Hairspray the Musical – New Alexandra Theatre, Brimingham. 01/01/2016

hairspray musical



On New Years Day after recovering from a minor hangover (So. Much. Gin.) the boyfriend and I drove the hour and a half journey to Birmingham to see my first ever musical, Hairspray. Hairspray is one of my all time favourite films and I had banged on about wanting to see the musical for ages.

After thinking my boyfriend had completely forgotten about how much I wanted to see Hairspray, I received two tickets on Christmas Day. I was so excited, especially as we didn’t have long to wait!

It was hands down one of the best experiences of my life and I would recommend it to anyone. It was 100% worth the drive there and back and I’d go again in a heartbeat. I’ve even had a look a dates for the rest of 2016… anyone fancy it?

All of the cast were insanely good and it exceeded my expectations by a mile. I struggle to pick a favourite cast member as I thought they were all amazing, but Tony Maudsley as Edna Turnblad was a standout. He was amazing on stage and portrayed the character perfectly, I thought he had great chemistry with Peter Duncan who played husband Wilbur Turnblad, which made ‘You’re Timeless To Me’ absolutely hilarious.

Claire Sweeney was supposed to play Velma Von Tussle, however we found out seconds before the curtain lifted that her understudy Tracey Penn would be stepping in. She was so good and you wouldn’t have known she was the understudy, which is what you want, right?

I was so envious of the costumes, especially some of the dresses! I loved the styling and was obsessed with the sequins. I did have to restrain myself from getting up and singing along part way through as I love the songs and knew pretty much every word!

I think the next few weeks will be spent watching Hairspray – who is joining me?

Beth X

Final Image Source – Ellie Kurttz

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