How are brands using your selfies?

As technology rapidly evolves and the behaviours of consumers changes, marketers are having to come up with ways to ensure they know their consumers. Not only do they need to understand how consumers are sharing online, they need to come up with ways in which they can interact with them whilst remaining authentic. Whilst a lot of brands do this well, there are other problems they face when looking to collect data on potential consumers online.

With a lot of us turning to photo sharing social networks such as Instagram, it is harder for marketers to mine relevant data from potential consumers in order to create profiles etc. I’m sure we are all aware that companies are able to take data from whatever social network we use and use it to their advantage. If you have ever interacted with a brand on Twitter, you’ll have helped them create the profile of who they typically target through Digital Marketing, helping develop further strategies.

Ditto Labs have developed a technology with allows images to be scanned for logos and other branding. They have a deal with Tumblr, meaning they can freely scan the blogging website. They also have access to Twitter, Pinterest and some areas on Instagram. The technology means that companies are able to see who is using there product/brand and where they are using it, helping them to understand the usage occasion. They can also see how often it is used in comparison to competitors as well as seeing the type of person that is interested in their products. If Coca-Cola were to find that a huge segment of their consumers were foodies, they’d be able to develop strategies based on this insight, whether it would be targeted adverts, or collaborations with certain brands.

Whilst the platform can be used to help companies gain insight, it also helps them with engagement. If a company wanted to target consumers who use a competitors product, Ditto can scan the area for consumers who have uploaded pictures containing that content. They can then start a relationship by sending out coupons and ensuring there is engagement.

I love seeing how marketers adapt to the changes in technology and the challenges presented from Social Media. I’m sure some people may be freaked out that companies are scanning their images, but I think it’s the next step in mining data. We are the ones who share huge amount of our lives on the Internet, so why wouldn’t they take this opportunity?

What do you think about this?


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  1. I wonder, does that mean billboards and magazine ads could, in theory, end up being made up of social media images instead of photo-shoot professional ones? And if so, what rights do the original selfie takers have to these images? I mean, if your accounts are set to public, you’re letting anyone see them and in turn, use them?? It’s going to be interesting!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland


    1. Very interesting points! I think when we sign up to facebook, instagram etc we give up all rights for our images! Would still be annoyed if I saw a photo of mine in a magazine with no reference to me!!


  2. This is a really interesting & well put together post Beth! It’s a subject that I’d not turned my attention to, but I will definitely be looking out for potential results of these kind of interactions as I think it will become more & more apparent as technology advances still further. Xx


  3. This is so interesting !
    It’s scary the kinds of technology that is coming out now.
    I’ll be interested to see how it develops and how brands pick it up.


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