Courteeners @ Forum, London

For my 20-something Courteeners gig I found myself in London. Mainly as I’d happily see Liam and co every night of the week, but also as I’d never seen them down South. I wanted to see if the intensive atmosphere of a Manchester gig found its way down to Kentish Town or if it would be a little bit… limp. It wasn’t.


Whilst they were late on stage (to be expected) it was 100% worth the wait. Playing songs off each album and into an acoustic set, I loved every minute. Winter Wonderland was beautiful and one I had been dying to hear live – even better than the record. So proud that the £££ from this record are going to Shelter.What made this a memorable gig for me, was not just the idiot that decided to launch a flare on stage, but was coming away with a video Liam had recorded on my phone. Absolutely class and a memory I’ll treasure (as the flower he gave me will die…). I wouldn’t hesitate travelling down South to see the guys again and I cannot wait for the next two Friday’s in Manchester. If you are considering getting tickets to see The Courteeners, do it.

Beth X

Thanks for reading! :)

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