Review | Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry Lipstick

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There are so many people out there that rave about  Charlotte Tilbury that I needed to try a couple of bits out for myself. Whilst at an event with Katie from Golddust, she persuaded me to try some on payday (a couple of days later). I say persuaded, I wanted this lipstick and she just enabled me – thank you Katie.

Payday arrived and I took myself off to Selfridges on my lunch break. I think the fact that my office a 5 minute walk into Manchester city centre is the thing I’ll miss the most when I leave on Friday! Although, TK Maxx is only around the corner from my new office…

Anyway, whilst I was swatching Glastonberry for the thousandth time in about 6 months the lovely chap approached me and asked if I needed any help. I didn’t hesitate in saying ‘THIS ONE PLEASE’. He then asked if I wanted the lip liner they use with it… and whilst it was payday I thought why the hell not. So off I went, back to the office with a little yellow bag containing the Glastonberry lipstick and Bad Romance lipliner.

I’ve worn this a fair few times now (almost everyday since I bought it) and I’m in love! The lip liner application is flawless which I’m so happy with as I tend to struggle with it. Someone tell me I’m not the only one? The shade of the lipstick is perfection and although it’s one of Charlotte Tilbury’s matte lipsticks it isn’t drying at all. When applying this it doesn’t drag on the lips and you wouldn’t know you were applying a matte lipstick. I adore MAC lipsticks but find that even with their matte formula you know when you are applying a matte one!

The only negative with this lipstick is on application, whilst it feels great on the lips, it ends up even closer to my chin than my lip liner – if that makes sense? I think its due to the shape of the lipstick but think this is something that I won’t find a problem as I find the ‘nack’ in applying! Although it’s nothing a wipe with a cotton bud doesn’t fix anyway!

Overall, I bloody love this and I wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing another one! However, I don’t have a money tree and at £23 for the lipstick and £16 for the lipliner, it something I won’t be treating myself to every week! There is a photo of me wearing it here.

What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product?


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