Beauty | Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel

I’m one of the worst people ever when it comes to cleaning my make-up brushes. I don’t break out when my brushes are dirty and nobody else sees them so I never really feel like I need to clean them. I know how disgusting it is so I decided to pick up the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel in an attempt to motivate me into cleaning them more often.

Firstly, this product says to clean your brushes once a week, and I’ll be honest mine are lucky if they get cleaned once a month. So, I’ve decided to disregard it completely.. Also how much would I be spending if I did it weekly?!

Anyway, onto the product. It comes in at £7.99 in Boots, which is where I picked this up. However I’ve been into ASDA since and seen it for under £5. The gel has a lovely floral scent and does the job nicely. I found I needed to use quite a lot of this to get all of my brushes clean (I don’t even have that many), so it could potentially be expensive to keep repurchasing.

Whilst I like this product I probably won’t repurchase it, I usually use shampoo and I think it does the same job for less £££. I get it may not protect the brushes quite as well but I’ve had these brushes for ages and there’s no sign of them needing replaced.

Overall, a nice little product but I’d rather spend less on a shampoo which does the job just as well.


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  1. I only just found out about this coming out, so it’s good to be able to read your thoughts on it! I’m thinking I probably wont be purchasing this even though I love Real Techniques as it doesn’t really seem worth the money. I currently use the Beauty Blender solid cleanser and although it’s a little pricey to start with it lasts an absolute age, so it’s worth the investment!

    Chloe x


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