Travel: Copenhagen, Denmark

At the beginning of March my boyfriend and I went to Copenhagen for a few days, as part of my birthday present. We managed to get really cheap flights with EasyJet and stayed at the Hotel Kong Arthur. I couldn’t recommend the hotel enough. It was really lovely and location wise it was great. A short walk away from both the bus and metro as well as a lovely indoor food market, with the most amazing pain au chocolat!

I’d 100% recommend getting a Copenhagen Card, we purchased ours at the airport once we had cleared passport control. It gives you free access to loads of attraction as well as free travel across all bus, train and metro services. I think it cost us around £60 as we opted for the 72 hour card. I think it’s around £35 for a 24 hour card so it’s definitely worth working out which one is best for you.

We hadn’t looked into the Copenhagen Card (CHC) too much before purchasing but I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it if you are going to have full days of sight-seeing! When we went to Amsterdam a couple of years ago we took a canal tour and really enjoyed it, so when we saw that one was free with the CHC we were so happy. With a fabulously cheesy but informative voice-over in your chosen language, and a chance to take a look at all the sights, it’s well worth it. I’m sure it’s pretty expensive without a CHC too!

We visited various museums and castles as I don’t think you can go on a city break without diving into the history of the place. There are some beautiful buildings in Copenhagen my pictures just didn’t do them justice! The only museum we went to that I wouldn’t recommend was the National Museum of Denmark, we just didn’t find it interesting at all so ended up leaving and having a wander around Christiansborg Slot/Palace (100% recommend!!).

If you are a fan of Hans Christian Anderson and are a little childish (like me), you’ll love the museum dedicated to him. The exhibit showcases a huge selection of his best known stories and is interactive too. You can’t go to Copenhagen without taking a stroll (or a metro and then a stroll!) to see The Little Mermaid statue. Whilst this isn’t one of the worlds most exciting things to visit, you can’t go to Copenhagen without going to snap a few pics!

The Carlsberg Brewery is a must-visit and is again, included with your CHC! You get a couple of complementary drinks and are left to your own devices to walk around. Whilst it’s interesting as to how Carlsberg started etc my favourite was the room with all of the bottles Carlsberg sell/have sold, split by country! I also loved the stables, as horses played such a huge part in the process all those years ago, they still keep a small number at the brewery. We ended our tour with a beer and a game of table football in their on-site bar and a mooch in the gift shop. If we’d have taken more than a rucksack with us we would definitely have stocked up on glasses. They had some gorgeous single and sets of glasses and they were so cheap! Next time eh…

I’m one of the most laziest people you’ll ever meet, so whilst I love sightseeing, I’m a moaner. This paired with the fact that we decided to climb 400 stairs to the top of Vor Frelsers Kirkes tårn meant I was nearly dead! Especially as it definitely wouldn’t have passed in the UK due to Health and Safety! However, once we got to the top we got a lovely view of the whole of Copenhagen. It had started to rain and the wind was pretty strong, but it was still lovely, I can only imagine how nice it is in the sun!

We really wanted to go to Tivoli Gardens, but as we went in March, it wasn’t open. The old fashioned amusement park sounds amazing and if you are thinking of going, look to make sure it’s open before you book!

Whilst we usually want to explore the same places/visit the same things, we clashed when I said I wanted to go to Sephora. My boyfriend couldn’t understand why I wanted to go shopping whilst on holiday and why I had to visit before we left. I’d never been to Sephora before and although we can now get it online here (didn’t tell him that) I just needed to go. I did treat myself to one of their mascaras and a lipstick but I was impressed with how restrained I was. In return, we went to FC Copenhagen’s football ground so he could buy himself one of their football shirts. We were both gutted that the day after we got back FC Copenhagen played at the stadium as we would have loved to have gone!

On our final day we had an early evening flight so decided that would be the day we go to the zoo. We both love the zoo and although Copenhagen’s offering isn’t that big, you can easily spend a few hours there. I spent my remaining Krone on a few flamingo-related gifts to myself, oh yes!

I’d 100% recommend Copenhagen if you are looking for a city break. I’d say 2/3 full days is enough so a long weekend would be perfect. I’d love to know if you’ve been to Copenhagen or are thinking of going.

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