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When I found out I was moving out, I decided to use up all of my Lush collection and start afresh. Why? I don’t know, it was definitely a moment of madness…
The Lush shape hole in my life was made even bigger when I heard the news that there were some Oxford Road exclusives hitting other stores. So, early this morning I took myself off to Chester, boyfriend in tow to pick up the list I had made in my head. Who knew that Lush was dead at 9:20 on a Saturday morning?

The Comforter Shower Cream 250g – £9.50

This is my all time favourite scent, so when I saw the shower cream appear in endless Oxford Street hauls I very almost planned a trip to London just to buy it. Lack of £££ put a stop to this, but I knew I needed it in my life! In all honesty, I cringed at handing over nearly £10 for this, but I’ll (try to) make it last…

The Experimenter Bath Bomb – £3.95

I’ve seen so many people say they love this so it was the first thing I picked up! I’m also a sucker for a bath bomb that is a glittery and colourful!

Intergalactic Bath Bomb – £3.95

I think this is one that Zoella had in her bath in one of her vlogs and it looked pretty cool so decided to try it. Or I just wanted it because Zoella had it – you decide.

Frozen Bath Bomb – £3.95

Why would you not want a bath bomb called Frozen? I haven’t a clue what to expect from this (apart from blue water?) but I’m excited none the less.

Milky Bath Bubble Bar – £3.75

I saw this in Katy’s haul and decided I needed it. HOW CUTE IS IT. It smells really nice and has cocoa butter in it so you can’t go wrong really – can you?

Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar – £5.95

When I see a Lush product for over £4 I cringe a little. I know this is a bubble bar and you can use it more than once but it’s a lot of money for something you just put in your bath isn’t it? (Sounds like something my boyfriend would say – eeeek). Having said that, flamingos are my favourite animal and there was no way I was walking out with this. The excitement is real.

Basically, I’m just a big bundle of excitement, especially as the new hair oil treatments are hitting the Chester store on Friday. They sound amazing! Payday treat I’m thinking…

What is your favourite Lush product?


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  1. I picked up some bits the other day I’m posting tomorrow! The comforter is one of my favourite scents too. The frozen bath bomb looked gorgeous in the water so i just had to buy it too xo


  2. Omg no way? I will have to see if they have any Brighton! I hate missing out on bath bombs and really want to try the comforter shower gel as I saw a lot of hype about the smell xx


  3. Argh this is so exciting and has made my Sunday morning! Like you I have been drooling over everyone’s post of all the lovely pieces in the Oxford street store! So hope they are bringing these off in Manchester store sometime soon! I just have to have that flamingo x


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