MAC Lipstick Collection

Today I thought I’d share my Mac lipstick collection! I don’t have a huge collection and I desperately want some acrylic storage so they’ll look all pretty on my desk. They’re currently in my Alex drawers hiding! I bought my first Mac lipstick under a year a go, just after I started my blog so they’ve all been bought in the last year, and enabled by my blogging pals.




Feeling Amorous? was part of the Huggable Lip Colour collection and something I wouldn’t usually go for, as you can tell by the running theme of dark colour lipsticks! It’s a really nice formula and super moisturising! Review here.

Candy Apple was Cosmetic Company Outlet Store purchase and I love it! The colour is great for every day and like Feeling Amorous, it’s really moisturising!

These are all of the matte formula lipsticks I’ve purchased from MAC. They are the most drying MAC lipsticks due to being matte but I find they’re mostly OK, a lip balm helps too.

Heroine disappeared from the UK for a while, so when I received an email saying it was back I’d ordered it within about 2 minutes! It’s a gorgeous colour, but one you need ‘balls’ to pull off! I wear this when I’m in an ‘I don’t care what you think’ mood and I get so many compliments for it! Review here.

Diva was my go to lipstick for autumn/winter and I know it will be this year too. It’s a gorgeous deep red, which I reviewed here.

Russian Red was my first MAC lipstick as I decided I wanted a classic red. It was recommended to me in my first couple of weeks of blogging and as I’m easily influenced, I quickly made the purchase. I tend to use this more if I’m going out as I find it difficult to wear this day-to-day. I’d definitely recommend this if you are looking for a matte, classic red.

Captive is a really nice day to day lip stick and is my only Satin finish. I really like this finish as it’s really pigmented but still moisturising, I have my eye on more of this formula.

Plumful was another Cosmetic Company Outlet Store purchase and is very well loved. It’s the perfect every day lipstick and for a few months it was a firm favourite!

Cockney isn’t one of my favourites, it isn’t very pigmented but it’s nice if you are looking for a little swipe of red on the lips. It’s quite build able too, I tend to have this one in my bag incase I don’t get chance to apply any lipstick before leaving the house.

Vegas Volt was a purchase made after many recommendations in the #bbloggers chat on Twitter. It’s the perfect coral lipstick for spring/summer and I love wearing it!

True Loves Kiss is part of the Maleficent collection and is the latest addition to my MAC lipstick collection. In the bullet it looks like a really deep red, but on the lips it’s so much lighter! I prefer it on the lips which was a pleasant surprise. Review here.

Goddess of the Sea is perfect for those girls who love the look of Heroine but don’t think they could pull it off. It’s a gorgeous muted purple which I think would be flattering for most peoples complexions. It’s from the Alluring Aquatic collection with the most AMAZING packaging, and I couldn’t recommend this one enough, it’s beautiful!

Mystical is another from the Alluring Aquatic collection, I ended up with two from this collection because I couldn’t decide between these two beautiful shades. This one is definitely more for every day, as you can see I’ve worn this a lot more than Goddess of the Sea. It’s amazingly moisturising and last ages which I bloody love! Can’t recommend this enough. Reviewed here.
What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?


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  1. Ahh I love MAC lipstick collection posts and you have great collection. I definitely want plumful or captive for this autumn/winter or if I can find godess of the sea in a cco. You’ve just helped me add more lipsticks to my endless MAC wishlist


  2. They look so pretty all lined up like that! You need to get yourself a Muji to store them in! I wish I loved lipstick, I really do, but I’m some weirdo who gets very self conscious when wearing it – don’t ask me why! I question my brains all the time!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


  3. Love your collection!! My favourite MAC lipstick at the moment are Impassioned and Hang Up, although has been so hard to get my hands on Hang Up this year 😦 xx


  4. Such a great review! Got to see some shades I’m not familiar with! Quite a nice collection! I wish I had a CCO nearby!


  5. This is a crazy amount of lipsticks! And all of them MAC! But you can see from the photos you use them a lot – wish I was polished enough to wear lippy, or even a tiny bit of make up every day! I just never bother! xo


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