The Emoji Struggle

  The Emoji Struggle Is Real

Yes, I am writing a post about Emojis, they are hugely important, right? I mean, how did we communicate before them?

In the new update which I was incredibly excited about, sassy gal (and the rest) is available in a number of different ethnicities. Hallelujah, the princess isn’t just blonde anymore and is now a true representation of me. Go brunette princess! However, what is with the luminous yellow skin tone? The ‘default’ setting for all emojis, NOBODY IS THAT COLOUR OK.

There is now FIFTEEN family emojis, WHY? I’m all for being inclusive and not wanting to miss anyone out but who even uses these emojis? Especially now they are bright yellow and come under the emojis that you can’t change… I’ve had enough of this politically correct update, just give me the emojis I need.

When I heard about the update I was thinking YES, UNICORN! YES, FINGERS CROSSED EMOJI. Nah, none of that – why would they develop an app with emojis people have been asking for, for months? If you ask me, we NEED a unicorn emoji and Apple need to give it to us! How many times do we NEED a fingers crossed emoji and feel as though our tweet/text/Facebook update is just inadequate without one. ALL THE DAMN TIME. I’d quite like a crisp emoji too, I love crisps.

Apple or whoever is in charge of our beloved emojis, bring us the emojis we desperately need for a happy online life. I’ll even do some market research for you. Fingers crossed for a unicorn emoji!

Someone else tell me they feel the emoji struggle!?


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  1. Yeah, I’m pretty pissed too. I need a middle finger emoji, although I know they’ll never do that (kids and stuff ):



  2. Hahaha, this made me laugh a lot! I very much agree on the crossed fingers…my life is such a struggle without them. I also need an egg, why haven’t they given us an egg? And I’m not talking that silly, frying pan egg, I need a whole, cute little egg. (You’d be surprised how often it is relevant to my conversations).

    I also think the default is luminous yellow BECAUSE no one is that colour, haha! Now they’re trying to be all politically correct, they wouldn’t want to choose an a life-like skin tone as the main one, for fear of offending anybody/portraying that it is the ‘superior colour’. I don’t know, just my two cents.

    Thank you for brightening up my morning!
    Liv xx


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