What I got for Christmas 2015

I know there are a lot of people out there who hate these posts, and see it as showing off etc but I disagree. I love reading them and watching the videos as I’m so nosy! It also really helps me out with what to ask for, for my Birthday in February!

My Christmas was completely different this year as it was the first one my boyfriend and I spent together, as we moved in together in August. Usually, the presents off him would be the ones I opened last, but as this year they were the first, I’ll start with them!

Lush Spa Vouchers | Lush Bath Bombs

I’d wanted vouchers for the Lush Spa for AGES so I was really happy to open these. I’ve already decided on The Comforter? treatment, now I just need to book myself in! Do I take a day off work or go on a weekend? The bath bombs and comforter shower gel were in my stocking, which meant it smelt insane!

UGG Slippers | Pandora Charm

The slippers were the only present I knew I’d be receiving as I bought them off Allsole myself. They are the comfiest things ever, I’m so happy to have them in my life! The Pandora charm although a ‘typical boyfriend gift’ surprised me as I hadn’t hinted to wanting any more for my bracelet. I loved the thought that went into the charm, which is a little house, just like the one we moved into earlier in the year. So sweet!

Hairspray the Musical Tickets | Olaf Teddy

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I opened a present to find an email confirmation stating we were off to see Hairspray on the 1st Janaury. I’ve been hinting to see this for ages and it’s my first musical! So so so excited!!!! The Olaf teddy made me smile, as everyone knows I bloody love Frozen! It’s already taken a space on our bed, along with my two other Olaf teddies…

Pug Plug

I spotted this on IWOOT ages a go and couldn’t justify ordering it, so I was made up to open it on Christmas Day. Such a sad thing, I know, but what isn’t there to love about sharing your bath with a plastic pug?

 My mum and step-dad had asked me what I wanted months a go, and the only thing I could think of was a Fujifilm Instax camera. It is definitely something I wouldn’t buy myself. I really like having physical images to capture memories, so this was perfect. I also got some film so I’ve already been snapping away! They also bought me a few other bits, including the nicest giraffe print PJ’s I have barely taken off since receiving! 

I was involved in 3 secret santas at work and received two Lush sets and loads of Lindt chocolate (my favourite!!). Tickets to see James Bay and Catfish and the Bottlemen and another Lush set from my boyfriends mum. A lovely wine and glass set from my younger siblings and plenty of chocolate and biscuits from various people. Members of both my own and my boyfriends family kindly gifted me some money, which I’m thankful for and can’t wait to spend!

I feel really lucky to have spent another year with my boyfriend and to be surrounded by amazing family and friends.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and 2016 is ‘your year!’ 

Beth X 


  1. OMG the Olaf stuffed animal!! It’s so cute and to die for I love it so much I really wish I asked for a stuffed animal. And the camera!! Literally all my friends got one except for me it’s so cute and tumblr af โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™ˆ



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