The “Sharing too much Culture”?

Can you remember the days you’d go out for a meal, and when it arrived just eat it? Me neither. The days when creating a collage of cute photos and uploading them with a ‘happy birthday to __’ caption were unheard of? The days when you’d like a new beauty product but keep it to yourself?

I know there will be people (my boyfriend) who don’t share a lot online and don’t really use Instagram (I’m teaching him). But there are huge numbers of people around the world who are, like me, loving Instagram. Instagram recently introduced adverts in the UK (after the US), you may say it’s just a current trend, but companies are paying millions to target the consumers using this platform.

It’s not just isolated to Instagram, there are so many forums for our sharing it’s difficult to keep up. My boyfriend thinks I share too much online, maybe I do but where do we draw the line?

Those classic posts on Facebook where that girl from school describes every aspect of her pregnancy – too much. The couple who take every argument they have to social media, leaving your timeline full of shit. The other couple who write I LOVE YOU all over each others Facebook wall – it’s all too much. Quite frankly I’m sick of seeing some people try and ‘make it’ on Facebook by posting awful vines of themselves.

But where else would we post selfies, photos of food, beauty products, clothes, quotes and anything else that looks pretty? Of course we all draw the line of ‘sharing’ differently, but I quite like seeing what someone had for their lunch, the products they use on their face and whatever quotes they find inspirational. I just wish everyone drew the line before sharing intimate details of their very personal lives…

Is sharing online a bad thing? I don’t think it is, it’s definitely become a way of life for most people. Gone are the days where you actually have to ask someone how their night went, or what they did last night. Just take to Twitter to see it in 140 characters or Instagram for a pictorial diary. OK, this isn’t ‘social’ as it suggests but it fits in comfortably with our busy lives, right? At least that’s why we tell ourselves that a few Facebook messages or tweets make up for not seeing that person for 4 months.

You can easily envy someone after spending 20 minutes obsessively scrolling down their Instagram, trying not to double tap and embarrassingly ‘like’ anything from 152 weeks a go. But like anything, it’s important to realise that person is sharing what they WANT you to see. My favourite saying from Media A-Level, it’s a constructed reality. MOST people don’t share the selfies where they aren’t at their best, the outfits they wear around the house or the food they want people to think they don’t eat. It’s hard to forget that when the online identity of someone looks like a bed of roses…

The “Sharing too much Culture” is one that depends on the person, I know a lot of people who don’t use social media, and sadly I know others who post every single detail of their life on their. Honestly, I think I share a lot. I have this blog so it’s a given that I’ll share stuff. I feel comfortable that I haven’t shared too much though. I’ll still snap a photo of the pancakes I have on Sunday with the sole purpose of putting it on Instagram, but I feel as if I have the knowledge to understand the dangers of sharing too much – a lot of people (all ages) don’t and in that respect it’s a little worrying.

Do you think you share too much?


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  1. I do think we share too much even myself, but if people are going to do it unfortunately there aren’t rules etc and as long as it’s safe, not putting someone in danger they can write what they want / take photos of what they want in my opinon 😉 BUT it’s a bit scary how you can piece a lot of info together like from what someone uploads, ie to find out where they go, if they are out of the house where they live eeeep stalker alert xx


    1. I know there aren’t any rules, I just think it’s scary as a society as, like you said it’s so easy for someone with stalker tendencies to take advantage of what someone uploads! X


  2. Great post 🙂 it’s a tricky one ‘cos society has changed a ridiculous amount and revolves around the internet and social media, companies can tailor advertisements to the individual now! When I was younger I remember by parents telling me all the time to be careful what I shared online. Now I chit-chat about most of my life on the blog, I don’t mention my address or have photos of the outside of my house etc. As for the rest of it my blog is a lifestyle blog so I share most of my life, I don’t share deep deep stuff, and I tend not to share the negatives (which I guess is blocking quite a big bit of my life) but it’s not always nice to read negative posts, I want to give my readers happy things 🙂 I’ve gone off on one there haha…I also wanted to agree about couples on facebook – annoys me so much! It’s sad really ‘cos they’re usually insecure people/couples who have to justify and alert the world of their every move.


  3. Myself personally don’t have a personal instagram, facebook etc I like my private life to be private to a degree! Pixie (the other half of wonderlandclothing) is the total opposite so I guess it works both ways! But she has had people pretend to be her on multiple occasions which is scary to me!


  4. I try really hard to not share too much online. I don’t name friends, family members or my boyfriend, I don’t put their pictures up on my blog without their consent, and even then it’s very few and far between. I don’t bitch or moan about what’s happened in work that day, and if I’m having problems with someone I don’t take it to twitter or Facebook. There’s a time and a place and it scares me that kids these days are growing up thinking online is the place to take these issues. The thing about the internet is once it’s out there, it can never NOT be out there, and some people don’t seem to realise that. Your privacy is paramount. Look at how much some of the bigger bloggers/vloggers (especially vloggers) share online – it’s going to end in tears one day if you ask me. The worlds a scary place and that’s just fact.

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


  5. I think for some people, they do share way, way too much. It’s one thing to share a pic of your breakfast or tweet about how much fun you’re having on vacation. But I’ve seen some people (bloggers included) post pictures of themselves on the toilet, after sex selfies, or tampon and condom purchases, and I just end up feeling like a line has been horribly crossed. I have a fairly open book online because I’m the same way in person, an open book. However, I definitely have things I keep to myself and try to be mindful of the things I do put out there. Like you said, constructing reality.

    Megan | Southern Charmed


  6. I love looking at other people’s pictures on Instagram and like you my Facebook feed is full of people either describing in detail, in about 30 posts a day, what their kids have done today. I think people like that should get a blog themselves and people who are interested in this would read it. Who thinks taking their kids to Mc Donalds several times a week is good for their children.

    I do fear for younger internet users who, in my eyes, share too much too soon. They don’t know who they are talking too and who can see their instagrams, blogs, vlogs. I don’t know if there is an MSN equivalent for younger people these days, but it was big when I was a teenager. I used to talk to strangers on there, then I saw that scary ep of coronation street where Sarah Platt met someone off the internet she had been chatting too, they obviously weren’t who they said they were. Scared me and I promised myself I would only ever chat to the people who I knew, but then I discovered blogging and I guess that went out of the window.

    I don’t feel like I share too much online, I love to take pictures and share them with people.



  7. Great post, it certainly got me thinking. I personally don’t think I share too much online, I’m very selective in what I do choose to share. I also think by constantly documenting every aspect of our lives we actually miss out. I see so many people in cafes who are that busy taking pictures of their bagels, tweeting and updating their Facebook pages that they actually forget to engage in conversation with one another. I think there are times where it’s nice to just switch off from all social media, and some moments in life that are just worth sharing with family and friends not posted across social media! xx


  8. I know this post is from a few days ago, but I really loved it so I had to leave a comment. I really like that phrase “constructed reality”, because that’s exactly what it is. People build this perfect image that they want to represent them, and they post photos which fit that ‘image’. But in actual fact, there’s so much more to that person than just this perfect image they portray. It would be so much better if everybody was a bit more honest, but I can’t see that happening any time soon – I know I wouldn’t post a selfie when I looked rubbish! I love instagram, twitter, all of it, but I never use them when I’m with friends. Nothing irritates me more than trying to have a conversation with somebody while they’re texting/scrolling through twitter. It comes across as rude and obnoxious in my opinion. Surely we can all survive an hour or two without checking our phones?! Anyway, love the post girl, keep it up!

    Emma Alyson x


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