How Are Brands Still Getting Social Media Wrong?


Here we are one day away from 2016 and there are brands who still get social media wrong. In some cases they don’t even have a presence at all.

Social Media is the first thing your customers come into contact with when wanting to find out a bit more about your brand. They follow their favourite brands, RT their tweets, share their Facebook posts etc. etc. So why aren’t brands clued up on the value of this? Why is there no clear social media strategy in their marketing plan?

The ‘sh*t at Social Brand’

I came across a conversation between women’s plus size brand Scarlett and Jo after one of their existing customers commented on their Facebook page with a query. This is 100% how not to do social, unless their planned tone of voice is to be down right rude to their customers?

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.19.27

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.20.01

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.20.11

Scarlett & Jo may believe their clothes are amazing, lets be honest, why else would they stock it? But if a customer believes something doesn’t suit them, then why argue? This could have easily been resolved by thanking them for the suggestion and that they’ll pass it onto the design team/buying team/whatever team would deal with the designs.

OK, so they haven’t turned around and told the customer to f*ck off – but they may as well have done. I don’t understand how any brand can publicly argue with their customers on social media and think thats fine. This is not OK and shouldn’t happen, unless you want to slow down your new customer growth, which I’m sure it will do as I’ll never wear any of their clothes.

The Non-Existant Social Presence Brand

I can’t believe there are brands who still have no social media presence, especially those well-known brands like Cafe Nero. I first discovered Cafe Nero had no social media presence in early 2015 when a colleague of mine asked for soya milk in her coffee and received cows milk. She just happens to have a dairy intolerance so I offered to complain on her behalf.

As I said earlier, social media is the first port of call for customers; to find out about the company and interact with them (whether that be positive or negative). So why wouldn’t you be on social?

Not only was it a pain in the arse for me to complain to Cafe Nero, it really put me off the brand as a whole. If they make it that difficult for their customers to find them and interact with them, do they not care about them? Do they not want to learn about their current customers and interact with potential new ones?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this – should social have a focus in brands marketing strategies? I definitely think it should.

Also, what you favourite brands on social? Mine are IWOOTTesco & ASOS.

Beth X

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