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Jacket £25 was £55 | Shirt £8 was £16 | Jeans £10 was £22 | Converse | Michael Kors Selma Bag

The Next sale isn’t something I’d usually bother with, but as we are getting the keys to our house on the 31st we decided to pop in and have a look at their home section. My boyfriend used to work there before graduating and a friend of ours who still works there helped us out. We ended up spending over £200 and I wanted to do a haul but the items for our house are buried under a million other things now!

Whilst in there on Friday evening I spotted the above jacket. I instantly fell in love but as we’re moving and I don’t need it I put it back. Once I got home I decided that if it was still there by midday on Saturday when we went in to pay for our haul I’d treat myself to it. Of course, it was there… along with loads more. I honestly don’t know why as I think it’s gorgeous. Each to their own I suppose! It was £25 down from £55 and I’m over the moon it’s mine. It’s quite sad that owning a jacket makes me so happy but it’s nice so, who cares?

I also picked up this gorgeous monochrome patterned shirt, it crosses over at the front and I just love it. I’m a really good blogger and didn’t get a picture from the front, but it’s nice, and you’ll just have to trust me on that one. I’m a fan of Next jeans as they are pretty long lasting and relatively cheap – especially at £10 in the sale. Whilst these aren’t super skinny like my usual jeans, they’re so comfy! I’m quite happy I’ve only paid £10 for these, knowing they’ll last – unlike spending £40 on a pair of Topshop ones that fade after 6 weeks…

Did you pick anything up in the Next Sale?


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  1. Gotta love a bit of fringing, my sister got me a fringed black cross body bag for my birthday that I absolutely love! Haven’t looked at the Next sale to be honest. I did hear about it though as our local store opened at 5am apparently on the Sat that it started :/, mad, not sure if anyone turned up that early though! My mom was near one yesterday though and I asked her to pop in to see what the baby stuff was like on sale, but she said there wasn’t much newborn stuff so haven’t bothered to rush in to have a look. My local one is quite small though to be honest.

    Gem x


  2. ahh so glad you got that jacket, i saw it on insta and when you said you’d put it back i was like noo!! I can never usually find anything much in the Next sale but I think that’s because I don’t have the patience to root through anything


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