Is Blogging Simply a Numbers Game?

We all love our little spaces on the Internet where we can review products, ramble on about current issues and discuss fashion trends, but I don’t believe that’s what blogging is for the majority.

Of course, it’s nice to see a page view, an increase in bloglovin followers, a couple of comments on your latest post or how many clicks came through Google, but this isn’t blogging. I suppose if you do this for a living (full one job) then all of the above is integral to your livelihood, but if you don’t, take a step back and look at yourself.

You are stressing over why people didn’t view your latest post or you are desperately looking for a reason as to why they did. You check your Bloglovin account daily to see if you’ve had any new followers and heaven forbid there’s an unfollower, your day is ruined. 

You take to Twitter and spam anyone who has shared or asked for links in the hope to see a page view, an interaction, a blog or social media following increase. Guys, just an FYI, we CAN see your spam, especially when it’s all over my timeline. Although I do find it quite amusing to scroll down your profile and see the same copy and pasted message 50 times over. Well done on hitting 1,500 followers there, I think about 10 of them have returned to your blog more than twice, and how many actually interact? What is the point in having these ‘followers’ if they don’t read your content and interact with it? To look good, it’s ALL numbers!

It’s as if some of us join in chats purely so we have a right to spam our link at the end. Yes, getting recognition for what you do is amazing, we all know just how long it can take from thinking of an idea to finally hitting that publish button. 

I’m all for a share of a link/new post. I use HootSuite most days and find my views are higher than when I don’t. But that doesn’t mean than on days I don’t use it, I have a mental breakdown as my views are low. If you don’t blog for two weeks, your views are probably going to fall, please don’t make that the sole reason you churn out crap content on a daily basis. Quantity isn’t quality is a saying I hear so often and it isn’t true, there are some amazing bloggers who post daily who have amazing content, but if you aren’t 100% happy with a post and want to get it up because you need views/followers – delete it. 

I’m not saying everyone is like this, but I think it’s nice to sit back and if you have no inspiration for a week and your followers/visits/interactions drop – who cares? You should be blogging for you, not so you have some snazzy looking stats to send over to PRs to try and bag yourself some freebies.

Blog because you want to, because you enjoy writing, because you like taking photos, because you want to interact with people with similar interests. Blog like you don’t care, write your opinion and don’t worry about what others think. Blogging is all about healthy discussion and being able to write engaging content to create that discussion, that should be the aim, not to reach 1,000 ‘followers’ who only followed you because you followed them.  Well done for spamming your link and follow for following your way to blogger celebrity status…


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  1. I don’t really think there’s a problem with wanting to increase followers/page views on your blog, as long as it’s not what dictates how you blog! I often copy and paste y link to people at the end of chats because it’s easier to do that then type out a new message each time! As my followers have increased, so has my interaction, so makign the effort to promote my blog and share it on social media is obviously working 🙂


  2. Read this and slow-clapped my way through it. Wrote something very similar a few months back after I received an email telling me my blog was crap and unmarketable. Sigh. Blogging is so much more fun when you stop caring about the stats.


  3. I enjoyed this post! It is more fun to read a post when someone is writing about something they are passionate about or when they seem to have fun writing the post. Thanks again for sharing this! 🙂


  4. Couldn’t agree more with this post. I’m happy with my blog the way it is, I don’t care about the followers. I’m more grateful for the same people who comment on my posts every time and always talk to me on social media. A blogger who I have been following since the beginning has changed so much since she gained over 2000 followers. No longer interacted with me on twitter or replied to comments and bragged all over the show about her followers. It’s a shame!


  5. Agree with you on every point. I can’t say I don’t look at my numbers, because I do, we all do, but what I don’t do is get bogged down by them. gain a follower – yay, loose a follower? – oh well. Of course, I would love to see my numbers grow, and they are, slowly. But it’s more about the community I grow, not the masses of anonymous numbers I might one day attain. I’d hope PR people look at the community interaction sometimes MORE than the numbers, because it’s the community that are really taking note of what you’re blogging about, not the random numbers who probably clicked follow one day and have never actually been back!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


  6. WELL SAID. The amount of people who I see are “setting up blogs” cos apparently their passion is writing blah blah blah. It’s all for the free stuff. I also dislike people who prime PRs for free gifts, I mean that is embarrassing. I sit back, let my writing & blog do the talking for stats. Yeah sure, I do use tweet deck to post my latest offerings because of course I want people to enjoy my blog. But at the end of the day, I do it for me. I love my little space on the world wide web & have been for 3 & 1/2 years! I love your blog Mrs ❤️
    Bee xxx


  7. I don’t really get bogged down if my numbers aren’t as good as I’d like, but it’s a lovely feeling when you get a new comment, or a new follower, or a RT or a reply to a tweet! I think people should appreciate some of that more, not everyone seems to appreciate the interaction on blogs, I prefer more people to be commenting and chatting with me rather than how many followers. I do wonder what I could have done better if I get an unfollow, I got four in the same day yesterday and that made me wonder if it was a particular post, but we can’t please everyone and that’s ok 🙂


  8. This is such a brilliant post. I agree wholeheartedly with every point you have made here. It’s so obvious who the spammers are as they have a huge following but quite frankly, boring, run of the mill posts. I much prefer blogs where the content is passionate, you can really tell and that is what keeps me coming back. x


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