Outfit: All Black Errrrything


Where has ‘All Black Errrrything’ come from? Is it something the ‘kids’ say these days? If so I am totally down with them.

Anyway, in London last Saturday night, I wore the above. We went out for dinner and drinks and as I’m never in a million years a heels person, I went for the whole I’m so damn chic I don’t need heels look. I didn’t exactly pull that off, but I do love this outfit so much, any the shoes are so comfortable!

It’s all from Primark and everything bar the shoes are recent purchases. My favourite has to be the duster jacket/coat, I have seen this style on so many bloggers and have been lusting after one. Whilst in London last Saturday morning, we popped into Primark (you can’t just walk past) and it was like love at first sight, my eyes met it’s… sleeves? and I knew then that it was mine. That got weird.

Basically, I’m in love with this jacket and pretty much the whole outfit. It’s comfy and one of those ‘effortless but chic’ looks, ticks all the boxes for me!

Anyone else all about the comfort?


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  1. You look absolutely stunning lady as always! I think I need a trip to Primark very soon (it’s been yonks!) everyone seems to be picking up amazing pieces. I need to get in on this!
    Bee xxx


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