are my own.



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