YouTubers and Band Aid


Twitter blew up when the news that Zoe Sugg, Joe Sugg an Alfie Deyes would be singing in the chorus of Band Aid hit. There were a lot of ‘WHY?!’ and then some of the usual ‘They’re vloggers like us, we have to support them.’

For one, we don’t have to support someone because they have a blog or vlog – I really wish people would stop saying it. I don’t agree and support with what every other affiliate assistant does because we have the same job, I also don’t support what every single female does with their lives, so why do I have to support a fellow blogger? Can you also refrain from saying I’m jealous because I don’t agree with something Zoella has done? It makes you look like a sad little fan girl – just saying. I like Zoella but I’m also a Marketing Graduate who can’t help but look past the squeaky clean exterior and see that she doesn’t simply just sit at home and record videos anymore.

The three YouTubers have become the first non-musicians to ever take a starring role in Band Aid- which is pretty huge. Whilst a lot of people are angry and think this doesn’t make sense (on the surface it’s a little like ‘what the hek?!’), it’s so bloody clever. Well done to Sir Bob Geldof for thinking about the charity involved and how they can increase the reach of the track.

We are all aware of the influence of these YouTubers, I have stressed in past blog posts just how influential they are. As I’ve said in the past, my main concern in the lack of knowledge viewers as young as 8 possess on sponsored posts, PR and how their favourite online celebrities are making a living by adverting to them. They aren’t equipped to make these decisions and probably wouldn’t understand, which is a little terrifying. I know this is much like any media, but I think theres a different (and deeper) connection with YouTubers.

Viewers will buy almost anything with Zoe, Joe and Alfies name on, and I’d much rather it be a charity single than a badly constructed book or a bottle of shower gel. Yes, it’s an unusual fit and I know a lot of people are fed up of seeing their faces everywhere, but they’re the new, modern day celebrity. Companies are falling over themselves to sign deals with them and I think Sir Bob Geldof has very cleverly seen an opportunity to reach the teenage market, one that is hugely difficult to engage with. Bravo to him and it’s nice to see that Zoe, Joe and Alfie have accepted and are willing to get involved.


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  1. Great post! Definitely nice to see them doing something other than promoting their own products which is what is seems that being a YouTuber is all about nowadays.


  2. I think everyone needs to simmer down a bit over all of this. We have never met them, why can we judge what they do? It’s pathetic really that people aren’t happy enough with their own lives that they have to be negative about what they do. I’m also getting fed up of even writing comments about them myself!


  3. You don’t have to support something you don’t believe in and I agree they picked Zoe . Alfie and Joe to hit the teenage market and it’s good that they will raise awareness in anyway shape or form. I am happy they did because people seem to have had a downer on them all recently, I think they did hit lucky but that’s good on them . xox


  4. Agree so much saying just because they’re bloggers/vloggers we don’t have to love them. I don’t like some of the people I work with, so surely I don’t have to love everything bloggers/vloggers do just because I have a blog. They weren’t really in the video, so I can’t even imagine they were wanted greatly for their participation. I think they could have done something more in their field of work to help, such as making a video talking about Band Aid and what it does.

    It showed when my 10 year old nephew got confused that YouTubers get paid and asked why they don’t have to pay to be on the website that YouTubers aren’t disclosing enough this is their job.


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