The Reality of Baking a Pinterest Recipe

Tie Dye Cake

Pinterest is full of mouthwatering dishes and I find myself scrolling through and pinning plenty that I think might be ‘easy’ and ‘achievable.’

I decided to try one for myself on Sunday, a tie-dye cake for my Step-dads Birthday on Tuesday. Of course, mine looks nothing like the one I tried to follow. I used part of the recipe, as this one was a tie-dye cake inside of another cake.

My first issue was when it came to mixing the food colouring with the cake mix. Look at those beautiful pastel colours… all I could manage was  some sludgy colours including a garish yellow and dirty looking green – so appetising!

Next, putting them in zip lock bags = mixture EVERYWHERE. By the time I had managed to get the mixture into the two cake tins I think there was more all over the kitchen than in the tins…

I shoved them in the oven and hoped that they would come out all Pinterest like – of course they didn’t. When I took them out of the tins one completely collapsed.

Disaster? Yes. So I threw loads of Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting in onto of one and pieced together the collapsed one on top. To hide the disaster I covered it in Frosting and threw on a huge pile of hundreds and thousands.

Here is the reality of my baking experience!

Baking a recipe from Pinterest = DISASTER. I envy anyone who lives a
Pinterest perfect life. I image the people who post these amazing recipes to be Fairy God Mothers or something, either than or they’re normal and I’m just rubbish in the kitchen!

Have you ever followed a Pinterest recipe?


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  1. Haha I have had a few disasters too – although I always put it down to not being a natural cook! Luckily all my disasters have been edible (just!), but far too ugly to ever be Pinterest worthy ! 🙂


  2. hahaha!! I have followed a few, and they have come out well, but there are some that I eye up and think “thats never going to work!” the funfetti ones always do that to me, no way is my cake going to end up anything other than grey! My fav Pinterest cake is the Pinata one, so good!


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