Covet Me? Covet No Thanks 

I’ve been working in affiliate marketing since I finished University and whilst I think its a really good opportunity for bloggers to monitise their content, I haven’t written a post to say how.

In all honesty, it’s only worth it if you drive a fair bit of traffic to your blog. For anyone unsure of what affiliate links are, they are links from H&M for example that have some code added to them so the merchant (H&M) can track the activity. They’ll look at clicks, sales and revenue. They can them calculate conversion rate, average order value (AOV) etc.

The incentive in using these links? You’ll get paid commission based on how much revenue you drive, a Cost Per Aquisition Model (CPA). There are other models but generally fashion/beauty retailers stick to this one. It usually ranges from 1% – 10% but can vary depending on the merchants programme.

So you generate the link so it has tracking, post this on your blog or socials media channels and wait to see if anyone clicks/purchases from your recommendation.

I would recommend using an affiliate network such as Affiliate Window, I use this for both my own blog and work and find it the most user friendly. I don’t use it often on my blog, mainly because I don’t feel I generate enough traffic but it’s just good to see it from an affiliate side, rather than the clients I work with. There is a £5 signing up fee but you can get that back once you’ve generated enough commissions.

I only really use it for link building, as I’m clueless when it comes to code! You simply paste in the deeplink (a page that leads anywhere but the homepage) and it generates you a lovely link with all of the tracking code (you can track links to the homepage too). But they have a really good analytics suite so you can see who you are generated clicks/sales for and when.

It isn’t something bloggers need to do, whilst it’s helped me in my role at work I don’t feel it’s made any difference to my blog. But, if you are intrigued it’s well worth signing up, the geek in me loves seeing if anyone actually clicks on the links in my blog posts!

Covet Me

This is where I get to this new ‘craze’ that’s hit the blogosphere, CovetMe. Where bloggers can earn vouchers from retailers for doing the same as I described from above. One of their, I’m assuming employees is all over blogging groups on Facebook claiming they will pay them in vouchers for simply sharing things on social media. Whilst this is correct, it’s so misleading and so many bloggers are firing across their email addresses to sign up.

Claiming to be the first ever platform that awards you with points when you share a product you love, or a picture of your style online their ‘members’ will receive 5 points every time someone clicks, and 250 for a member referral. Working on more of a CPC (cost per click) model, you can then trade in your points for vouchers. There are retailers through other affiliate networks who work on this model, but as I said it’s mostly CPA.

Potentially, it’s legit and worthy of your time, but who knows? I’d much rather put my trust in an affiliate network with really good analytics and cash payment.

Whilst I think it’s great that bloggers are starting to see a value in their content, I worry that there is no education on affiliate opportunities and therefore bloggers are jumping into opportunities like this because they are ‘invited’.

If you are joining/have joined, I’d be prepared to be that annoying person who people potentially unfollow. I know I won’t be tolerating being spammed with Covet Me links because you want your £10 ASOS gift card.

Like I said, I’m happy people are monitising content that they would be publishing anyway. But I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing the bloggers who are not in it for the freebies sharing things for the sake of a voucher.

Time to get familiar with the good old Twitter un-follow button I think.

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  1. I just saw this covetme hashtag pop up all over twitter today, I’m pleased to finally understand what the frick it’s all about. I also work in affiliation, in fact I work for a big affiliate site and it’s kind of alarming to me how easy it is for this company to dupe bloggers into thinking this is a good idea. For one thing, they’re a middle man. If someone buys something through your covetme link, they’re getting the revenue share from the shop, then dishing out points to the blogger so they can earn a voucher.. the bloggers return will be much less than if they just shared a direct tracking link and, as you say, it’s only worth it if you have a pretty large, loyal following anyway. but if you’re going to do it, do it for yourself, not for some greedy middleman who will give you crumbs from their entire pie.


  2. I’ve managed to earn 3 £100 ASOS vouchers within 24 hours but apparently they’re now looking into accounts to see if they’re being used ”legitimately”, whatever that means. It seems that they hadn’t expected such a huge drive to their website or for it to hit off as much as it has. It’s far too easy to get points and vouchers! A few on my twitter have received their vouchers for smaller amounts, but the bigger ones are being looked into which seems rather odd.

    Becky //


  3. I got sent an invite to Covet Me today and honestly, I know if people started spamming my twitter/insta/facebook with these kind of links, I’d unfollow, so I’m not going to be one of those people inflicting it on others for the sake of a voucher that will only encourage me to spend when I wouldn’t in order to use said vouchers!


    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


  4. Thanks for this insight! We’re not at a monetising stage yet with our blog, but it’s helpful to know now some of the options we should investigate further when we get to that point.
    Suzy x


  5. Covet Me is all over my Twitter timeline and it’s driving me up the wall. There’s nothing wrong with monetisation or affiliation links but spamming the life out of everyone’s timeline just for a £10 voucher or whatever is unnecessary. I love the blogging community but I swear as soon as one person highlights something it’s all anyone can talk about for days on end.


  6. Hi Bethany, it’s Jessica from Thanks for your post. We are a small startup who are trying something innovative, and we ourselves have all had fashion blogs in the past, and come from the fashion industry. We are having a few launch hiccups, but are striving to make a product that we promise you will love. We didn’t expect it to take off this soon, but are obviously delighted it has, and are taking all your feedback onboard. Hope you keep checking in and see how we grow. thanks again. Jessica


  7. Honestly iam starting to agree with a lit of people when they say that this is a joke.I see people getting their voucher after a 6 weeks AND one of the last vouchers that i requested was 10 weeks ago and not even the first that i requested more than 3 months ago i got.They send me an email just one more execuse that my voucher is a high priority but the true is that iam still waiting and waiting.


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