MAC Heroine | Bethany Worrall


20140309_104924Mac Heroine Lipstick – £15

Mac Heroine is one of those colours your going to fall in love with, or hate with a passion. For me, it’s love. I received an email around 7:30am one day before University saying that Heroine had come back to the UK.. 5 minutes later it was ordered along with another lipstick, to ensure I got my free delivery!

In the bullet this lipstick looks crazy and well it does on the lips too.. my boyfriend told me that it looked weird, but I took that as a compliment! I absolutely adore the colour and have had so many compliments on how it suits me etc etc. I have a couple of other matte Mac lipsticks and although the formula can be a little drying, I love them. They’re amazingly pigmented like all Mac lipsticks and last for a good while too.

If you like the look of this but don’t think it ill suit you, get down to Mac and get them to try it on you, seriously! I’m so glad I took a chance on this lipstick as I bloody love it! The only downside? It’s not exactly an ‘everyday’ lipstick, which makes me incredibly sad.

What are your favourite Mac lipstick shades? Have you tried Heroine?

Beth x



  1. Such a gorgeous colour! I remember seeing this on Emma Willis when she was presenting Big Brother & wanting it so badly! I ended up getting a similar shade from Topshop at the time as Mac Heroine wasn’t available then. xo


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