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Chester Zoo is hands down one of my favourite days out, and I urge everyone to go if you haven’t already. It’s such a good day out, especially if you get decent weather like we did on Sunday. We packed a picnic and I donned my backpack – practical always!

My boyfriend and I have been dying to take my nephew since the day he was born, at around 16 months we felt we could finally get away with it and we were so excited! My brother joined us for the trip and I was so glad, as I definitely couldn’t keep up with him – he’s the next Usain Bolt for sure.

The new Islands part was open and I hadn’t had chance to go round until today – so whilst Freddie slept (he ran wild for a good hour and a half!) we had a stroll. I think it’s amazing and in parts I felt like I was on holiday! My only negative with it is that there weren’t many animals, we were told the tigers were in there as they weren’t in their usual enclosure and we couldn’t find them, and there were still animals to be moved over, so it isn’t 100% finished. I loved all of the authentic touches and the restaurant looked really lovely – some really nice indian dishes on the menu! We didn’t take a trip on the boat, mainly because Freddie was asleep, but it’s something I’d like to experience for sure.

As I said we were really lucky with the weather and it wasn’t too busy which meant Freddie was happy running around (away from us!). We even saw Darren from Hollyoaks in the butterfly house and my brother definitely had a fangirl moment… right in front of his face… doh! So funny, but I did feel a little star struck!

I’d love an annual pass for Chester Zoo as I think it’s such a lovely place to go! We definitely didn’t get around every single enclosure with Freddie, but it’s just another excuse to take him again? Although I think we’ll wait until he is old enough to sit still and get his face paint done… I really wanted mine doing!
















Have you been to Chester Zoo?


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  1. Some fabulous pictures there. I’d love to take my little girl but as you say not till she’s a little older and hopefully they will have the Islands feature fully finished by then


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