YouTubers Signing Up To Vessel

In all honestly, I’m not sure when this was announced or whether it’s hit the UK but surely this is some form of exploitation? 

In a nut shell, Vessel is a subscription service (think Netflix) that allows you to view videos 72 hours before they are uploaded to YouTube (or other video websites). Of course, there is a fee, I think around $3 a month? Correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t researched this too much, but from what I have read the idea of it made me so angry! 

In my opinion this is a sketchy business plan, the primary audience for popular Gleam YouTubers such as Zoella and PointlessBlog are young teenagers. A vulnerable, hard to reach audience which YouTube  has done a great job of targeting. These YouTubers are already paid thousands of pounds to promote brands, so why would they sign up to Vessel and expect their dedicated subscribers to PAY to watch their amazing videos early… It’s all about the £££, clearly.

This target market have no disposable income, except what they can get off their parents, which makes it even worse. They are heavily influenced by what these YouTube sensations say, and are likely to bug their parents until they fork out for the subscription. It may be a strong word, but it’s exploitation, all for some extra £££.

They go on about how much they ‘love’ their viewers. So they should, they would be nobodies without them, surely the least they can do is let them watch their videos for free? YES, They can watch them for free anyway but WHY should someone have to pay for the ‘privilege’ of seeing their videos a couple of days early? 

Let’s be honest, the bigger these YouTubers get, the less they upload. And they are so heavily constructed and planned it’s painful to watch, anyone else fed up of  some YouTube videos basically being long adverts? 

They need to make a living, yes I agree. But they are making a pretty decent living, with Zoella and PointlessBlog recently moving into a £1 million house… Surely the line needs to be drawn somewhere?

All in all, this is beyond a joke and it’s got to the point where their influence is so huge, I’m sure millions of young teenagers wouldn’t hesitate in getting their parents to pay for Vessel. Their income would significantly increase but don’t YouTubers earn enough? Even if they don’t, I don’t think this is an ethical business move and I think it’s an insult to the subscribers that gave them their fame if they sign up to this. 

I’d be embarrassed if I signed up to Vessel and was exploiting thousands of young teenagers, because it is exploitation.


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  1. YES. I saw this a few days ago and it got my blood boiling! You’ve put all of my thoughts perfectly into a post! Everything is about money for these people (*cough* book deals *cough*) and it’s nothing other than exploitation of their fans. What happened to making videos/blogging for the love of doing it?? Of course they have to make an income but surely this is a little too far?

    Rhianna |


  2. I don’t see why they should draw the line at how much they earn, you wouldn’t expect a business to stop an expansion because they’re already earning a fair bit. Also, I don’t think there’s such a thing as earning enough, everyone always wants to earn more money. No one is forcing these kids to sign up to anything and they’re acting like their whole world has fallen apart because of it. YouTubers aren’t going to be around forever so they’re just making as much money as they can now, seems clever if you ask me. No one moans about singers exploiting people by charging a higher price to be closer to the stage or for VIP.


    1. Singers are charging for a service (show) anyway, youtube is a free service that they are expecting fans to start paying for. In my opinion there isn’t any added value that justifies charging – seeing the same video a couple of days early? At least with VIP shows etc there is added value through seats, meet and greets etc


    2. I agree – it is a bit weird on some levels because of the age of the YouTuber audience, but if they are that desperate that they can’t possibly wait three days for the free video anyway then more fool them.

      People signing up to Vessel don’t have the job title of ‘YouTuber’ – they’re content creators. YouTube just happens to be the platform that they upload to which makes their content accessible for free to the masses because it’s the site everybody uses. It’s not like this Vessel is restricting their free content. If someone is silly enough to pay for an early release that’s their issue I think!


  3. Wow, this is ridiculous. I literally just read a post about bloggers who monetize their blogs too much, now this.. I would never sign up to such a service, although I do know people who definitely would. This is really pissing me off and I’m so upset. Ugh.


  4. I wouldn’t have any idea about this unless I read this post, I am not big on Youtube and don’t really use it all- pretty strange huh? Either way I think it is definitely taking advantage of people who don’t earn their own money anyway or who do and have very little, they must think highly of themselves for people to want the ‘privilege’ or watching it early haha x


  5. Surely the income generated by the adverts and sponsors YouTubers receive now is enough for them? I know filming, editing and uploading videos takes a lot of hard work (assuming the youtuber is consistent) but, like you said, Zoe Sugg lives in a £1 million house, so it’s not like the bigger youtubers aren’t being paid for their efforts. I loved YouTube when I was 14/15 but even then I was wise to the sponsored videos and the money youtubers were making, I would not have paid a penny to watch videos a few days before they’re released to the general public back then and I would’ve never expected my parents to pay for me. The sad thing is this is probably going to become a rather popular service and there’s absolutely no need for it.


  6. I’m kind of on the fence. I do think its about time that youtube had a real competitor and also, youtube are losing so much money that its only a matter of time until they do something similar. They pay out mind boggling amounts for advertising but nowadays people dont click and dont buy. Its been amazing having all of this free content but we’d be foolish to believe we’re entitled to it. True, a lot of youtubers have young audiences so there may be some tricky moral issues to face, but they are not the only big channels or worthwhile contributers of video media.

    It’s definitely a shame, no one likes change and even less when it costs, but I think its an unavoidable move if we want to continue seeing the same great content.


  7. I agree with you completely! As a keen watcher of YouTubers, I have found that the more ‘popular stars’ are uploaded less and less, which makes me turn off altogether! YouTube is an incredible free service and I think some YouTubers are really getting too big for their boots!!!


  8. Ooh this doesn’t sound great :/ as you said, youtubers target audience are younger, usually still living at home with parents and probably without money to pay! I hope youtubers don’t take it up :/ I don’t have a problem with bigger bloggers posting less, Alfie Deyes has a new video up every day which I personally think is great! As well as his other channels too, I think they get too much negativity thrown at them. Sure they’re being paid loads, it’s not the hardest job in the world and they are lucky but why should we be negative about others successes? I find it reeks of jealously!


  9. I just wanted to point out that neither Zoella or Pointlessblog have signed up for vessel so I’m not sure why you were only mentioning them, rather than listing the actual youtrubes who have signed up for vessel?


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