Yesterday I graduated from The University of Chester with a First Class Degree in Marketing. My mum, step-dad and boyfriend came to the ceremony at Chester Cathedral whilst my Nan and Grandad watched on the live stream at home. I love the idea of the stream as they were unable to come but still got to see me graduate (eventually, it was alphabetical order and being a W meant they had to play the waiting game!).

I had an amazing day and luckily there was no rain, even though it was freezing! Especially as left the Cathedral around 5pm. The Cathedral is a lovely backdrop for photos and was beautiful inside, it’s definitely worth the visit if you are ever near by.

After the ceremony, I went for a meal with my family and my little brother and sister joined us. We went to an amazing Italian in Tarporley, Cheshire called Etc. It’s absolutely beautiful and the food was gorgeous! Definitely a must-visit if you live near by.

My time spent at The University of Chester was the best three years of my life and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Overall, the University is really good, with a few stand out lecturers who without them, I wouldn’t have that piece of paper in my hand. Overall, I liked the course and think there are so many opportunities with a Marketing Degree, I got offered a job within a month of finishing, still having other interviews to go to. I’ve met some amazing people who will most definitely be friends for life and the support from my family and boyfriend has been amazing. I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me with exam prep, lecture notes, assignments, listened to be moan, cry and tell me I was capable, when I thought I wasn’t. Also, nice one to Student Finance who not only funded my degree, but funded  holidays to Geneva, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Magaluf (never again) and Mexico. Hello real world…












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