MAC Cyber Dupes

Mac Cyber Dupe

I know I’m not the only one who has a little collection of MAC lipsticks, I mean they just look amazing all together in their acrylic holder… am I right? I’m also not the only person who can’t help but get excited when they find a dupe for a MAC lipstick… and feel the need to own both even though they’re basically the same.

There are people who just don’t understand the whole lipstick collecting thing… ‘you already have that colour’ is quite possibly the most offensive phrase someone can come out with whilst lipstick shopping. However, I know it’s one fellow lipstick collectors have heard time and time again and we’ve all moved to shopping for lipsticks alone.

Welcome to the lipstick safe place, I mean I don’t have the biggest collection of lipsticks, but I do appreciate that you might need MAC Cyber and Smoked Purple based on the fact that they are different finishes, even if they are almost the same colour (I’ve explained this about 10 times since buying Smoked Purple last week).

Make way for the dupe(s) I have found for MAC Cyber, I’ll be honest and say that the one from Sephora was completely by accident. Whilst in Copenhagen earlier in the month I decided to treat myself to just one lipstick whilst browsing their amazing lipstick counter. It wasn’t until I got back to the hotel room and swatched the two side by side I realised they were similar… they have their slight differences of course.

I know that a lot of people reading won’t be able to get hold of Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Bewitch which I can’t seem to find on site, but I think I paid around £10 and I actually reallllly like it and it’s cheaper than MAC Cyber at £15.50.

Because I really wanted to write this post about my Sephora find, I took it upon myself to have a look in Topshop for something similar, as it’s easier to get your hands on. I know a lot of people love Topshop lipsticks so I decided to make this my first. It’s in the shade Depth and was £8 – nearly half the price of a MAC one which is pretty good if you ask me. Also, if you have a student card you can get discount – it’s a no brainer really. It’s a little more sheer than MAC Cyber, but you can build it up and it’s gorgeous.

I’d take photos of these on my lips but I don’t think it’s needed and I’m far too lazy to faff around doing that. You’ll probably be able to find some selfies on my Instagram with various lipsticks on – if you fancy a stalk.

MAC Cyber Dupe

Top to Bottom – Topshop Depth | MAC Cyber | Sephora Bewitch 

Left – With Flash | Right – No Flash

Cyber has been my favourite lipstick since I bought it after Christmas and I’m actually scared I’ll run out soon! I wear it pretty much anywhere as it’s just perfect and although I’ll be getting out the lighter shades for Spring, I know I’ll still wear this most of the time! If you are looking for something a little cheaper the Topshop one is probably the next best thing, and for £8 you might as well give it a whirl.

What do you think of these dupes?


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  1. I have all three I’m abit of a purple fanatic and I’ve managed to find that a few of my Mac purples have topshop dupes. Try out inhibition by topshop my ultimate face purple!


  2. Just wish I could wear dark colours because they are stunning but it just makes me washed out, so annoying as we’re going into autumn and it’s the perfect time to wear all he gorgeous darker colours x


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