YouTube | Primark to Collaborate With Velvetgh0st?

VelvetghostWhen I saw this plastered all over my Twitter timeline tonight I was confused. I’m 100% for brands taking advantage of the reach and demographic of YouTubers and collaborating with them, but Velevtghost??!!!

Surely as a brand you would do your research? You want someone with a relatively ‘squeaky clean’ past? Someone who isn’t the queen of YT Twitter drama? Someone who hasn’t promoted unhealthy weight loss? Someone who doesn’t tell their ‘fans’ to self harm where nobody can see?

I don’t promote Guru Gossiper, but all it takes is a simple Google search and you’ll find threads full of screenshots and stories. There is even a tumblr account full of screenshots! Whilst I think some of the things Velvetghost has done are disgusting, I don’t care about her. I don’t care that the girl is a liar, is manipulative and a bad role model to her ‘fans’.

What I don’t understand is Primark. How can Primark not pick up on this? Why do Primark WANT this person promoting their brand? Have they simply not done their research or are they happy with Velvetghost promoting their brand?

If they haven’t done their research, it’s absolutely ridiculous! A business that is now worldwide can’t just pluck their ‘celebrity’ endorsements out of the air. Surely their brand is worth more than that?

If they have CHOSEN to have her after EXTENSIVE research than I’m even more annoyed. I can’t fathom why you would want someone with SUCH a bad reputation endorsing your brand, regardless of how many units they’ll shift (some people like her apparently). I understand that business is all about the £££ but is this the way to do it?

In my opinion the demographic of Velvetghosts followers are teenagers. Yes, a market that is seen as hard to target, but they are one of the most impressionable groups of society. They are easily blinkered into ‘fangirling’ over YouTubers and buying into Velvetghosts image (the one she portrays in her videos, not the b*tch on Twitter who is rude as f*ck to people, deleting tweets afterwards). Do Primark really want to be seen to targeting a market in such a derogetary way?

Surely if they wanted to use a YouTuber there are so many others out there? So many others with a decent reputation and a similar following that you’d WANT to promote your brand?

Basically, I’m baffled that they’ve decided to work with Velvetghost, I just can’t get my head around it. Yes, things on GG aren’t always *true* but the screenshots don’t lie (No, I don’t think they’ve been edited), and there’s got to be a reason that fellow YTers like Zoella and Becca Rose have dropped her as a pal?


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  1. I hadn’t a clue who she was until tonight. Surprising how I’ve spent so much time online and only seen her mentioned a few hours ago. After having a read up on things though, I’m pretty shocked at Primark too. You’d think that they would choose someone with a ~cleaner~ past, as opposed to whoever would bring in enough money. Sigh.



  2. Writing a post on this is out of order, she has the freedom of speach to say anything she wants on a social media platform, we all do, like you just have. People change. People make mistakes. Deal with it. We’re all going through the journey that is called life, we will make mistakes, we will lose friends, it doesn’t mean you stop living your life.


    1. I don’t think it’s out of order at all. I haven’t said she needs to stop living her life? She has a bad reputation from her own doing. The multiple threads backed up with screenshots speak for themselves. I know people who have had her family personally attack them for no reason. She has promoted unhealthy dieting, self harming and lied repeatedly to her audience. She knows her audience are young and impressionable, it’s irresponsible and disgusting that she acts in this way. Surely she knows this each time she does it, as she deletes the offending tweets straight after. She doesn’t seem to learn either as it’s a viscous circle.

      Whilst I don’t like Gabby, this post is more about Primark and their decision is choosing someone with such a bad reputation. Surely she isn’t a good person to represent the brand?

      Again, I’m not out of order posting this, we all make mistakes but with the following she has, she should know better and think before she posts. Primark should have known better IMO.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


    2. You realize freedom of speech goes both ways, right? And freedom of speech means you can say things, not that you can’t be taken to task for them? Glad we’re clear.


  3. i’m not a big fan of gabby, i rarely agree with her tweets and she’s not particularly captivating as a YT’er in my opinion HOWEVER i don’t believe in her not being considered for opportunities like this because of something she’s said in the past. people like her are living their lives in the public eye and everything is plastered on the internet forever. there are collaborations with huge brands and celebrities with much worse histories that aren’t judged because their actions aren’t screen-shotted and pasted on the likes of some silly website. i won’t be buying a cat cushion but primark will no doubt sell a hoard to said teenage fan base, which ultimately, is what matters in their business x


    1. I disagree, it isn’t in the past, it’s happening now. She is still being a bad role model to this day, but deleting her tweets so if you were to scroll back she’d look lovely. They want to make money, and I get that but I feel this is a bad business decision.

      The fact she is living her life in the public eye should be a wake up call for her to act appropriately? I’m not saying she needs to screen all her tweets but there are some that she just shouldn’t post, especially as she deletes them later on anyway to look sweet and innocent!

      She has a horrible image and only herself to blame. Primark shouldn’t have chosen her, if they had such a small budget, they should have gone down a different route. ASDA have worked with graduates and it reflects a hell of a lot better on them, than this collaboration Primark have revealed.


  4. God, this is a bit of a shock. I’m surprised they picked her. She must be a PR nightmare. I am really reluctant to badmouth a fellow hardworking woman but I think Gabby is definitely a problematic individual and this is a tad worrying, given her young demographic and the wide audience Primark reaches.

    Rachel |


    1. Thanks for your comment Rachel.

      I agree, I don’t think i’m one to criticize bloggers, but I’m just worried about the influence she has over her demographic and Primark are endorsing it! Such a shame.


  5. I don’t know anything about her drama I just follow her on Instagram. Interesting to read your article about this and in part I agree with you that surely a brand would want a good role model to be involved with them. However, if they are only looking to leverage her reach and massive fan base I don’t think they’d care about drama especially stuff that isn’t current. I’m sure she’ll make them loads of money.


  6. Yet another example of a brand taking notice of subscribers and statistics rather than looking at the bigger picture, I doubt they care that Gabby is a bad role model, they just see that she can get their products out there. I agree with everything you’ve said in this post, it drives me absolutely insane that brands hire people like her but it’ll continue to happen!

    And to those saying ‘it’s in the past get over it’ – it’s hardly in the past, Gabby is a total sucker for any kind of drama and she has to be involved in EVERYTHING. She’ll create and be involved in more scandal, mark my words.


  7. Oh I totally agree! I normally stear clear when YouTubers and brands collab or they have items being released, though I tend to support the idea 100%. This time I am slightly confused too, I’ve watched her videos & have her on Twitter…and Gabby doesn’t make much sense to me either, she’s constantly contradicting herself and she definitely shouldn’t say half the things she does on Twitter to her impressionable teenage audience.
    I personally don’t see the attraction to Primark collaborating with her because of her reputation. There’s many other YouTubers who certainly deserve this opportunity….I think I’ve gone off on a ramble here, but I agree with your post basically haha.

    Sarah xo || See The Stars


  8. Hi, I’ve watched a lot of Gabby’s youtube vids over recent months and don’t see any drama, I’m not on twitter but considering she’s only 21 some sort of drama always happens around that age when your trying to figure yourself and your morals out, its a shame that you have chosen to bash her yet give no evidence to support your claims. She’s a young woman trying to make the most of an opportunity Primark have given her and fair play to her, I won’t be buying any cat items but why pull a young woman down when women should be supportive of each other, or if you don’t like her from your own personal experience (yet you haven’t mentioned anything) that’s fine, then leave her to it, why comment at all?? She’s done nothing illegal, she’s not Kate Moss with her heroin addiction-but I’m sure you still buy her rimmel make up


    1. Thanks for your comment. This post isn’t a personal attack on Gabby, it’s more to Primark.

      I have put examples of her behaviour, but no screenshots as, again it isn’t a personal attack on her. I feel it’s a bad choice on Primark’s part, which is what I’ve said. The post also states that there are plenty examples on Guru Gossiper.

      Yes she is 21, but that means nothing. It’s her job, she has management. I’m 22, I wouldn’t go into my job and bully my colleagues, so why does she do it to her followers on Twitter? I would have no problem if this was in the past, but it’s a daily thing on Twitter. You wouldn’t see this by going through her Twitter as after being horrible to someone, she deletes her tweets. It would be great if that was her learning from being horrible, but she continues to do it.

      As a social influencer you need to grow up fast and be professional, it is your job after all. Her audience is young and impressionable and it’s irresponsible to be promoting unhealthy dieting, self harm and encouraging her fans to bully people who disagree with her.

      I don’t need to post evidence on here to back up what I’m saying, go to the GG like I said in my post.

      I also don’t need to support her purely because she’s a woman. If I don’t agree with someone’s behaviour, why would I support if? That is a ridiculous statement I am fed up of seeing thrown about.

      In my opinion, Primark were wrong to choose to collaborate with Gabby. And that is what this post is about.


      1. I think you need to grow up does not matter what gabby has done last week or in the past don’t have the right to badmouth people like that ..I guess you have never done one thing wrong in your life ? No mistakes? People 8n glass houses shouldn’t throw stones .


  9. If you think what she did was disgusting you’re being just as bad by attacking her,but hey ho ”freedom of speech”.


  10. I am a regular viewer of Gabby’s videos and, unlike what you have implied, I am not a naive, impressionable kid; I’m a 23 year old woman who simply enjoys her filming style and content. To me she seems like a lovely, kind, bubbly girl who I would want to be friends with. If said demographic want to idolise her, they will take inspiration from the positive aspects of Gabby’s personality and the positive messages she promotes; they will not see something negative she may have posted and think, “Damn, I want to be just like her when I grow up!”. Responding to alleged “bullying”, with further bullying, is pathetic and harsh. A word of advice: if you are trying to become a successful blogger, do not dedicate whole blog posts to completely slating an individual in a very unnecessarily rude manner. What you have written says a hell of a lot more about you than it says about VelvetGh0st, and I think you should reconsider posts like this before making them public – it’s not a good image at all.


  11. If you genuinely did not agree with the collaboration then you should’ve emailed primark directly.
    Instead you decided to extensively shame someone for their success.
    Good luck in future now you’ve extensively showed the type of person you are.


  12. By writing this blog post you’re just as bad! I personally don’t think Gabby has done anything wrong she is just says what she thinks. Everyone always talks about how people need to be more honest but as soon as someone is, like Gabby, everyone jumps down their throats, like you’ve just done. She stands up for what she believes in and fights her battles instead of ignoring it the hate, and what’s wrong with that? Just because everyone else doesn’t do it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong! Don’t hate on her for no reason, you don’t even know her.


  13. This is such a rude post! It looks as though your just jealous of how far she’s come! Writing a hate post about Gabby is totally out of order and if your writing a post like this, I’m sure this will be taken as a bad reputation of being mean to other bloggers. She’s such a lovely person if you get to know her and if you actually followed her and know her as well as her viewers do, you will know that people pick on the smallest stupidest things that she says and they twist her words to make her look bad. She doesn’t necessarily comment back to hate but the minute she does everyone looks at her as a horrible person when she’s not! people misinterpret what she says! Okay it was Primarks choice to ask Gabby and have her representing their brand and they’ve obviously thought a lot about it and have actually thought about how she comments back and what people say to her and how she is misinterperated, and so they won’t just choose someone without doing their research, and again this is so rude.


  14. Oh! Thanks for promoting Gabby!
    How exciting!!! I’m so happy she’s done this collaboration! I totally didn’t see it until you posted it!
    Thanks for promoting it! Judging by your post I notice your stalking her too! I’m one of her biggest fans! I can tell you love her since you’ve dedicated a post on her! Yay we have so much in common!


  15. Your post is repetitive and not at all informative even if it is your opinion. You have just backed everything up with rumors and not facts. Plus, you’ve blogged in quite a biased manner letting your personal feelings toward Gabby take over, which is contradictory to how you keep saying the issue is with the partnership and not the girl. I’m just saying…so don’t go all bitchy on me since I’m entitled to my own opinion too.


  16. I think that it’s really sad that people cannot just be happy for another person’s success. Whether or not you agree with her actions of the past or present should not detract from the fabulous opportunity that she has been given. Personally, I think you’re a bit hypercritical; publicly slating somebody isn’t exactly role model material either. Maybe it’s time to stop focussing on what others are doing, and wasting time bad-mouthing them, and focussing on your own career. Maybe one day you may find yourself with an opportunity like Gabby.


  17. Don’t you think this is a little rude? I understand that this is an attack primarily on Primark but the base of your rant is Gabby and to me, that’s extremely rude. What happened to empowering women? Why do we have to drag them down? Sure Gabby’s made mistakes, we all have, but exploiting those mistakes in a manner so public is honestly disgusting. Gabby doesn’t dress things up and she shouldn’t have to, she doesn’t need to be a role model and she doesn’t have to pretend her life is all shiny and wonderful just because people like to watch her put makeup on. So what if she speaks about self harm? Or her weight loss in the way she does? It comes from an individual who experienced these things and is being honest about them, that’s not the same as promoting something to their demographic. I write about alcohol abuse and murder sometimes but it doesn’t mean i’m promoting it. We all have different personalities and different ways of communicating and just because hers is sometimes misconstrued as bullying doesn’t mean it is when she’s clearly addressed the issue and admitted to her mistakes. She doesn’t owe anyone anything and she certainly doesn’t need to be a polished up public figure just because she makes YouTube videos. The Primark collection is about sharing her designs and love for home wear, not about her personal life or any of the things she’s spoken about. I think you need to honestly reevaluate what good this blog post is going to do, because its not going to do any. It’s going to offend and upset Gabby and the people she loves in her life and it’s going to add to the growing negative vibes in this community. Please stop and think before you attack another human being so openly and harshly. People who are squeaky clean aren’t real, they don’t exist.


  18. And you’ve never had a confrontation with someone before? That doesn’t make Gabby a bad person in the slightest, just human. When it comes to the self harming issue- what would be the point of Gabby telling people to stop? Why would they listen to her and all of a sudden quit? I can guarantee they wouldn’t. She was just being real and, in my mind, one of the only honest people out there- a definite role model. To write this post makes you just as bad as the person you’re making Gabby out to be.


  19. I agree with you on this. I’ve read so much about her and I don’t really care about her too but that collaboration stunned me! I love Primark but they could at least use someone who is perhaps not a manipulative liar who blocks anyone that criticises her as well as calling her out? Like, I don’t know, Fleur de Force? Victoria from In the Frow? Anyone better than Gabs! Geez! I’m 21 as well but what Gab did was inexcusable and unforgivable for bullying younger kids and telling them to self-harm and slaying her haters.


  20. whilst I completely respect your opinion, and the right to it. This blog post seems to be more of a chance to slate gabby rather than just talk about the fact ‘brands aren’t looking into back stories’. And by using gurugossip as a source isn’t going to totally make a reliable and credible point as there is probably as much bullshit on there as there is truth.. A good proportion of gabby’ videos either talk about or mention the interior design of her flat and the viewers are always interested in the changes she has made which is why primark approached her on the matter of a collab. If you try to dig around into anyone’s past there will be stuff they aren’t proud of, and regret (granted some more than others) so you could honestly say the same thing about every other you tuber or blogger etc. I’m not condoning her past behavior, nor saying there isn’t truth behind it but people do grow up and change, and what’s to say Gabby hasn’t, like I’m most certainly not the same person I was even six months ago and in some ways I’m not proud of that person – which is why you can’t truly judge someone on their past when you don’t truly know them and only see a persona they put out. X


  21. Tbh, jealousy has fuled this being as you have had to make an entire blog post about it…wow

    You should be ashamed or yourself and if she is the person you say she is (I don’t see it myself) then you just as bad if not worse for writing a ‘bitchy’ (as you would say) blog post all about why she shouldn’t collab with primark. Pathetic and childish that is all this blog post is and is completely out of order.


  22. I think this post is really unnecessary. She obviously has had a lot of problems and it must be outstandingly hard to live out your life under the scrutiny of so many onlookers. I agree that she’s tweeted some stupid stuff, hell yeah – but she was only a kid too when she started on YT! I don’t know, I just think everyone deserves a second chance to be the best version of themselves. You shouldn’t spend time criticizing her, you should be empathetic that someone was in such a bad place that they constantly lashed out at the world. Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate. All I’m saying is she must be doing something right if she gets so much hate from a lot of people, and still gets chosen for a campaign like this. An achievement to be proud of X


  23. I definitely agree with you on some aspects.. I watch her via youtube and follow her amongst her social media platforms and see the numerous blocking mentions daily. I actually clicked on an instagram account where there’s dozens upon dozens of a bad attitude and sassy-ness screenshot. I think Gabby is very misunderstood, been through a lot and can become defensive in the wrong way, she’s definitely got a wall up and it doesn’t help when she hits out and write things that can be misleading and misinterpreted, which can easily come across as rude. I recently watched a video where she opened up and apologised to a lot of people. I can only hope this helps improve the situation and people can move forward. I didn’t know about self-harm and bad info regarding an healthy approach to weight loss… this I definitely don’t agree with!! x


  24. I think rather than focussing on the negative things she’s done in the past you should think about what you’re writing, as somebody who was doing research on Velevetgh0st just like you were I came across this post and I find it absolutely disgusting, you’re sitting there critiquing somebodies mistakes, have you never made any in your life? I’m sure you have. Nobody is perfect, she made mistakes like everybody else has in the past but if you look at her videos you’ll find she’s an amazing girl, if your mistakes were public you probably wouldn’t have a great image because all society does is focus on the negative.
    I know your heart was in the right place when writing this but maybe next time you should think about different perspectives?


  25. I think we have to remember she’s very young herself and has made mistakes. We all have made mistakes at her age. We aren’t perfect. We can’t judge anyone or anyones actions. Hopefully she’s moved passed all that bad stuff and has grown up.


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