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I love TK Maxx but the boyfriend doesn’t, so it’s very rare (especially now we live together) that I get chance to have a browse. However, last weekend we went in and once I’d scanned the beauty shelves he was quite happy to look at the home bits and pieces. The main thing we were looking for was a cooling rack (so rock and roll) as we couldn’t find one in ASDA. We found one amongst a few other bits and pieces I thought were ‘haul worthy.’ I love seeing what people manage to find in TK Maxx, so lets go…

I spotted the Mickey Mouse tin and at £3.99 I couldn’t leave it behind. It says it was supposed to be £8.99 and there is no way I’d pay that but it’s currently sat full of cookies I’ve baked so I’m getting use out of it already! I quite like the retro-esque feel of the design and the turquoise in it will tie in with my blue kitchen!

The most exciting part of the trip was spotting these Cath Kidston mug sets. I don’t drink tea or coffee and my boyfriend barely drinks either so sadly we have no use for these. However, at £12.99 each (instead of £20!) we couldn’t leave them there, and they are going to make really nice Christmas presents. I’ve wanted to buy these as presents for a certain someone for a couple of years but have always gone with something else, so for £12.99 you can’t go wrong! Of course we’ll be buying something else to go with these but Cath Kidston mugs are such good quality and look lovely, they make a great present. I just wish we had more of a use for them so we could keep them…

I spent a good 15 minutes browsing the notebooks and couldn’t decide on one! I’ll definitely be back there when I finish my current notebook at work though. If you are a bit of a stationary obsessed weirdo (like me), get to your local TK Maxx!

Have you bought anything from TK Maxx lately?


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  1. Looks like you got some awesome stuff. TK Maxx is one of my husban’ds FAVE places to shop for shoes. He is a big size 12 so it’s about the only place that stocks a selection to suit his tastes. You never know exactly what you are going to get there. I’d be super chuffed if I got those CK mugs though 🙂
    Bee xxx


  2. I need to actually get myself into TK MAXX or Homesense because I’m in my absolute element looking around places like that! Love those CK mug sets, like you say you can’t really go wrong at that price.


  3. Certainly need to take a trip to TK Maxx to check out the homeware stuff. That and Primark. I’m obsessed with picking homeware bits up. When I first moved out I was really young and money was limited so I had to pick any old things up to fill my house and now I have a style and a certain way of wanting things I’m wanting to replace a lot, though I am bad at throwing things away lol. I love those mugs x


  4. I actually saw the Cath Kidston sets and the tin in my local TK:Maxx and went back today and they were gone! So Im pretty jealous you have these! I love them xo


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