The Heeled Chelsea Boot

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I featured a couple of pairs of Heeled Chelsea Boots in this post where I featured a selection of my favourite boots on the high street…but not the ones I’ve recently got my hands on. I’ve longed after a pair of boots like this, but as I’m the most useless person at walking in heels I’ve always gone for flats. This year I’ve decided to leap out of my comfort zone with this purchase.

These Heeled Chelsea Boots are a Primark purchase which came in at a tiny £15. Whilst in the office last Friday I had a little look through Instagram and saw that Primark had posted a picture of these on there. I spent the rest of the afternoon staring at them every now and then and decided to get myself down to Primark after work. Having only worked in Manchester for a week I was pleasantly surprised to find that their Primark store is open until 8pm! Their shoe section is huge and I knew I’d have a better chance of finding them there than at my local one in Chester.

These were actually from the Wide Fit collection they have in store, I couldn’t find normal ones, so I think they only come in this fit. Having said that I don’t think they are particularly wide and after much deliberation over sizes I went with a size 5, a size down from my usual. They fit perfectly and for £15 you can’t go wrong. They also stock these in black, which led to a 5 minute internal conversation as to whether I need both colours. In the end I talked myself into just getting the grey pair as I already own a black pair of boots.

I know I won’t be able to drive in these as I can barely drive in flats, so it will probably be a case of driving to wherever I’m going and then changing into them. Which I don’t mind too much – especially as I think they might get ruined driving in them anyway, as lets face in Primark shoes aren’t they best quality in the world.

What is your favourite style of boots for A/W?


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