Are Youtubers Celebrities?

If you are a fan of a certain group of YouTubers, you’ll be well aware of the ‘big announcement’ made a couple of months ago. Zoella and Pointless Blog, who have several MILLION Youtube subscribers between them moved out of their Brighton flats into a house together. They’ve even got themselves a pet pug!

OK, so this may not be THAT exciting for you and me, but there were a lot of people who were pretty sure it was the best news of the year. Pictures have since circulated online of their house. The 5 bedroom.. well, mansion in Brighton is an amazing looking build. So it should be for around a million pounds, right?

Whilst I won’t go into the fact that they are spending a MILLION pounds on a house whilst in their twenties, highlighting just how influential these youtube sensations are (fair play to them). I will go into the media sharing photos of said mansion in Brighton. Zoella has already said she needs to have gates to ensure fans stay out, just like any other celebrity right?

My question – should they have been shared online? In all honesty, everyone deserves their privacy and its not nice for anyone to have teenagers camping outside your house. Well I imagine it isn’t favourable, can’t say I have many hiding in the bushes over the road from my house. A lot of people see them as normal people, which of course they are but they are a celebrity.

See, that’s the thing, they are celebrities now and whilst they may have loved sitting in the comfort of their homes talking to their cameras from their bedrooms, those days are gone. I mean of course they still film from their bedrooms, or one of the 5 anyway… But with followers and fame comes sacrifice. For a lot of celebrities, people knowing everything about you is that sacrifice. All sorts of photos and stories reach the media and you have little or no control over it.

Zoella and co don’t necessarily have a stand out talent or skill but in my opinion they’ve been in the right place at the right time. As this type of medium developed they had the first mover advantage, if you like, and brands took advantage of that new form of Marketing. The fact that their target market is one that that is traditionally found quite difficult to reach, made their proposition even more glamorous. Hundreds of videos and millions of subscribers later – they’ve become modern day celebrities (whether we like it or not…)

Should Zoella’s house pictures have been leaked? No, of course not. But they’re celebrities now (Zoella is on the Great British Bake off Celeb edition don’t you know), and they can’t expect anything less. Now, I’m off to get myself a pair of binoculars and a ticket to Brighton…


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  1. really good post Beth, and how scary having your home put on the net, even more scary someone so young being able to spend that money on a home::: it is being at the right place etc and I would imagine she wouldn’t have thought she would be buying a home like that years ago: my daughter loves her but then she is 12: doesn’t really do a lot for me: anyway must go there’s people in my bushes ha ha xx


  2. Although I don’t think pictures of Zoella’s house should have been published, many youtubers are happy to experience the positive side of celebrity (millions of fans, money, opportunities etc) then they do need to deal with the more negative side (lack of privacy, negative comments etc) unfortunately they do have to take the good with the bad. I do also think they have chosen this career path – many youtubers have massive numbers and don’t led a celebrity lifestyle – It is a choice!
    Jen x


  3. Fantastic post Beth! I absolutely love your blog, you are a very talented blogger. I love the theme of your posts as well, it seems that the average makeup and fashion blogs and YouTube channels are popping up everywhere.
    Ella xx


  4. Nobody deserves to have their privacy invaded whether they’re celebs or not but unfortunately it’s become a ‘norm’ now. These youtube sensations are a particularly tricky one where this kind of thing is concerned because they’ve got famous by sharing their life online and now all of a sudden they want it to stop. Obviously i’m not saying she should be put in danger (which is ultimately what has happened here, she has some crazy ass fangirls who would camp outside her house no doubt!) but she’s famous for putting her life online for all to see so it was bound to happen…


  5. This was a fantastic post, and I am glad to have come across it.

    I do feel that there is a sort of celebrity air to the more popular of the YouTubers. Take Jenna Marbles, for example. She has millions of fans, and gets recognized on the street. She is talked about more often than some of the Hollywood celebrities which, I feel, makes a big statement. These vloggers are absolutely celebrities in their own right. That being said, I do not condone breaching the privacy of, or stalking (like camping out at someone’s house), any type of celebrity or even commonplace person. It’s creepy, unacceptable, and can prove to be dangerous.


  6. We live in a world where you can become famous from merely having a sex tape…however I personally do not see us bloggers or vbloggers as celebrities, even if some do live in the public eye. With Zoella however, she does have a published book which I guess almost separates her.


  7. I think youtubers get paid waaaay too much for doing, let’s be honest, barely any work. Zoe is definitely living a celebrity lifestyle, but better because in my opinion the majority of celebs eg. actors/singers put in a lot more hours, are away from home etc! And she doesn’t take any of the negatives with the celeb life, I mean a negative/constructive comment is a big no no! I used to love Zoella but now I think she just has terrible work ethic and the only thing she enjoys is the money and the adoration of people 😦


  8. Zoella definetely lives a celeb lifestyle only better … In my opinion she puts in barely any effort (can barely upload 1 vid a week) when other celebs such as actors and singers work very hard and are away from home a lot etc. She gets paid waaaay too much for what she does badly, doesn’t accept any of the negatives eg. A negative/constructive comment, honestly, if your not licking her as a you’re a ‘hater’ and need to be more positive haha!! Sorry for the rant, I used to love Zoella but her poor work ethic really gets to me now! Great blog post by the way 🙂 xxx


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