Adverts hit Instagram


It was only a matter of time before adverts filled our Instagram feed. They’d be stupid not to take the opportunity to make some serious £££ by offering advertising space to businesses wanting to target the millions of users they’ve captured, wouldn’t they?

Whilst these ads hit US users months a go, those of us in the UK will start to see them popping up as of now. They’ll look like normal uploads, except say ‘Sponsored’ instead of the time since upload. If you aren’t interested in the advert being presented to you, you can select an option telling them, and they’ll try to tailor ads to your interests in the future.

It’s not like we haven’t seen adverts on Instagram before, plenty of users are paid to post pictures of clothing items, food, drinks, jewellery, to name a few. Whilst these might seem a pain, it’s a seamless way for Instagram to integrate advertising into their business model and before you know it you’ll forget what Instagram was like without ads – remember Youtube with them? No, didn’t think so.

Will this make me use Instagram less? No. Does it make me think any less of Instagram? No, were made aware when something is an advert and can therefore make an informed decision on how we decode the marketing message. Better than having to scroll to find someones disclaimer, right?

What do you think of this? Will you still use Instagram?


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