My Thoughts for 2016

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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016! This year I am feeling weirdly optimistic about the new year that is ahead of me. I don’t want to dwell on 2015 (even if it was a good year). I’m feeling determined to make positive changes in my day-to-day life which should in turn benefit my life as a whole. Sound a bit preachy don’t I!? Oh, I wonder how long this will last, ha!

I thought I’d share my ‘resolutions’ for 2016, if you want to call them that. I have wanted to write them down somewhere, contemplating keeping them private with a fear in the back of my mind if I went public. I mean, how stupid would I look if I published them here and then failed miserably?

To be honest, I may fail miserably, but after all this is where I dump all other thoughts, so here we go…

ONE) I want to quit the gym..

There I said it. I have been paying for the gym for almost 6 months without going. At the beginning of last year I was so dedicated to it, but I’ve fallen out of love with it. I have no intention of going back, so why waste the money? See you later gym!

TWO) Stop eating McDonalds all together

 I’m bloody addicted to fast food, with McDonalds being my particular favourite. A few years a go whilst still at University, I quit McDonalds for a good year or so and only caved when drunk on a night out in Magaluf (classy I know). I’m determined to kick he habit in 2016 and NOT replace it with KFC!

THREE) Blog More

I know this is one that a lot of bloggers will be thinking, but I’ve fallen back in love with blogging after a good year or so of feeling a bit ‘meh’ about the whole community. There are aspects of the community I dislike but I’m going to focus on what I do like and try to make the content and imagery on this blog something I’m happy with.

FOUR) Be a nicer person

I’ll come straight out and say that I’m not one of the nicest people on the earth, so I’m going to try and be nicer. Even if it means smiling at a stranger, commenting on someones Instagram picture or actually paying attention to a conversation I’m having with someone I usually find annoying.

FIVE) Cut out fizzy drinks

My addiction to fizzy drinks since moving out in August has become ridiculous! I have sort of started on this one already, by switching to diet pepsi but I know it’s just as bad. I’ll be switching fizzy drinks for juice and then eventually drink more water than juice. I’m going to aim to drink 2 litres a day whilst at work, as I can easily go a day in the office without a drink at all!

SIX) Eat healthier

There is a lot in here about my health, and rightly so as my diet is so terrible. I had considered various diet plans but I’m just going to try and make healthy swaps. My boyfriend and I are both keen to cut out the crap and start making our meals from scratch. As easy as that sounds, it can be difficult to get into the routine when working full time.

SEVEN) Save £££ – Disney? Car?

I really really really want to go to Disney World with my boyfriend, and after having a conversation with him regarding the trip, he seems to be on board. However, he is obviously concerned about how much it is going to cost, and my track record when it comes to saving money isn’t easing his worries. I’m determined to save money this year, both for a car and to go on a holiday of a lifetime (even if I don’t get both until 2017!).

What are your thoughts for 2016?

Beth X

Photo Credit – delineateyourdwelling – this printable calendar is amazing FYI!


Thanks for reading! :)

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