The Apprentice: Sexism at it’s finest.

I am a huge fan of The Apprentice, it’s full of cocky, deluded people who think they’re the next Lord Sugar. I like watching them bicker like school children and come up with the most stupid ideas ever. I like being able to sit at home thinking, what a bunch of morons, I could with this. I love the one liners, eye rolls from Nick and the bucket load of sexism.. oh wait, maybe not that last one.

Around a minute into the first episode last night, the first reference to how men are superior to women was made. One candidate referenced to how he can control any woman in business. Oh but it’s OK as he added that he can control SOME men too… probably the camp ones I’m sure.. Got to love those stereotypes?

I’m not saying that women are any better than men, or that we should feel sorry for women and people don’t agree were all equal. In my opinion I think both sexes are equal and that women are capable of doing what men are and vice versa.

Whilst we have come along way in proving we are equal, it frustrates me that not only are the BBC airing these comments but there nobody seems shocked that in 2014 this isn’t shocking. What makes it even worse is that the female candidate who led the task,  told all of the women to ensure they wear short skirts and pile on the make-up as that is how they will win the task. Thankfully everyone else saw straight through her and were more concerned in her lack of strategy, but WHY have the BBC given this woman a shot on The Apprentice?

I know it’s a TV programme and we need some interesting people for entertainment, but is sexism really entertainment? The Apprentice has been going for 10 years and has a massive fan base, do they need to resort to negative publicity in order to gain publicity? They say bad publicity is better than no publicity, but is it really?

I’d love your thoughts on this as I do love the show, I just think it’s become a bit like a Zoo… and a sexist one at that.


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  1. What a joke! I stupidly missed the first episode as I was catching up with old work mates last night but will be tuning in.
    I love The Apprentice. However, by the sounds of it “sex sells” – whilst the concept is great they probably think that they need to do this sort of thing to gain an audience which is, let’s face it, a piss poor excuse. I liked to think that woman on this programme are taken just as seriously as main & it sounds it has majorly failed on that part. Let’s hope it doesn’t continue!
    Rebecca xxx


  2. I missed the first episode last night but will be catching up & tuning in today! I’ve always loved it but sexist comments like that cannot be acceptable surely? Hopefully that began and ended in last night’s episode and now we can enjoy the rest of the series in peace.

    Olivia xxx


  3. I agree. What made me sadder though was the female stereotypes coming from a woman (Sarah), telling them all to bring extra make up, short skirts etc. Luckily you could see the rest of them thinking ‘what an idiot’, but airing those views on a national TV programme don’t really help the cause. Also, what really annoyed me was Chiles snapping at Karen Brady- how dare he! Would he have done that to Alan Sugar? Good riddance, eh.


  4. I definitely agree! The lady who made the comment about wearing short skirts & piling on the make-up got my really angry, she’s supposed to be a successful business woman so in my opinion she should be striving to prove that she’s just as good,if not better, than the male candidates!


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