Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection – HOW MUCH?!

Real Techniques Bold Metals

Over the past few days Real Techniques have been unveiling their new collection Bold Metals. The hype over social media has been huge; in gold, rose gold and silver the collection oozes luxury. Featuring 9 new brushes, face, finish and eye they’ll look more than amazing on your dressing table.

Whilst the majority of us have signed up to the waiting list on the Boots website, it seems they’ve made their way into some stores. I have seen a couple of people picking up from the Manchester store and I’ve been drooling at their Instagram posts.

‘How much are they?’ has been the question flying around Twitter. I assumed they’d be more expensive than their usual brush sets, but when I saw the price I was shocked. All 9 brushes are sold separately, starting at £10 for one of the eye brushes and £25 for a face brush, they’re no longer in competition with other ‘drugstore’ brands. Instead they’ve pitched themselves to compete with the likes of MAC and Zoeva.

I have no issue with this, I mean the brushes look amazing and if MAC released a range similar to this I wouldn’t think twice about the price tag. The existing Real Techniques range was the affordable, quality make-up brush range which enabled teens to apply their make-up with something other than their fingers or cheap and nasty brushes. The Core Collection features 4 brushes and it’s stand for £21.99 – so how can they justify charging £25 for one brush?

OK, they’ve rebranded like a lot of companies do, the brushes look better and I’m sure they’re even better when it comes to the quality. But surely whilst repositioning the brand Real Techniques have alienated a lot of their existing customers? My 15 year old sister has a selection of the existing Real Techniques brushes but there is no way she could afford the prices of the new ones.

She isn’t the target market for the new brushes you say? She probably isn’t but how can Real Techniques pitch this range against MAC and still sell them at Boots amongst the other mid range make-up brushes? In pictures I have seen they aren’t even hung up on racks, they are lay on the bottom shelf… Great product placement.

They’ll sell regardless of the price and location in store due to the brand name, and I’m sure Real Techniques are aware of this. Surely if they’re going to re position themselves to compete in the luxury market they need to look at WHERE they are retailing them? I have always thought that Zoeva brushes are too expensive, but I think I’d rather have their Rose Golden Luxury Set, which works out a lot cheaper than Real Techniques new offering.

I’d love your opinions on this! Are you buying any?


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  1. I understand the surprise some people have with the prices, it always sucks when you see something you like and then realise it’s out of your price bracket or more than you expected, but I think this is a smart move from them. When you look at their viewers, there’s a real mix of teens, students and then professionals or older ladies who have more disposable income.

    I love the regular line and own them as well as more expensive brushes that do last a lot longer, especially if you’re using them on other people or for work. The regular line is fantastic but mass produced, I would guess that the older demographic they have mix and match their cheaper brushes with investment style brushes from Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier etc, and they probably saw that those people would spend more on luxury, so why not offer that too? You just can’t make those brushes for the same price as the cheaper ones so whilst I won’t be buying any of the more expensive ones myself I don’t begrudge the prices if the manufacturing is different.

    I totally agree that they really should have marketed them differently, had different stands, maybe experimented with luxury retailers but I know Boots are renowned for being quite demanding with their brands, they probably don’t have that flexibility in the contract. I think it would have been cool as an online exclusive, but again they probably didn’t have that power. It would have been good pre-Christmas too for gifts?

    So yeah, in a nutshell I think it’s a good concept, they look beautiful and they are filling a gap for their demographic but I don’t think sitting on that bottom shelf is doing much for them.


    1. I agree about the demographics! That have definitely seen a gap in the market and exploited it. I just think with a huge launch like this, the release/distribution should have been thought about more. Surely that is just as important as the product in the market?

      Thanks for your comment 😊


  2. Completely agree with this post, I personally won’t be buying as like you say I’d rather buy the Zoeva ones than ones I can buy in boots! I personally feel like they have gone the wrong with with this as they were great before when they were more budget friendly!


  3. I agree with you. I think so many of us like RT because we find them to be quality brushes without spending TOO much on a single brush- good for someone getting into makeup or who doesn’t have a huge disposable income. Personally, I wouldn’t spend that much more to get the practically the same brush just in a prettier package. (although these would look very pretty on my vanity…haha!)


  4. No way I’m buying these! The prices are ridiculous! The first time I heard of these they seemed amazing, but then I was talking to someone on Twitter and she told me they were so expensive. I joked if they’re made out of gold or something.. If you’re gonna spend so much on brushes, you’re better off with Zoeva (I don’t have any Zoeva brushes but they’re well known for being amazing).

    Zoe xx


  5. I was also a little disappointed in the prices. I own nearly every RT brush and really couldn’t be without them. I think I’ll only buy the new brushes if I see any that really catch my eye and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of. I also think Zoeva is expensive, especially with shipping! I’ve wanted to try some of their brushes for a while but can’t afford them x


  6. They’ll definitely sell that’s for sure but I can’t understand why they’re being sold in the likes of Boots either. The price points for the make up brushes I expect to see in a drugstore are similar to that of the regular RT brushes not £10 – £25 for just one.
    The brushes do look lovely but I’m confused as to what the brand is trying to be now. The prices and design suggest luxury and high end but selling them in Boots says drugstore. I’m a major MAC brush fiend so if they’re trying to draw people like me away from MAC they’ve gone about it the wrong way. I’m not interested (call me a snob!) in a drugstore brand that charges £25 for a foundation brush.


  7. How have I not looked into Zoeva brushes until now!?! I’ve heard about them, yes – but never looked into purchasing any! That needs to change! I agree with you that your sister is probably not the target market for the new line of Real Techniques brushes, but I wonder whether they have skipped over a whole other group of people. I’ve always found my Real Techniques brushes to be very good quality, but my MAC brushes are definitely more luxurious & of a higher quality. There are those with a little disposable income who want higher quality products, but don’t have enough money to purchase brushes from MAC or similar. The new brushes are missing this group of people. A group I would have thought perfect for the brands next step, with the more highend brushes to follow on later. I may purchase one or two of the brushes (most likely from the eye collection), but will be being very selective. I’ll be comparing the brushes & their prices to the Zoeva equivalents too before making a purchase! As always, a well thought out & written post! Xx

    Tania |


  8. I too, am really disappointed with the prices of these brushes! Even though they may be good quality brushes, I couldn’t afford to just buy these on their own (single)! Although they can be seen as a luxurious brush, I just feel that they haven’t really taken in all aspects of their target audience!


  9. I’m not really into buying make up brushes :/ once you have a set i don’t understand the need for more? But I’m not as into make up and beauty as most bloggers are. I’ve had the same few brushes since I was probably 14 and I’m now 19! The only high end I spent lots on were my concealer and foundation brushes by Bobbi Brown because I trust Bobbi Brown. I wouldn’t spend this kind of money on a t-shirt or a sweater, I buy all that in charity shops so as if I’d buy these! :/ I just don’t like spending so much money on anything, it’s such a pointless thing.


  10. I had hoped that as they’re priced at $26 in America that here in the UK they’d have used a conversion rate to make the most expensive at £16-17, which would have made them more affordable! But instead it’s pretty much like for like pricing £25/$26. So you’re better off buying them in America! Knowing me though I’ll go and buy one and get hooked!


  11. This post is so bang on point Beth! I am a little let down by the price! I think I’ll be sticking to the older RT brushes and for the more luxurious brushes then I go to MAC anyway. I think they’re going to isolate most of their consumers, the ones that bought up all of their original brushes! I wouldn’t pay £25.00 for one RT brush – that’s for sure! X


  12. Seen loads of comments about the price of these brushes and, I totally agree, that they need to be marketed better for the price. They shouldn’t just be placed with the rest of the high street brands which cost half the price! They do look pretty though haha.

    Beth // Bethany Georgina


  13. I completely agree with all your saying! I considered placing myself on the waiting list to be one of the first to try these new brushes but after hearing the price, no way! The previous Real Techniques brushes were affordable and good quality and as you say, sold in Boots but they weren’t ‘amazing’! How much can they change? Personally I think we’re paying for the colour, they do look beautiful. I paid around £20 for a MAC brush and I still will because of the quality. Unless they re-market else where and prove there quality I will not be purchasing these, Laura x


  14. I think they’ve made a mistake with these, I personally hate them and would never spend money on them (i’d much rather have Zoeva). I love the original Real Techniques brushes and I really hope they continue to make them because I’d hate to think I could never replace one of my brushes if anything happened to them!


  15. I’ve seen a few posts about these brushes, all making the same comment about cost, and in all honesty, I find it a little frustrating. In their launch video of these brushes, the Pixiwoo girls explain both why they are more expensive (they are not an extension of the original range, but a high end sister range that is made to a far higher quality – explained in far greater detail in the vid), and why they are stocking in Boots (to make them as easily available as possible). The girls also acknowledged that the higher price point wasn’t suitable for everyone and they are specifically targeting a more professional, higher end demographic. I completely agree that being left on the bottom of the shelf does not help in portraying this image, but considering Boots stocks numerous other high end ranges, why wouldn’t it make sense them stocking a higher end brush range. Perhaps Pixiwoo and Real Techniques needed to be more clear about this sister range and who it is targeting, but I feel a lot of people are ‘attacking’ (quotes used as perhaps attack is too stronger word) without acknowledging that these are (apparently) a more superior product than the standard RT brushes.


    1. I posted this before they released their video explaining the line. I’m very much aware at why they are priced differently, even before posting this it was clear they priced these higher to appeal to a different target market. My issue is with the launch, nobody knew when they were being released, they just turned up in random Boots stores, placed amongst other low-end brands of brushes. Boots stock high end brushes, but they are usually on their own stands, not thrown at the bottom of a stand. I have seen these have their own stand in some stores, but I think their Marketing team dealt with this terribly. As did whoever deals with the communication with Boots regarding product placement.


      1. Fully agree with your points. I don’t have an issue with Boots stocking high end (and think they should more to make brands more accessible – or does that defeat the point?), but if they are so much higher, surely they deserve better Comms and launch than a single video?!

        Apologies if I came across harshly in the above, it wasn’t the intent.


  16. Only came across this now so very late but….thank you jess for your comment!! Was beginning to feel like i was in a playground of girls winging and whining. Sorry, I agree they are more expensive and some may not be able to buy them but thats life. Real Techniques do not need to sell only lower priced brushes and they can stock them where they like surely.
    I have most of the previous and some of the newer bold and love both. The bold feels like better quality so i’m happy to spend more- of course if they were cheaper it would be even better but no one forced me to spend the extra money.
    I buy the brushes because i like the way they apply my makeup, it really is as simple as that so you all complaining about them selling in boots is ridiculous. It makes them easily accessible so great. If you buy a product for the quality that YOU believe it gives you then you would buy that product from any shop and it wouldn’t make a difference.
    The comparison with MAC keeps coming up and tbh I prefer a lot of my RT brushes for application so just because MAC relies on “image” to sell their products doesnt mean that RT need to follow in that. I personally think its refreshing to be able to buy a quality brush at boots and have a range of prices on offer to cater for all.
    I am considering buying every brush in the bold range because I love the quality of the brush and its application for makeup!


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