Travel: A Weekend in London

At the Weekend I was lucky enough to have a mini-break away in the capital with my boyfriend for his birthday. I say for his birthday, but the main reason we headed down South was for the FA Cup semi final. That is probably the last I’ll say about that as.. well I’m not an Aston Villa fan and therefore don’t want to replay that 90 minutes in my head again!

We headed down on Saturday morning, catching the 5:51am train from Chester (yes, that early) so we could make the most of our time there. We’d been to London a couple of years previous so didn’t feel the need to queue up for the London Eye, Madame Tussauds etc. Instead we opted for a stroll in the sunshine so I could snap away and enjoy the sights. We did pop into Churchill War Rooms, part of the Imperial War Museum, because we’re cultured and all that. I’d highly recommend it if you, like us are interested in history and learning a bit more about Churchill.

In the evening we met up with one of my friends from University and met her new boyfriend (we approve!). It was lovely to catch up with them, especially as they were visiting London too and we had no idea we’d end up there at the same time! A few drinks later we headed back to the hotel in preparation for the ‘big’ game. I said I would’t mention it again, so basically we went, enjoyed the initial atmosphere, watched the game and caught the train back to the wonderful North.

I hope reading that has given enough time for the rest to load…

Horse Guards Parade St James Park Horse Guards Parade St James Park 20150418_104718 20150418_103748 Buckingham Palace The London Eye 20150418_103802 Big Ben 20150418_104824 Wembley 20150419_144857 20150419_145358 20150419_145507

It’s annoying how the layout seems to squish photos, making them look awful – but there is my weekend in pictures! I’m going to pin these to one of my Pinterest boards – so check out my Pinterest and give it a follow here (shameless plug).

What is your favourite place to visit in London? We’re thinking of popping down again closer to Summer!

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  1. My husband and I love popping down to London for a weekend, one of my favourite places was Greenwich, the observatory is fabulous there and it’s a lovely walk up the hill from the Maritime museum. There’s also a cute marketplace there as well as loads of lovely places to eat. If you want something a bit more vibrant, then Camden is the place to go. Your pics are fab, not squashed at all!
    Suzy x


  2. The photos look great gorgeous! They look fine on the phone…
    It looks like you had a great weekend especially with the weather. I haven’t been to London for a weekend away for YEARS! I hope I can get there soon.
    Bee xxx


    1. Thank you! Must just be my laptop… stupid thing haha! 🙂

      Ah it was so lovely, especially as we didn’t have loads of time to plan what we we’re going to do as it was so last minute. Was nice just to wander around and take it all in! X


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