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Last weekend I packed some camping supplies and descended on Weston Park, Stafford for V Festival. Anyone who knows me well with know that 1) I’ve always said I’d never go to a festival and 2) I’d only ever consider it if The Courteeners were there. In a moment of madness I decided I was game for V Festival this year and before I knew it I was sat in my tent in a middle of a field.

Whilst I’d never bother going again, I had an amazing weekend and regardless of the weather being a little undecided (glorious sunshine for a few hours and then endless amounts of rain, thunder and lightning) I enjoyed myself!

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The Courteeners – I don’t have a bad word to say about these guys set, after all they were pretty much the only reason I went. I needed to see these guys in a festival environment and they didn’t disappoint. I saw flares at two acts all weekend, these guys and Kasabian (who headlined!). No pyro, no party and all that… 10/10

Ella Henderson – I honestly don’t think it could have been more perfect seeing Ella Henderson. When I saw the line-up she was one I had circled as a ‘if it doesn’t clash, I need to see her!’. Luckily, she didn’t clash with anyone and the sun was shining! I still can’t believe she is only 19 and has the most incredible voice. I really see Ella as a role model, she looked amazing and handled a situation with one of her ear plugs breaking really well. I’d 100% go and see her again. 10/10

Calvin Harris – I really like Clavin Harris but I wasn’t sure if I was 100% game to essentially watch him press a few buttons on stage. That being said I really enjoyed his set. I had planned to skip out half way through and see Paloma Faith but after hearing it was PACKED to see her I stayed to see his set through to the end. After a promise from the boyfriend that he’d take me to see Paloma when she next tours, I don’t regret my decision. I had an absolute ball dancing the night away to Clavin Harris, using a particularly drunk guy not far from us as my dance inspiration, he was our hero! 9/10

Tom Jones – If you went to V and didn’t go and see this man I AM ASHAMED OF YOU. My best friend took her bra and had the funniest attempt at getting it to him. He is a true showman and his voice is STILL incredible. Basically, Tom Jones has STILL got it and if you ever get the chance, go and see him and have a little boogie! 9/10

Reverend and The Makers – I’ve seen these guys before and they don’t disappoint. They really don’t give a shit what people think and I love it. They are that good we are buying tickets to see one of their shows in November. Love them. 8/10

The Script – I’ve seen these guys a couple of times and last time I saw them I was underwhelmed, so wasn’t expecting much from their V set. Oh how wrong I was! Danny O’Donoghue is so good and I was more than happy singing my heart out along with the rest of the crowd. 8/10

James Bay – I was so excited to see James Bay, I’d heard so many amazing things about him live. I was quite literally a ball of excitement (a very soaked one – thanks rain) waiting for him to walk on stage. I have his album and I really enjoy it and I really enjoyed him at V Festival, however I feel as though his set list was well, wrong. Nobody really knew any of his songs until the last 2 and due to the downpour of rain there were a lot of hecklers. “Play something we know!!” “Get a haircut” and the like. However, there is no denying the guy can sing and I had a good old jump around to my favourite, Best Fake Smile. 7/10

Ellie Goulding – I like Ellie Goulding but I don’t know every song off by heart. So half way through I left to see Kodaline. Ellie is so talented and I loved having a sing along to the songs I knew and the crowd loved it. I just can’t stand her voice when she talks, please just sing everything instead of speaking, thanks. 7/10

Kodaline – I managed to catch a bit of their set as it clashed with Ellie Goulding. As with James Bay, I have their album and love it so really wanted to see how it translated on stage. I’d say they were average at best, I’m glad I went and saw them as now I’ve seen them I won’t bother attending their tour. 6/10

Olly Murs – Yes, I decided to see Olly Murs over Kasabian. The main reason for this is that I just don’t GET Kasabian. Like I don’t see anything special about them so I’ve just never bothered listening to their music. Olly on the other hand is a true showman and was hilarious! Ella Eyre came out on stage for one song and she was incredible! He definitely would have been up there with one of the best of the weekend until he brought out some weirdos I’ve never heard of who started doing a garage remix of a song he had already sang. Queue my exit to catch the end of Kasabian (who just happened to be singing the song I knew). 6/10

I also caught a bit of George Ezra’s set as I walked through to see Tom Jones, I was actually surprised at how good he sounded! Kasabian, although I only caught a couple of songs on my way out were really good, and I can image any fan would have rated it as the best of the weekend. I know that my boyfriend did when he came back to the tent with no voice! I couldn’t write this without mentioning the first act we saw, The Proclaimers – the perfect first act of the weekend for the main stage and the crowd were loving it.

 Have you seen any of the above before? I’d love your thoughts! 


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  1. I haven’t been to V before but every year I’m like yeah I’ll go..I don’t 😉 I have wanted to see James Bay and Kasabian for a while now but at smaller gigs, they sell out too quick though 😦 xxx


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