Top 8 Purple/Plum Lipsticks



L/R -Clinique Grandest Grape – Rimmel Glam Plum Fulham – Mac Strong Woman – Mac Heroine – Mac Plumful – Mac Goddess of the Sea – Revlon Shameless

 A lot of people save purple/plum lipsticks for the winter months, but I love a purple lip all year round. I have picked my favourites and I think there is something for everyone.

If you love  a bold lip like me, you need Mac Heroine in your make-up collection. It is absolutely gorgeous, when I first got my hands on this I was worried people would be like ‘what the hek has she got on?!’, but decided to ignore that and embrace the amazing shade. If you fancy a cheaper option but still want a really bright purple, Revlon’s Colorburst matte balms are amazing and Shamless is a gorgeous shade. They’re actually one of my favourite formulas, although a matte lipstick they are really moisturising and are amazingly long lasting – I have three of the shades and want them all! I also love the formula of the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks and Glam Plum Fulham is a perfect plum shade, I’m actually wearing this one today to my boyfriends graduation! A recent purchase is Mac Strong Woman which is a little more purple than has shown up on the swatches below. Beauty bloggers staple is Mac Rebel, I was lucky enough to receive this from my three best blogging pals as a graduation present. I can see why it’s a much loved shade! If you are after a plum/purple lip that isn’t as bold Mac Plumful is perfect! I also love the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Grandest Grape, the formula is really moisturising and the shade of it is really wearable.


Hope you could understand that ramble, I get a bit excited when talking about lipsticks… What are your favourite shades?


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  1. Omg I need the Mac heroine shade in my life! Love that colour 😀
    I agree about the Clinique. I’ve got that shade plus a red and pink and I love the formula. Like a lip balm with great colour payoff 🙂


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