The Mac




Mac – ASOS | Top – Vila via ASOS | Jeans – Primark | Shoes – Truffle Collection via ASOS | Hat – ASOS

On Boxing Day I spent all of my money on the ASOS sale (is it Janaury payday yet?). I had no regrets when it arrived as I loved everything!

That is why this outfit (and probably the next few) will be dominated by my new purchases. I’ve wanted to rock a hat for ages and after trying on my colleague Hollie’s numerous times, I decided to go for it. I went with this navy one that was £10 in the sale. Whilst I absolutely love it, it will definitely be a work in progress trying to build my confidence to wear this! I actually went out in it yesterday and felt like a bit of a plonker… We’ll get there though eh?!

A mac is another one of those things I’ve wanted for ages! I’ve never really found one cheap enough (I have loads of costs, so it isn’t really a necessity) or one that suited me. So when I stumbled across this beauty for £45 in the sale I swiftly added it to my basket. I bought a size up in this as I wasn’t sure on the sizing, but I love it. The black blouse underneath was another ASOS purchase and I adore the sleeves. Again, this isn’t something I’d usually be drawn to, but perhaps 2016 will be a year of a ‘new’ style?

Are you having a wardrobe update for 2016?

Beth X


  1. You wear that hat SO well! I would love to buy one too, I actually don’t think it looks that bad on me when I have my hair down but like you said, I feel like a right plonker when I wear it out and about, especially if I go into a shop, I feel like I should take it off or something!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


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