2014 has been an amazing year for me. After disappointing results at University at the end of 2013, I got my head down and spent many hours in the library. The dissertation was handed in before the deadline, after actually quite enjoying it in the end. I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Marketing. Something that didn’t seem obtainable until… well, ever. In fact, I’m still in shock that after struggling for three years I somehow managed it.

I turned 21, an achievement that was inevitable but an achievement none-the-less. I celebrated with family, friends, wine and cake. The perfect combination! I received the most amazing presents, such as a MacBook Air and Michael Kors bag – a birthday I will never forget for sure.

I bought my first car, granted it was my boyfriends old car and my excessive spending on lipstick and clothes meant I wouldn’t have been able to afford one any other way. But, I’m a car owner and still getting used to putting money in it… I really should stop comparing it to the number of MAC lipsticks I could have bought instead, damn petrol.

I got a graduate job! After spending my whole time at University quite literally crapping myself not knowing what I wanted to do, it all fell into place. Digital Marketing was of interest to me and in July I bagged myself a job at a top Digital Marketing agency in Manchester. Was good going really, seeing as I only attended the assessment day for the interview experience. I started at the end of August after handing my notice in at my place of work for the past 5 years, Greggs.

My blog has taken a back seat this year, something I’m really not sorry about. I don’t feel pressured to write posts on certain days, nor do I feel pressured to write posts at all. I’m happy! My readership has increased steadily this year which has been nice, I’ve seen more traffic coming from search engines and I’m able to write about what I want to. This year I have been told by fellow bloggers that I have found my niche, and I think I agree. I love Marketing and I love Fashion and Beauty. I feel I have found a way to combine both into thought provoking posts. I don’t care how many views posts get, I just like to create discussion. I don’t want this to ever become a job, I want this to be my little space on the internet where I can rant and discuss current issues with people who ‘get me’. For me, in 2014 it’s exactly what this has become, so thank you!

Other exciting things happened like my Mum and Step-dads wedding (post here), which was an amazing day. Nick and I celebrated being together 4 years in January and with our last Student loans booked a holiday to remember, 2 weeks in Mexico (post here). My nephew was born in May, a day after my mums Birthday – he is absolutely gorgeous. I won a blog competition for tickets to Ladies Day at Glorious Goodwood, it was an amazing few days and we managed to squeeze in a trip to Thorpe Park too! I have seen The Courteeners and a Liam Fray acoustic show… wouldn’t be a good year without it! I was featured on the Primark website this year, following discussions on a post I had written. I got the opportunity to meet up with three of my blogging pals, three girls who I know have got my back no matter what. Working in Manchester and around the corner from the Christmas Markets has led to many visits with the amazing girls I’ve met at work, as well as my sister and boyfriend. In November I took a trip to Geneva to see my boyfriends family and celebrate finally graduating! I was so happy with my photography (for once) I shared some here.

Of course, 2014 hasn’t all been amazing. I know my Nan and Grandad sometimes read my blog, so I’d just like to send a huge amount of love to them. This year (especially the past 2 months) haven’t been the smoothest to say the least. But they’re both an inspiration and plough on no matter what. I love you both. My mum and step-dad are continually being put through things nobody should, and I’m probably not there as much now I spend 90% of my week in Manchester. But 2015 will be better, it has to be. I love you both, you deserve the best 2015. X

Here are some Instagram posts from 2014 in no particular order- some huge, others not, but all made 2014 an amazing year.

image13image33 image25 image23
The many hours spent in the Library // My Graduation // Boyfriends Graduation // Basically the most important week of the year?!
image17 image47 image26 image9Nephew born in May // Nephew on Boxing Day // Blog Competition Prize! // Meeting my favourite SurelyChar.
image18 image22 image37 image44
My Mum and Step-dads Wedding // I HANDED IN MY DISSERTATION // Christmas Markets with Work pals // Featured on the Primark Website!image41image39image36image45Geneva in November // One of the many trips to Hanky Panky Pancakes in Chester! // Geneva Again // Christmas Day with my Sister.
My amazing 21st Birthday Present // NYE with my best friend // Nicks 21st Birthday // Me in MEXICO!
Alton Towers // Out with Uni pals // Work Christmas Night out! // Courteeners in Liverpool.

Geneva // Courteeners released their 4th Album // Eds Diner for Nadias 21st // MEXICO!
Hitting 1,000 bloglovin followers in January // Graduation // Graduation with my best friend // Meeting my three best blogging pals!

Thank you for all of the support for bethanyworrall.com this year – I hope 2015 is the best year yet X


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  1. Wow you have a had a cracking year! Love that you write posts that invite good discussion and you write so passionately too. Can’t wait to see what you do here in 2015 🙂 xoxo


  2. 2014 has certainly been your year! I love the direction your blog has gone in and I can’t wait to see what happens next! It’s been a great year and I’m sure 2015 is only going to be bigger and better for you!
    Happy New Year hun!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


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