Lush Sale Haul 2015

Is it really Boxing Day if you haven’t spent a good two hours refreshing the Lush site?

This year I did just that and then, as my boyfriend was at the football I decided to take myself off to Chester in the hope the queue for the store wouldn’t be too big…

After waiting for around 5 minutes (which passed really quickly as I chatted to the assistant on the door), I was allowed in. I saw in the window that there were plenty of the gift set I had been trying to get online so I instantly relaxed (yes, Lush sale shopping is stressful yano!).

The first thing I picked up was the Christmas Bathtime Favourites gift set. This is usually £39.95 but was half price (like everything in this haul) so I managed to get it for under £20. It includes 10 products, some of which you couldn’t get discounted as they aren’t Christmas products. So I feel as if this was a really good deal, in fact I had a look at almost of the gift sets online and set my heart on this one! It’s definitely worth picking one up in the sale if you can! I believe they still have them online!

Products included: Cinders Bath Bomb | Father Christmas Bath Bomb | Butterbear Bath Bomb | Avobath Bath Bomb | Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb | Frozen Bath Bomb | Golden Wonder Bath Bomb | Yog Nog Bath Bomb | The Experimenter Bath Bomb | Think Pink Bath Bomb

I then moved on to bath bombs/bubble bars and began filling my basket.

I picked up: Magic Wand Bubble Bar x2 | Dashing Santa Bath Bomb | Golden Wonder Bath Bomb | Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb x2 | Yog Nog Bath Bomb x2 | Candy Mountain Bubble Bar x2 | Cinder Bath Bomb | Star Dust Bath Bomb

Lastly, I bought the biggest bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel that Lush sell. The big 1kg, which I think came in at just over £10. How I know this isn’t cheap for a shower gel, but it’s £21.50 usually so I came away feeling smug!

Having got £106.15 worth of stuff for just over £53 I then braved a few more stores (bought nothing) and headed home. Now I just need to decide where I’m going to store it all….

Did you pick anything up in the Lush sale?

Beth X 


  1. Great post Beth! I headed into the Trafford Centre store and picked up a butterbear, 2x candy mountain, shoot for the stars and star dust – all for just £7.20. I managed to reign myself in as I got quite a few lush products before Christmas!


    1. Sounds great! I love Butterbear! I got two of the sets for Christmas so I have sooo many!! Wish I’d got a shoot for the stars but they didn’t have any 😦 Hope you had a lovely Christmas!!!


  2. I ordered some online and ended up getting quite a bit. By the thing I’m most excited about is trying snow fairy for the first time. A self titled Lush-oholic and I’ve never tried it…X


  3. I just recently fell in love with Lush when I entered the store for the first time last week, so this post was right up my alley! I’m glad you got so many great prices, and you’ve definitely showed me some things I’d want to purchase myself! Great post 🙂


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