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20150819_192814I’m all about travelling light on a night out, not only does it mean you aren’t carrying a bag the weight of a small person, but it’s less items to go missing when you have had one too many.

Usually I am all for a strap on a bag, but when it comes to a night out I’d much rather have a clutch bag. I think the fact I have something in my hand, as apposed to over my shoulder makes me think a little more about actually picking it up and not leaving it behind (this has happened with my Michael Kors bag before *weeps*). This little fringed number* from New Look is my current favourite as I adore fringing! I think a lot of people are all about the glitzy clutch bags going into A/W (party season and all that) but I’ll definitely be rocking the fringing! It also comes with a strap making it a pretty good daytime bag too.

I know a lot of people who on a night out won’t take their card and only take enough cash so they can budget themselves. I’m quite happy to take my card as I don’t tend to go crazy and empty my bank account on a night out. I also live quite far out from pubs/bars etc so it’s nice to have my bank card incase I haven’t got enough cash for the taxi home! I tend to put this (and my ID – a definite essential) in the zip part of my bag. Me and little purses = money everywhere so the zip pocket in a bag is perfect!

Beauty-wise I’ll always take my lipstick of choice! There is nothing worse than forgetting it and it fading through the night… especially when people are throwing cameras in your face! I usually go with a MAC lipstick as they aren’t as expensive as Charlotte Tilbury etc, and although I’d probably have a little weep if I lost one, I wouldn’t feel too bad replacing it! I tend to take a powder (and brush) out with me too as I get a shiny forehead and chin (attractive I know). I’m currently using the last of my MAC Blot Powder which I’ve been using for well over a year, I probably won’t repurchase this again as it’s around £20 and I just can’t justify spending £20 on a powder anymore (like I could before?).

I’ve always been one of those people who gets really self conscious about smelling, seriously if theres a smell I instantly think its me. I’ll always have some form of body spray or perfume in my bag and a night out is no exception! This bottle of Black Opium by YSL is the perfect size but is also one of the most perfect scents ever.

Lastly, my phone and keys, two definite essentials. A night out didn’t happen unless you took 55 photos and uploaded at least 4 to Instagram, right?

What is your essential on a night out?


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